Teleport Station

As the flames die on the tree, reducing it significantly, there is a stone pedestal with a round surface. The Round Top is divided into 7 segments, like pizza slices. One segment has a mauve triangle stone in it.

Helm removes the stone. The group watches Helm vanish. Helm is in a cave, the others are gone. Thick Vines hang at the cave mouth and he smells fresh air. Moving the vines he sees Zulern in the distance. There is a similar round stone here, he tries the triangle stone in different indentations, but it only fits in one. BANG! he is back with the rest of the group at the Coldstone.

Alynis contacts Rotcod’ohw and askes about the device. He informs her it si a simple teleportation device, the stones are keys and are “keyed” to take you to just one location. The group has to join hands to all get to the cave.

They can now travel between Zulern and Coldstone. They will fortify Coldstone so they can travel back and forth


george3 george3

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