Over to the Temple of Blood

The group now reunited descends to the blood pond. A large central opening rises at least 100 feet above them. It is dotted with 3 openings at various heights that were “balconies” from cave rooms they had descended through. Up highest was where the blood poured off and they fought the mummies.

The Blood pool has 5 rough red crystal columns, 3 feet in diameter and 5 and 10 feet high sticking at odd angles up out of the blood, they glow like “emergency lighting” giving a faint red light to everything around. All the walls are doted as well with small glowing red crystals.

They are standing on a small ledge that sticks out into the blood pool. Across from them is a tunnel like entrance to what looks to be some sort of temple. A 50 foot wide “pier” juts 40 feet out into the blood pond. 6 Carved columns that look to have once supported a roof, now long gone, stick up like fingers from the “pier”

The “pier” leads into a 30 foot high tunnel, from which a brighter red glow spills forth. The columns continue inside to the roof of the carved tunnel. There is a 2 foot wide channel cut into the floor so the blood can flow into the tunnel from the pond.

Vinny again uses his grapple and rope to swing across, Turok tries leaping to a column and fails miserable falling into the blood with a splash. As soon as he hits the blood figures rise from it, skeletons! The skeletons are a frightening sight as blood drips from their bones, but the party is sufficiently powerful enough that the 6 undead guardians are quickly dispatched.

The group slogs across the blood pond that turns out to be about 2 feet deep. All are wet with blood save Vinny, and with Turok being entirely covered. The group spreads out investigating the blood channel and the columns, moving cautiously back into the immense tunnel that is 50 feet wide and 30 feet high, its cieling supported by twin rows of columns every 10 feet

Once inside the tunnel the group can see 2 huge bronze doors at the far end of the tunnel, about 100 feet away. There are 2 huge braziers set in the wall in which an eerie red flame burns to each side of the door, and another two halfway down on each side of the tunnel, which is lit with a brighter red than the rest of the cave. .

As the group advances the braziers to the right and left in the tunnel glow bright and the flames roll like and explosion, jumping out of the fire are two immense black hounds, fire licking at their mouths and their eyes glowing bright red , they turn and rush at the party…..


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