Zulern is a village on your travel between Pelgaryn and Narwell. It is 70 miles NW of Pelgaryn, up Dramel’s Spill Road.

This is the history you’ve learned so far

The AREA around the town
Flan, Oridian and Suel are different human races/tribes.
I added RED to things that may be of interest

1200 years ago
Local Flans worshiping god Pelor. Newly arrived Oeridians are worshiping Photos.
Both think the other is worshiping the same god which originally quells distrust.
Even after it is learned that the gods are different the tribes have already assimilated .
The worship of the two gods unite several tribes of Flan and Meridians.
A temple to both is built. (lost temple?)
Worship is harmonious

1000 years ago
Large Temple is built and city springs up around it. North of Zulern (lost temple?)
Trouble with elves from Gnarley forrest is ended when Grumach Elves move southward.
You met Grumach Elves in forrest to south

900 years ago
Suel begin moving into the area.
Sue try to bypass the large city by moving south around it. Suel invaders were defeated south of here by a local Warlord named Saithnar (you met him in his barrow)

850 Years ago
Suel invaders try to move north of Saithnar not knowing he was killed
Suel invaders attack city, beside it and and conquer it.
They occupy for a few years but the wrath of Photos and Pelor is felt by the focused rays of the sun, baking earth hard and not allowing cross to grow.
So great is the heat that not only are people affected but animals flee and earth is baked to hard stone. (Could this be desert area that burned your boots?)
Town is abandoned and Suel flee the area

At the same time a Red Dragon named Ashardalon ravages the area to the south.

This area is uninhabited by nothing more that a handful of humans and elves

The Suel do not return for a LONG time

400 years ago
Suel coming from nearby Naer’s Well found an outpost atop a rocky outcrop near a falls.
They began quarrying the hard stone to build the village that eventually became a city and spread past the quarry.
Town is called New Well
Listmoor Family one of leading money makers

300 years ago
Quarries started in other areas of the region, as the town grew.
Trade starts increasing to the north. Better bridge built over the falls.
City is now a trading go between between Greyhawk, Naer’s Well and Elves of Celene.
Town was the “legitimate” side of Naer’s Well banditry.
A a small outpost keep is constructed New Well Keep.
Listmoor family is powerful with wealth

250 years ago
Town breaks ties with Naer’s Well. Listmoors object as they were crooks
Legitimate business is making them good enough money to survive.
Naer’s Well tries to retake and several skirmishes are fought.
Ruler Donious Zulern hears the call of god Pelor and erects beginnings of cathedral.
Zulern is named after Donious Zulern who declared their independence.
Keep is renamed Zulern’s Keep.

200 years ago
Quarries produce very good stone.
Warm spring with healing waters struck and mid city quarry abandoned.
Bathhouses established around spring
Listmoors become reclusive and begin loosing money

150 years ago
Travelers come for the healing spring water.
Shrine of Pelor becomes Cathedral
Listmoor murders

100 Years ago
Town is thriving with money coming in from quarries and pilgrims.
Town begins to limit who can be in town.
Thieves guilds and others are run out.
Docktown established on other side of river.
Merchants Guild establishes governing body with each guide sending a representative

50 years ago
Even Docktown is thriving and enacts some of the same restrictions on residency. Banishment is established as the supreme punishment for many crimes.

What Rotcod’ohw told you
“Long ago a wizard named Naer settled 75 miles northwest of here, digging a great well for forgotten reasons. His well sprung forth a town, which sprung forth trade with other towns.

400 years ago Suel (a race of humans) coming from nearby Naer’s Well founded an outpost atop a rocky outcrop near a falls. They began quarrying the hard stone to build the village that eventually became a city and spread past the quarry. The town was called New Well. It became an outost for the trade route between Safeton and Hardby, cities to the east.

250 years ago Town breaks ties with Naer’s Well, now called Narwell. Business is making Zulern good enough money to survive without . Narwell tries to retake and several skirmishes are fought. Ruler Donious Zulern hears the call of god pelor and erects beginnings of cathedral. Zulern is named after Donious Zulern who declared their independence. Zulern builds a strong Keep to garrison a strong army to reel any more incursions by Narwell

Recently town has enjoyed success and maintains a strong army and police force. Banishment from the town is something that locals fear. They are selective of residents. Those not selected for residency or banished often end u on the other side of the river in a ramshackle area know as Docktown. Athoguht here are several legitimate businesses here, this is a more rough and tumble area. Due to its affiliation with Zulern it has many of the same laws and regulations, including banishment which keeps this area relatively orderly as well

ZULERN- Rumors heard from consulting the slaves and the two healing women

Zulern is a free city, but hard to get into.

Zulern has a great many craft and tradesmen. Skilled workers are allowed in city, but you must have skill

Zulern is heavily fortified with almost every man in the village a part of the militia

Zulern is known for the great quarries that are nearby

Zulern sits atop the lair of a Blue Dragon. The dragon is known to cause lighting during the nights

Zulern has an intellectual aspect to it with a library and an institute of scholarly learning

Zulern sits at an important crossroads of trade, with major roads and the river Dramel’s Spill running through it.

Zulern trades in potions of many types and are know for the excellent healing potions made there

General history It is currently the spring of 579 CY

The original inhabitants of the Flanaess were the Flan tribesmen, hardy and tough nomads whose small, scattered groups made no major civilizing efforts. Some thousand years past, their lands were increasingly invaded by two groups of attackers: the Suel and the Oeridians

The Suel came northeast, most fleeing massive wars. The Oeridians were fierce invaders. They drove everyone else, native Flan and Suel, before them.

The war that the Suel fled from endued in a terrible dual cataclysm. Great Suel magicians created something called ‘Invoked Devastation’ removing all water from their enemy the Bakluni’s lands. As their enemy the Bakluni mostly defeated, retaliated by bringing forth a “rain of colorless fire” which destroyed the Suel lands ending the war with mutual destruction of both sides in ( 422 years before CY 1)

The Suel who had fled to the new lands were deemed more unpleasant than the more aggressive Oeridians. Suel lied, cheated, stole, enslaved and eventually were driven to the fringes by the local Flan and the invading Oeridians.

Approximately 700 years past, the strongest Oeridian tribe settled the rich arable lands east of the great Nyr Dyv and there founded the Kingdom of Aerdy, eventually to be named the Great Kingdom. The Kingdom grew for well over a century.

By 250 CY the Great Kingdom had begun to fragment.

By 350 CY waring kingdoms again brought massive strife to the whole of the area.

In 375 CY a great castle was built in a city called Greyhawk. Considered a folly at the time, it would emerge later as an area of great importance.

In 446 CY Assassination of many nobles and rulers resulted in a more wars, some civil wars within kingdoms

Rise of Iuz
In CY479, the land now called Iuz was only a fractious collection of paltry fiefs. Among its princelings was a minor despot of the Howling Hills who died in that year and left his barren holdings to a son of dubious origins, Iuz.

From the Book of Iuz the party knows that Iuz is the spawn of a demon and a powerful priestess.

Iuz used the strategy of dividing his opponents to weaken them, then assimilating their lands and residual forces, sowing rumors and lies to put the prince- lings at each others’ throats. He began to expand his domain far beyond its original boundaries. This is corroborated by Book of Iuz.

Refugees fleeing the lands told astonished Furyondians of Iuz’s unbelievable evils: massacres; a road of skulls built from the Howling Hills to his new capital of Dorakaa; and watchtowers along the road with beacons fed on the fuel of human fat and flesh.

Powerful barons ignored Iuz growing power If The Kingdom of Furyondy had acted then, Iuz might yet have been contained. But King Avras was opposed by southern nobles who resented excessive taxation levied to protect the northern lands, and Iuz grew steadily more powerful. All this also corroborated by Book of Iuz.

Iuz disappeared in 505 CY, imprisoned beneath the towers of Castle Greyhawk. But his armies-mostly humanoids-had learned the lessons he taught them. They held to their lands; their leaders said their master would return, and they were right.

Meddling fools managed to release the Iuz from his imprisonment in Castle Greyhawk in 570 CY, only a year after the forces of good in Furyondy and Veluna celebrated the sack of the notorious Temple of Elemental Evil in the Gnarley Forest.

To the south, the existence of the highly secre- tive and paranoiac Scarlet Brotherhood was first confirmed by returning travelers in 573 CY. It seems incredible that this monastic sect of religious militarists could have escaped notice for so long, even given their isolation. They are rumored to have vast armies to the southeast.


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