Up the trail to a druid

The trail twists and turns, the low canopy of tree branches adding some claustrophobia to the feeling that you are walking in a tunnel. The stream still winding and babbling beside the rutted trail. Just after 3pm the trail breaks into an opening. A good sized clearing 100 feet in diameter opens up letting in sunlight and the party moves to the edge and take stock of the situation.

There is a low rock wall surrounding a round domed building. The building is 30 feet in diameter and appears to be made from stacked flat stones. There appears to be a rounded entrance with no windows or chimney. A low field surrounds it scrub grass covering most of the area except where the trail runs past it.

The party hobbles the horses and approaches cautiously. Chanting is coming from inside the structure. The structure has one opening and appears to be ancient, the stones weathered and stacked without mortar. Tiberius Hammersmyth scoff’s at the poor construction

Creeping softly into the interior you find it lit with many candles. The wall is thick and the ceiling low. There is a 20 foot diameter internal round room. Alcoves with religious symbols and small offering platforms dot the walls. A thin woman in tattered robes, a small lemur like animal sits on her shoulder is bowing before the symbols and saying prayers in druidic.

Armand Tanzarian and Mourning Storm enter to speak with what appears to be a druid priestess performing daily rituals. Mourning Storm sees an image of his god Obad-Hai in one of the alcoves.

“Ahem,” Mourning Storm clears his throat so the woman learns they are there. “Oh, hello travelers, welcome to the Chapel of the nine.” The priestesses name in Henwen and questions about the knight bring a similar story as they already know, they should seek answers in the town of Lark’s Cliff up the trail. Henwen lives there, but is usually here praying to 9 neutral gods whose symbols are in the small alcoves

Unicorn/Elhonna NG
Sunburst/Pelor NG
Beautiful Female/Wee-Jas LN
Eye in a pentagon/Boccob N
Crescent/Fharlanghn N
Green Face/Obad-Hai N
Half black & white mask/Ohdammara CN
Skull and Scythe/Nerull NE
Hand and Eye/Vecna NE

Discussions with Henwen indicate this is an ancient druidic shrine dedicated to all neutral gods typically worshipped by druids. Helm Tallstag is drawn to the image of Pelor as its sunburst is appealing to his idea of bringing light to the oppressed.

Further queries only result in Henwen trying to convert characters, “Are you prepared for your death? Is your soul ready?” Mourning Storm Prays with her in front of Obad-Hai and presses a gold piece offering into her hand for temple maintenance.

The party continues up the road toward Lark’s Cliff


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