Travel after the Assassins

Once you started out of Pelgaryn moving inland and to the North West, the flora became a bit greener. More farm fields dotted the land and the clumps of trees grew more closer together. Visibility over distances was still good, but could be interrupted by hills and escarpments and larger groups of trees

Once you got past the dam the ground started sloping progressively upward. Near the river it is flat enough that the road could be built easier, but now that you’ve travelled off the road the journey is a bit more difficult. Rocky crags must be avoided and the visibility to distance is much more limited. There are larger groups of trees but they are spread apart. Plenty of places for you to hide, and for your foes as well

As the party moves in the darkness away from the spot where the assassins were slain the going become amore difficult. Travel at night is difficult even for characters with dark vision due to the horses and having to lead them throughout he terrain. The party eventually stops and rests until daylight before pressing on.

The party only moves for a few hours, trying to put distance between themselves and anyone who would potentially find the bodies of the assassins and the Pelgaryn soldiers. The party crests a small rise as the high noon sun beats down on you.

The party’s hike is not difficult but the going is slow. The weather is very nice with bright shining sun, and cool temperatures, but after struggling up a few hills the sun starts to really beat down on you and the sweat makes the journey uncomfortable.

At least there are no insects out to pester you, it is early in the year and they haven’t had a chance to get recover from the cool winter (It is February, but you are in a “San Diego” type latitude)

Most party members have had little contact with horses, and coaxing the beasts up hills adds time to your journey. They want to stop to eat often and some people are resenting them, except for Turok who is dreaming about a fresh horsemeat diner. One of the horses stumbles in some loose rocks, but does not seem hurt. You have a pretty good vantage point from the rise. You are heading NorthWest parallel to the road and the river about 2miles from them

To the East-North East is Dramal’s Spill Road about 2 miles from your position. You can see a small portion of it through valley

To the North-NorthWest the ground continues to rise semi broken terrain and areas of trees. It hasn’t been too difficult to move, but this will continue to be slow going due to the terrain. Maybe 2 or 3 more days to Zulern unless you get back on the road

To the West the foot hills continue for as far as you can see

On the other side of this crest is a rock outcropping that will provide some shelter from the sun. The party is tired and elects to rest here, probably for the rest of the day and overnight. You cautiously move into the shadows of the outcropping, the cool damp air is a welcome relief. There is signs that long ago someone else had sheltered here are there is evidence of a fire and the underside of the outcrop is blackened with soot.

More recently many animal droppings, deer rabbits and raccoon appear to have sheltered here. The outcrop is large enough to get the whole party and then some underneath. There are several areas of grass that the horses can graze on and even a small stream emanating from the rock.


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