There's Orcs in them there sewers!

The black sewer tunnel slopes slightly upward, water and sewage rushes past the party and somewhere they hear a drum rhythmically banging….every few seconds bong….bong….bong…..

After walking the straight tunnel for about 100 feet west, the drumming is louder, closer. The tunnel ends in a T with similar tunnels heading North and South, sewage flowing from each direction into the tunnel the party is in. A small arched stone bridge, goes over the sewage flow, the walkway continuing on the other side of the flow.

Kvothe creeps to the T in the passageway. To the North a there are a couple doors set back into the wall of the passageway, which continues. As he turns to the South he sees 4 figures in the pitch blackness.

Brutish builds, dirty rusted pieces of armor, the figures are in a 20×20 room similar to the one the party descended into. The figures are gambling with dice and unaware of the party presence. Kvothe takes a closer look and the humanoids are ORCS!

The party quickly decides to attack, throwing an illusion of dancing lights behind the orcs who turn in amazement and the arrows, bolts and magic tears into them from behind. Suddenly Ganra yells out in pain “ENEMIES RIGHT FLANK!”

A crossbow bolt has embedded itself in his shoulder from two more orcs rushing down the passage from the north. The party was too concerned with the 4 orcs to the south, and not looking for others.

As the party turns to face the attackers the orcs are among them, a rusted short sword against Vincent’s head sends the rogue crashing backwards, blood pouring from a deep critical wound. (orc rolled a double 20) Vincent falls unconscious, the party unaware for now, that the life is leaving his body…(our first party “death”)

The party recovers from the surprise attack and quickly dispatches the 2 orcs, and then realizes Vincent is not breathing, the pool of blood he lies in tells the nature of his wound. Helm Tallstag grasps his holy symbol and invokes the divinity of HELM the god which he worships, power flows through his hands and into the lifeless body of Vincent.

Spare the Dying has happened in the nick of time, breath returns to Vincent’s body, the deep gash on his head scabs over, yet he still is in a state of deep unconsciousness. Helm again asks for the divine power of his namesake god, and again a surge of divinity flows through him into Vincent. Coughing, Vincent awakes, the healing spell partially complete, his scabbed wound mostly disappears. He has a splitting headache, a good scar behind his ear, but is back among the living.

The 6 dead orcs are gone over as Tiberius uses his divine power to heal Ganra who has pulled the arrow from his own wound. The orcs appear to be guards. Posted in teams of two in 20×20 rooms beneath sewer openings.

The passage to the north travels about 100 feet and also ends in a room with a ladder and sewer opening, with two chairs, from where the surprise orcs came from. The other orcs appear to have been gambling and not guarding. There are a handful of copper pieces, but the orcs rusted and ill kept equipment is of little value.

The party chooses to try the two doors set in the wall of the passage to the north, but wisely post a guard looking down the passage to the south where the drumming is still coming from as they investigate the doors……


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