Another Mile another abandoned outpost

The group continues to move through the fetid grey swamp. Up ahead they hear rushing water and see another structure rising from the gloom. Approaching and seeing no movement they see it is a large mound of earth 60 feet long and build among some old stone ruins. Nothing remains of the ruins but a portion of the wall and a few battered columns

Sneaking up it is a huge “berm” with fighting positions atop. Clearly a Troglodyte outpost by the smell of the thing. Behind it is 30 foot diameter hole in the ground, a small river flows into it, tumbling below to an unknown depth as a water fall, of which the roar of water is heard more clearly now.

Investigation finds a small camouflaged entrance in the back. THe structure is hollow and smells of Trogs. There is also an area to descend the hole next to the water fall. Although not the most comfortable area to rest, camp is made. Wood brought in the portable hole produces a fire and the group dries out and rests for a long period.

Vinny is first down the hole, exploring its depths to 90 feet down, via a knotted rope. He finds the waterfalls terminus. A rope ladder continues down a passageway, staked to the ceiling over the water cascading below. He is intrigued by something in the water, but fails to lure it out with baited fishing line and silver pieces.

Vinny finds the cave extends and continues below. It looks natural formed from rushing water. It is 10-20 feet wide with mostly smooth floors and roof. In the wider areas there are stalactites and stalagmites, and the area smells faintly of Troglodyte musk. He sketches a quick map and returns to the group.

The group rests for 8 hours. The stone points to the gnome being down in the cave. They send a bat messenger back to the gnomes telling them they have found a cave and are descending to try and find the gnome warrior, Kai.


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