Water Monsters

“NO!” Valen screams as Turok tosses the helpless captive into the water. Valen struggles against his bonds but starts to sink. Several seconds later nothing has occurred. Storm secures his gear and jumps into the water with a dagger, he ends the life of Valen with a slash to the throat, and climbs out…..

Helm Turok and Alynis move toward one of the turrets, while Kvothe and Storm head to the other. Vinny has swum down and found a tunnel in the well, a tunnel that leads to an area with a air trapped inside. Tiberius is still at his watch, fear inside him that the Mnd Flayer would return.

No one notices the slight turbulence in the water as the “monster” greedily receives Valen’s corpse.

Vinny emerges in a crumbling basement room, there is air here. He has swam up through a hole in the floor, which has a few inches of water on it. Vinny notices an eerie slime of bubbles moving toward him, he moves quickly away from it….into a room next door that is in better shape. There is a door frame that sticks above the water, the bubbling slime can not get by.

This area stinks of rotted fish and urine. Vinny notices several rotted barrels, some containing slime and fish bones. There is a short hallway, which clearly has another flooded hole in the floor, maybe access to some other underwater area.

There is a room on the other side, a workbench of some sort and nests of vegetation. Vinny jumps water hole to look over the room. Once in the room he finds two Hobgoblin bodies, both of their mouths torn asunder, their brains removed like the woman above.

These Hobgoblins are different though, they have fish like gill slits on the dies of their necks, Vinny surmises they are some sort of Aquatic Hobgoblin. Just then there is a commotion at the water hole. Something is crawling out, Vinny ducks into the shadows.

A Hobgoblin surfaces and is dragging a body, tied to a chair, Vinny waits until the Hobgoblin is fully vested in raising the body out of the water and BACKSTABS the Hobgoblin who dies quickly. Vinny investigates the rest of the room.


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