Tiberius Tells More Mind Flayer Tales

Those in the room seem to not care about the noise outside, that and enough of the group is now out there investigating

Tiberious relates is that Mid Flayers usually control a group of thralls/salves that it has manipulated their brains to serve it. Thralls have limited free will and are manipulated to believe that they serve the Mind Flayer by choice. Mind Flayer also keep zombie like slaves and humanoids as cattle for feeding

Mind Flayers will let those thralls do the fighting, killing, finding treasure for them , and when confronted with tough adversaries, leave lettign the thralls sacrifice themselves so it can retreat.

Although none of you feel as though you were manipulated by Zarlag, Tiberious story makes you fear that you may have been

There is a shout from outside “We’ve got a fight out here”

Tiberius continues as you are more interested in the tale and feel those outside can take care of themselves. Tiberius says Illithids live in a hive like society ruled by a central brain. THe central brain has all the memories and powers of all teh illtiad who have died within the colony. Dead illithid brains are brought to the central brain to become one with it. The longer a colony has been around the more powerful and knowledgeable it is. The hive mind like brain has control over all from the colony as they are all related much like bees in a hive all come from one queen.

Destroying the hive brain will not destroy the flock, but it would make them unstable (possibly worse) as the colony would fragment into a multitude of wandering, brain eating, squid-heads with no purpose.

Mind Flayers are an odd lot when it comes to those colonies. They are pragmatic and will establish normal relations with colonies of other beings they feel too powerful to control like the Drow and Druegar (Grey Dwarves) They have an especially good relation with the Drow due to both being slave societies and the Drow having no trouble trading in slaves

But we’ve seen ghouls down here twice. Mind Flayers fear the undead, as they have no brains to control.

Storm comes walking into the room….


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