The Spire

The group wanders for a bit trying to gather their bearings when they find a faint glowing arrow on the ground. 3 feet long and looking to be made of stone, covered in glowing lichen.

Those with dark vision see it as a light source and can see it from far away as if it were a torch.
It is clearly pointing in a direction, the group walks in the direction the arrow indicates You follow the arrow after walking for a half mile you see lights in the distance, there is another glowing arrow on the ground.

About a half mile the lights roughly outline a rock spire which reached upward. There looks to be some lit “windows” on the rock, some as high as 50 feet. (think office building at night)

The spire is much wider at its base, making the spire look as if it is growing from a large island. On the Island you can see many torches burning with an eerie red fire that lights the whole of the area, you also notice that the air is no longer as cold, (not frigid, but still underground cold)

On the Island there looks to be a complex of some sort. A protective wall snakes around the outside dotted with guard towers. There looks to be buildings inside and a main gate.

You get within a few hundred yards and notice that the entire complex is manned with Drow (dark elves) and Druegar (Grey Dwarves) The all seem to be guarding together, watch towers are manned by both. Since Druegar females also have beards it is difficult to tell but you are pretty sure all the Drow you see are male

You spend some time looking at the Drow/Druegar encampment

Notice it manned by Druegar-Grey Dwarves and Drow-Dark Elves

Several times small groups and in one instance a caravan of flat bottomed boats pulled by large spiders come to the front gate and are allowed inside the complex.

You see a few other underdark denizens among the visitors, Orcs, Deep Gnomes, and goblins as well as 2 humans come in the caravans and groups.

This looks to be some sort of trading hub, a small outpost or city.

This looks to hold at least a hundred humanoids in a living community, with maybe another 50-100 there at any time trading

The group heads away from the encampment and after a bit of searching is able to find Coldstone again. They teleport back to Zulern


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