Talking to the bandits and the girl

The bandits are interrogated and the girls is questioned. Their stories basically match. The girl and her father were traveling by wagon from Zulern to Pelgaryn her father a gem cutter was going to work there. The bandits attacked them, killing her father and taking her hostage, they were going to do horrible things to her and then try to sell her as a slave. She was able to convince one of the bandits to let her go, but he tried to accompany her, she kicked him like she kicked the other bandit, and fled.

The bandits tell the same story, up until they accuse her of being a witch and beguiling “Kristoff” and spiriting him away. They chased after them when they realized that she had escaped, recapturing her but unable to find Kristoff.

The party has gone through the campsite, found a bit of gold and silver and supplies to be out in the woods for a few days.

As they interview the girl Vincent knows she is using her feminine charms to attempt to get favors from the male interrogators and is focusing on Mourning Storm. A witch she may not be but he sees her as manipulative and intelligent.

The bandits are a motley rabble who don’t seem to be very good bandits. The party killed two and wounded another of the original 6. The 4 remaining seem to be overly scarred of the woman.

The girl asks if the party is going to Zulern and could they accompany her back there. The party agrees but is wary of her charms. The tell the 4 bandits to flee and they scatter into the woods. Vincent insists she take them to the spot of the wagon ambush. He wants to make sure her story checks out. They move off down the trail toward where she says the wagon was attacked….


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