Why the rocks they rumble, into the dark we stumble.

The group descends the knotted rope along side the falls. They see what Vinny saw in the water and believe it to be a water weird or water elemental. Turok wants to kill it and retrieves some of the rusty Troglodyte javelins from the outpost as the others try to figure what the thing in the water is. No amount of looking produces any result and even a thrown javelin just makes the unnatural disturbance in the water move away….the group gives up and leaves.

The passage has several twists and turns and seems to spiral downward. The group encounters several treacherous climbing spots. The party splits at a fork. Raif, Turok, Helm, Kvothe (group 1) and Tiberious, Alynis and Vinny (group 2)

Group 2 finds a dead end at a perfectly circular shaft which heads upward to the surface where very faint light can be seen, they are at least 150 feet down. The shaft also goes straight down, disappearing in blackness and seemingly without a bottom. They turn to catch the others.

Many hundred feet later the lead group, Turok, Kvothe, Raif and Helm (group 1) encounters what is assumed to be the same waterfall, thundering through a hollow that includes a wet and slippery wood planked rope bridge 75’ to the other side. The crossing is tense for Raif, but Turok skips across it (nat20) Turok briefly considers cutting the bridge to impede the others following.

As the second group gets to the rope bridge the first group is a few hundred feet ahead. Tiberious and Vinny in the second group navigate the bridge easily. Group 1 runs into a chasm full of rubble, looking like the floor had collapsed as well as the ceiling. They don’t cross it well, sliding and tumbling as they scramble up the other side. This allows Group 2 to close. Group 2 navigates the chasm much better and now are only 100 feet behind.

Looming out of the darkness there is a large stalagmite, it has a mouth full of sharp teeth and a single unblinking eye. Arrows are loosed at it and group 2 catches up, reuniting the party. Tiberious says the stalagmite looks like a roper a creature of the underdark who camouflages as a stalagmite. It is eventually determined that this is a carving. Most likely to scare or hold up intruders….

The party continues to descend as the tunnel seems to continue to also wrap around like a spiral. Tiberious guesses you are 300 feet below ground now as you encounter the waterfall once again. The waterfall thunders through an opening cutting off the passage.
The only way along is to cling to the wall to either side of the waterfall. .

Care is taken to rope everyone together as the only way across is a slick ledge that is 11 inches wide. There are handholds cut into the rock, but it is very dangerous. Vinny volunteers to go first (rolls a 1) and plummets off the edge.

Tiberious hauls back on the rope as Vinny smashes against the cave face and is soaked by the ice cold water. Tiberious is able to haul him up. The rest of the group is able to get across the ledge although it is a slow crossing and everyone ends up splashed with water..


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