Up the trail, a farmhouse

The party moves to pursue the Red Knight, moving cautiously but quickly leaving the bodies of the murdered peasants behind. The trail is rutted and difficult to navigate, the canopy of trees closing overhead feeling like a tunnel.

The trail breaks into a small half acre opening. A farm field streches out under the just afternoon sun. There is a plow apparently abandoned in the field, which appears to be half plowed. On the far end of the clearing is a ramshackle farmhouse and barn. Wisps of smoke rise from the chimney.

The party fans out, moving cautiously toward the barn and house. Several members get to the plow and find a horse, dead many weeks, its maggot eaten body starting to meld into the soil of the field

The barn is empty, the grain stores are gone, no animals remain, the tools dusty and unused for many weeks. Vincent sets up in the hayloft, with a good vantage point he can see most of the field and has clear shots at anyone coming from the way they came

Helm Tallstag knocks at the closed front door. Unlatching is heard from the other side and the door creeks slowly open. “Who is it?” a raspy old man’s voice comes from behind the tines of a pitchfork. “Oh people,” he croaks “Quickly inside before that damn horseman gets you….”

Inside a 20x 30 one room lower level. A fireplace with a bubbling stew sits at the far wall and a sparse amount of rough wooden furniture, eating table and 4 chairs. A steep staircase is on the wall to the right going to a second floor. On it crouches a pretty girl with fiery red hair, a loaded crossbow aimed at the party.

“Tanasha, put the bow down, it’s people!” Says the old man. He is dressed in tatters and looks malnourished, the girl is gaunt as well. “Come in come in, have some soup” The man tries to find some more bowls for the party but only comes up with 2 more, spooning a very watery looking broth into them from a cooking pot on the fireplace.

Tanasha the girl continues to eye you warily, crossbow at the ready, but not threatening. The old man introduces himself as Tanabee and welcomes you to his home.


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