Rooms of Worship

The group heads down a 20 foot wide hallway that stretches back behind the 3-eye statue/column. There are 4 alcoves each has one or three small red burning braziers and The ones with one also having a small statues of the 3 eye god. To the back of each alcove, is a thick red drapery, covering the entrance to a large room beyond.

The curtain is slowly pulled back and peeked behind, joking speculation about the Wizard of Oz being back there are not fulfilled. There is a large 30×30 room, to its rear a set of shallow stairs that lead to a 20×20 room. The 30×30 room is furnished opulently, overstuffed chairs, a large dining table, a regal bed, all old dusty, cobwebbed and brittle looking.

Behind that the 20×20 room has a huge statue of the 3 eye god, the statue has 3 black eyes set in it, possibly made of obsidian. There has been some activity in the room, but not recent. Some items have been disturbed and there are many old boot prints on the floor, now gathering new dust.

As the party looks about a voice BOOMS from the statue, no open understands the language, and it could be just gibberish, although there seems to be a few words of common or undercommon scattered about. Cautiously advancing the party sees the wall behind the statue turn blood red and move toward them, racing and splashing as if a wall of blood was headed toward them.

The characters in the front try to dive to the side, while those in the back retreat out the curtain. Tiberious, Turok and Helm are caught in the wave, all of them are able to stand against it, but are battered with what seems to be a wall of blood.

The blood knocks over furniture, sends smaller items flying and splashes out into the hallway beyond the curtain. The whole room is awash in a bloody mess, Tiberious Turok and Helm all covered in wet cold blood…..

But the blood has also knocked open a part of the wall. There was a secret door that is now exposed and slightly ajar.

Half the group is looking at the statue, which seems attached to the back wall as if it were carved out of the same rock. The others have gone into the secret room 5×10. Inside is a desk and bookshelf, with several dusty tomes, scrolls and tablets, along with writing implements and candles. There are two books one in under common, leather bound and nice and another in an odd tongue, pedestrian and on rough and strong paper.

There is no access behind the statue and the group seems to get that the books are a translation of the odd tongue into undercommon. If they can figure out what the other language is this could be a “rosetta stone” for it.


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