Plant Monster and Barrels of Arrows

With Helm’s light spell leading, Turok, Helm and Alynis move to the turret nearest the stable. On the gourd floor there is nothing,just a stone stair rising to the second floor. Halfway up the stair, they notice tendrils of vegetation. It is more green than grey, the first thing they’ve seen that isn’t grey grey grey.

In the 2nd floor of this 30×30 tower is a HUGE dull green tree like plant of some sorts. Tendrils snake in all directions, headed out through every opening. The “tree” is 5 feet wide with tendrils and pods and stalks dotting every portion of it.

A vine lashes out at Turok and he is able to smash at it with his axe. Something grabs Helm from behind and everyone hears the clatter as Helm tumbles down the stairs. Rushing to his aid Alynis and Turok see a vague humanoid shape, composed of green blobs, attacking Helm. Magic Missiles from Alynis drive it away it runs into the courtyard where Kvothe sends an arrow through it, scattering the green blobs as the figure looses cohesion…the blobs do not reform

Helm Sacred Flames the bush on the second floor.

Kvothe and Storm have found the other tower to be in bad shape, seemingly ready to fall over. There is nothing inside except for barrels full of rotted arrows.


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