Orcs in the mirror

Two doors

The north passage has two heavy wooden doors banded in iron. Both have crossbars that allow them to be barred from the side the party is on. The right door is barred the left door is not.

Kvothe and Vincent oil the hinges and remove the bar as quietly as possible, peeking inside. The room is 30×30 with 5 unoccupied 8×8 cells set on the far wall. There are no occupants in the room. Three tables and 6 chairs occupy the room with several pieces of paper atop the tables.

The papers are searched and it looks like Theg Narlot is involved in this too. Transactions and descriptions of slave movement and payment have his name on them. This appears to be a processing area, with the cells being temporary holding.

The rogues repeat the process of opening the door quietly on the left, unbarred door. Inside is an identical 30×30 room with 5 holding cells, plus an odd sight…two identical looking and dressed orcs are having an unusual discussion, Ganra. and Vincent speak orcish, and translate for the party.

Orc #1 “Where is pretty human girl, Jaylyn brought here last week?” (The party recognizes ‘Jaylyn’ as the name of Wim Irwin’s wife)
Orc #2 “But me is OoKook”
Orc #1 “Yes you OoKook, AND me OoKook”
Orc #2 “Me OoKook”
Orc #1 “That is why me OoKook ask you OoKook, where Jaylyn is.”

The party shuts the door and considers just barring the two inside, but a few figure that one of the orcs may be Wim Irwin who could be a powerful wizard with the ability to shape shift (extra experience was awarded for that observation). They have the drop on the orcs anyway, so they reopen the door…..

As the door is opened and Orc#1 says in common “I was wondering when you’d get here.” Orc#2 turns toward the party and the first orc plunges a short sword into its back. As the dead orc falls to the ground Orc #1 morphs back into the form of Wim Irwin

The party was partially correct. Wim is a doppleganger with the ability to form his shape into anything he has seen. He begs the party to not reveal his secret to his wife if they find her. The party asks if he has seen more of this complex, but he says this is as far as he was brought when they captured him last time and he had just snuck in here about a half hour before the party arrived

More evidence that this is a slave holding and processing area and that Theg Narlot is the leader is found. The party regroups and now with Wim in tow, heads down the other passage toward the drumming sound


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