She's wicked

The girl whose name is Brassia continues to flirt with Mourning Storm he keeps close tabs on her. Vincent is studying her though. She increases her manipulation and flirtation and Vincent feels he sees through her.

The party packs up what they want from the camp onto the horses an decides to make the girl take them to the spot of the bandit ambush on her cart, to make sure her story checks out. There is a semblance of a trail leading the few miles to Darmal’s Spill and the road that runs beside it.

Alynis realizes they haven’t really checked the girl yet. Vincent find a small trident like weapon in the small of her back. The girl shrugs it off “a girl has to protect herself, you don’t think I’d be out her unarmed?”

After about a mile the girl attempts to lead the party into the forrest, “It will be quicker this way” she pleads with the party, batting her eyes at Morning Storm. Vincent is having none of it and prods her ahead with a dagger.

The party comes across a large dry pool of blood in the middle of the trail. There are drag marks off into the woods. The Paladin, Tiberius Hammersmyth calls upon his god to show him evil. The girl lights up brightly as does the woods toward the drag marks.

The girl is secured and several members of the party follow the trail. The drag marks lead to a dilapidated cabin, a quick check inside finds the disemboweled body of the probable bandit Krystoff. A closer look reveals his internal organs have been completely removed.

A chill blows through the air, the party shivers.

As Toruk and Mourning Storm return from cabin announcing their find, a horendous unearthly below comes from the direction of the cabin along with the crashing of something through the trees Without a thought Vincent stabs the girl, who crumples, yet begins to change. Scales begin forming on her arms, her legs begin to grow together. Morning Storm and Armand Tanzariansee a transformation not unlike their own ability. Is she a druid taking on animal form, or was the human form a disguise?

Several members of the party attack the prone girl, black blood bleeding badly from and stab wound in her back . Tiberious and Morning Storm run toward the thing crashing through the woods at them, Morning Storm transforming into a Brown Bear. A horror of a long nailed hag like woman is rushing straight at them. The bear is on her first sinking his teeth into her arm. This opens up THUNDEROUS SMITE from Tiberious, channeling his god’s power though his mighty axe a CLAP of thunder BOOMS as his blade crashes agasint the hags chest. The force of the blow tosses her now limp body back several feet where it lies prone.

Both evil women creatures have been vanquished. Their horrid forms lying before the party members. The girl appears to have transformed into a half fish, almost evil mermaid creature. The other a horrible demon like old woman. Neither have anything on them. The party continues down the trail eventually finding the cart where the ambush took place on Dramal’s Spill Road


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