The Harbingers of HELM

As the evening started settling in and his new band of travelling companions slowly drifted off to attend to their own individual needs “Helm” helped the remaining, now-freed slaves get situated in the warehouse. He was actually looking forward to some peace and quiet before he would turn his attention to the two followers of the deity HELM, who had sent him here. He had no idea what motivated him to re-name himself after the deity other than some sort of stupid ‘thanks for saving my ass’ tribute, but who was he to question a deity? Especially after 5 decades of having zero use for them at all. And besides, he’d had so many names now he hardly remembered his original one.

At least they were out of that sewer. He had experienced far worse in Darromar running with the guilds, but he was a long way from there and that cell deep under the city where HELM had summoned him, where he swore the oath, and where the Knights had freed him from a very certain end.

He went to Safeton as told. For months he worked as protection for various caravans in and out of town. All he’d accomplished was a LOT of reading on being a cleric and an end to his money.

“Maybe these two could shed some ‘light’ – pun intended – on this seemingly absurd quest.” He thought to himself. “’Guard the travellers’. What kind of direction was that, anyways?”

If he was honest with himself he had to admit he had been tempted more than once to chuck the whole damn oath thing and return to his previous life. His scars reminded him of how far he was wiling to go to protect himself, but for the first time in his life he actually felt he wanted to help protect others than himself. Who would have guessed this weird band of travellers would draw out his long-dormant Tethyrian familial protective nature.

Regardless, he was here now and he was finally going to get some damn answers. He was nothing if not persistent. Once they were cleaned up and rested hopefully he could get some answers, maybe even direction to a temple. He liked the idea of joining the Knights. He’d been lugging that damn sigil shield around to no avail. His spell casting was for shit. He needed some training and he needed it now or the only thing he was going to get is dead.

As for his travelling companions, he liked the quiet ones. Nose-in-book types can sometimes be unreliable in a fight, but these ones had helped more than once when it mattered most. Plus he was sure he could probably learn something from them over time.

He and Tiberius had something in common, though he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Yet.

He liked the big one. The half-orc. Always good to have some serious muscle on your side.

He’d keep his eye on the thief but that was second nature to him.

The rest all seemed well worth his time investment up to now. He found he was genuinely looking forward to whatever came next with them.

He finished setting up his bedroll and stowing his gear after giving it a thorough cleaning. He found himself spending extra time on the sigil shield out of what he realized was respect and a feeling that it was important. He checked his kits, crossbow and inspected his arrows. After checking on the others and sharing some warmed rations he found an access to the roof and practiced meditating as best he had been able to learn on his own while the sun set over the port.

“Alright HELM” He eventually grumbled quietly. “You set me on this course and aligned me with this crew. You told me where I needed to be and I guess you delivered…You took your damn time, but you delivered. So I guess I’m still in. Let’s see what your other followers can teach me.”

While the orange glow slipped away and the torches began appearing to illuminate the byways of the town below the man called Helm rose slowly, took one more look around the perimeter, noted a thought about where his fellow travellers were and maybe even mumbled a prayer to the deity he’d named himself after to watch over them, before shuffling back down the hatch into the warehouse where he intended to get some answers.

The Harbingers of HELM

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