More Snow, More Woe

The group does not feel they are lost, and continue traveling mostly blind in the mist. It begins to snow again, and as before leaflets of paper fall from the sky.

Point A is broken
The light, it should be backward
Danger is increased to 4
The HOLLOW BEAST approaches

The group thinks for a minute, trying to make heads or tales of the note, then continues moving. A moon seems to materialize, low on the horizon and the heat lightning continues to flash in the mist.

the group argues whether to head toward or away form the light, away wins out. Screams are heard in the mist ahead, the group takes defensive positions and waits as the scream nears. There is a Drow running full tilt, Tiberious bashes him with his shield as another comes from in the mist, soon felled by Tiberious’ axe.

Two more Drow see Tiberious and turn to flee, the group cuts them down, they looked to be terrified, something could have been chasing them. None of them have cold weather gear on, one is even bootless. As the group adds the Drow weapons to the portable hole it begins to snow again, leaflets falling along with snow.

The Iron pages are blank
Make a decision in the minutes given you
Energy level 3
The HOLLOW BEAST hungers

More speculation about the notes. Is there a time limit? Is there a countdown? They slog off into the mist still following the “moon” Tiberious again kicks a dead body, this time a skeleton, here a long time. Nearby there is a literal mound of skeletons, sitting on and around a small island rising slightly from the water, rusted armor and broken weapons. The group begins looking the scene over….

It begins to snow again, leaflets fall from the sky

Broken Flowers line the path
Don’t listen to your eyes
Danger Level 2
The HOLLOW BEAST sees you

Vinny finds dozens of black roses growing on the mound covered in the dead. Helm is ready to turn undead, worried the skeletons will rise. The black roses are growing in a line, they assume these are the “broken flowers” that the note tells of. They follow the line of flowers, away from the “moon” which still hangs in the sky. Worried that the numbers in the last few notes 4,3,2….are a countdown. They slog off into the mist


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