The interrogation

Storm has found items on the scarred female indication she is a cleric of Iuz. Several other members have Iuz tattoos and symbols. They all have very good adventuring gear and weapons.

Helm now recognizes him as the “false” HELM night he talked to in Zulern market. Helm starts asking the bowman some questions

This is a human male about 30, he is thin and looks dexterous. He has short military hair. He was very skilled with his bow and also carried a longsword

Now that you have removed some of his possessions, you see that he has several prominent tattoos.
He has the grinning skull symbol of Iuz tattooed on his forehead which was covered by a cap.
His left arm looks as though the bones are showing through torn flesh
His Right Arm looks as though a gash in his bicep is pouring blood down his forearm

Helm: Where are you from?
Captive: Around, here there…you know

Helm: What are you doing here?
Captive: Heard there were valuables…gold down here

H;What are your orders?
C: Orders from whom?

H: How many other groups like yours are roaming around here?
C: At least a dozen, most of them better armed then we are

H: What is your mission?
F: Getting rid of this headache, what did that old fucker do to me?

H: What is your chain of command?
F: We have a wizened old wizard named Pappa, he makes all the decisions

H: What is the goal of Iuz?
C: I think he wants to take over this whole world

H: When are you expected to return?
C: Half passed a Hippogriff’s Ass

H: What is with the HELM gear? Is HELM in cahoots with Iuz?
C: What is this HELM gear you speak of ? I’m not sure I know who HELM is?

H: What is your name?
C: Nell……Nell Vas

H: Tell me about your party. Who was the leader?
C: The one the Bear ate was out leader

(Turok intrudes gruffly stating)
T: How to get out of the underworld?
C: Same way you got in

Turok wants to smash the guy for his smarmy answers, and threatens him. Helm backs Turok off, telling him "if this guy doesn’t give me some correct answers I’ll let you smash him.

Storm is at the far end of the balcony, Turok moves out onto the balcony as a guard. The rest have moved the dead into one of the other rooms. The room where the mercenaries were holed up in has become your base camp now

Tiberius is in this room keeping watch out the window to the back, as Helm talks to Nell Vas, the bowman.


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