The Sewers

Each member reacts to the sewer

Alynis stays with the women and the child, Armand and Apook stay in the alley, a bottle of wine and some gambling dice. They will pose as city bums while watching the sewer entrance.

The rest of the party descends into the Sewers…

As the party descends one by one down the rusted ladder into the sewer damp cold fetid air is forced into their lungs and nostrils. The dwarfs armor gleams in what little light comes from the open manhole.

You are in a 20×20 arched brickwork room. Two crude chairs are the only thing in the room apart from the broken bodies of the town guards you killed earlier. One wall is open to a tunnel, 20 feet wide with a domed ceiling. on half of the tunnel’s floor water flows in a depression 5 foot lower than the dry side.

This water and sewage, flows fairly quickly with an audible lapping sound of the current. Strong iron bars prevent passage to the south where the water is flowing to, but the sewer tunnel stretches into the inky blackness to the west….

Mourning the druid is especially appalled at the environment. Be-spoiling water with the waste of hundreds of humans is an evil that elves have long harbored resentment of humans over. Elves have always found ways to use everything and his druidic village was a masterful construct of wasting nothing. He shakes his head at the stupidity and waste

Tiberius Hammersmyth is at home underground. He feels comfort from the confines of living rock. But this was not a peaceful dwarven mine, this was a fetid sewer, and he felt that there was evil down here.

Helm Tallstag is a human, having no enhanced vision like some other races, and it is BLACK in here. Grasping his holy symbol he feels his god HELM’s power flow into it and bright light emanated forth. He covered it with a cowl to not give away their position, using just enough for his eyes to see what was directly in front of him.

Kvothe Had been in sewers before, curiosity when a child, and later as a convenient place to hide. Vincent Rhodes as well had used sewers as hiding places, both for loot and himself.

Toruk did not like this place. Claustrophobia couples with the absence of anything living, except the rats…there were a few rats and cockroaches scurrying about. The dark was unerving too. As the cleric provided a little light, Toruk felt slightly better.

In the rear of the party, vowing to watch everyone’s back came Ganra Mortwog Dark, hidden away from everyone….he liked this.

The party filed away down the sewer tunnel. Kvothe, Tiberius, and Storm lead the way, their darkvision enabling them to see in the black of the sewer. Toruk, Vincent, and Helm came next, followed by a quietly padding Ganra, who kept looking back over his shoulder.

Coming to the first juncture the distant sound of drumming carries over the water. They are faced with only two options; left or right. Quietly it is decided that two of them with dark vision would range in either direction a small ways and report back their findings.


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