Snow White and the Seven Adventurers

The group is still unconcerned that they are lost or not, and continues slogging through the mire. It begins snowing again and the familiar leaflets fall from the sky

There is no escape
There is only a way in
Danger level 1
The HOLLOW BEAST shall knock, knock, knock

Flum Flum Flum something is “knocking” and the sound is coming from above. Faint purple, lights swirl slowly high above. An arrow is loosed at the lights and a cloud of stinking gas descends on the group as the lights fade

Alynis says she thinks she still sees one light, but no one else can see it. The group moves and it snows again

Countdown zero
The Hollow Beast is with you
Extreme Danger

The mists slacken and before you is the low island covered with skeletons and rusted weapons, it seems you’ve been walking in a circle. Even the humans can see a blue light rise from the center of the island, in it a female form comes from the ground. She turns toward you quickly.

The hideous face of a twisted female elf, nose broken, eyes bulging a wave of fear sweeps over the group, Helm turns and runs blithering “SHE’S COMING TO KILL US” then the form wails, a loud remorseful moan that pierces through the skulls of all those near, it shakes the earth and Storm, Alynis, Kvothe Vinny and Tiberious crumple to their knees. The wailing looks to have drained their minds of sanity (Everyone failed saving throws)

Turok stands alone, he rushes the form his broad sword raised. He begins slashing at this banshee, it claws him in return. His sword slides off the translucent form of the banshee, he strikes it again and again with little effect.

60 feet away Helm shakes his head, “Why am I running? I must go back and fight!” (made his save) He turns and sees the barbarian in trouble, blood is pouring from slashing attacks the banshee is hurting him, yet he bravely swings his sword.

“BY THE POWER OF HELM BE GONE” Helm’s holy symbol thrust ahead of him does its job, the banshee turns to run. Helm kneels by Alynis and Tiberious touches of helming and they are back on their feet, Alynis hurling Magic Missile and Tiberious running after the banshee. The rest of the group is raised and the banshee succumbs to their attack….


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