Red Dwarf

The group moves from the blood soaked room to the next room. It also has an alcove that leads to a heavy red drapery that covers the entrance. Cautiously peering through the curtain, Kvothe sees a lone dwarf, his back turned to the curtain 15 feet ahead. The room is opulent like the first and there is the same short flight of stairs up to an alcove holding a huge 3 eye statue, almost the same room, except for the dwarf.

The Dwarf is dressed in red robes, hood up around his head and muttering under his breath. His stance and visible beard is all that really identifies him as dwarven….Tiberious parts the curtain and attempts to speak in the dwarven tongue.

As Tiberious starts with "Hail dwarven brother…..The red robed dwarf wheels about now screaming, possibly in jibberish, in a manner that was similar to the voice that boomed out of the statue in the other room.

Tiberious can see his is a Druegar a Grey Dwarf. His beard is matted and his eyes black and hollow, his mouth opens in a twisted scream as he lunges. His Robes now become as red mist, or swirling fog. He flies at Tiberious clawed hands outstretched….

The battle is quick as the red spectral dwarf pops in a flash of light and disappears when hit with Turok’s electrical scepter. The room is looked over, nice place settings and furniture as the previous room.

The statue at the back is investigated and eventually pulled over, revealing a secret passage behind it. The passage leads to the hollowed out statue in the previous room. Several passages that look to be verbal spells are carved into the inside of the statue, and the room can be viewed though the obsidian eyes. Kvothe copies the spells, hoping to discern them later.

Back to the hallway they move onto the 3rd room and pull back the heavy red curtain


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