More Interrogation

Alynis takes out and was the Book of Iuz drumming her fingers against the book’s cover and making sure that the captive sees it. “There is no reason for two groups to be down here looking for the same thing,” she states and the rest of you feel that you see her face flash red

She continues “if you’d just leveled with us right away maybe none of this would have occurred” The prisoner looks confused for a second then says, “Guess we fucked up mam, but no one told us there was another group. Matyara lead us here and she told us we were one an independent mission”

Alynis asks “Matyara was your leader?”

Prisoner “Yes the one your bear killed”

Alynis: “Draw me a map of how you got down here. How did we not run into each other earlier?”

prisoner: “well you will have to untie my hands”

Just then there is a splash and a shout outside. Kvothe throws the hood on his cloak up, his outline blurs and he moves outside to investigate. Turok had just left the room and Armand and Storm were already outside on the balcony.

Alynis: (anger) “I have to clean this up, what was that noise outside, are there still your people down here?”

Prisoner: " No idea, but this is a difficult place"

Alynis: (sighs) “I don’t’ even know what you’ve done, how far you got, what your status is, other than we basically just killed you all”

Prisoner: Well we got here a while ago and went over this area a bit before establishing a camp. Then you guys showed up and here we are….. You know come to think of it Matyara had us meet this guide down here.

Real flake out girl elf named Dorkus or something like that. Dorkus is the one that old guy was tearing apart before he shot me with whatever that was he knocked me out with…….

Dorkus wasn’t by us as we rested. Said she had to meditate and disappeared. Didn’t think about it until now. You guys showed up and she wasn’t around. Then next I see her that old guy is eating her brain……

Alynis sighs again turns and angrily tosses her hood up. Just like Kvothe’s cloak did to him, you see her outline blur and blend in with the grey walls, she walks out onto the balcony.

Helm lets a moment go by and then says “I were you I’d be spilling my guts now before she comes back and spills them for you.”
The captive looks confused…

“That’s it, we came down here looking for treasure. There is a cave system in the Gnarley Forrest that leads down here”

The Gnarley Forrest is about 50 miles to the north of Zulern. 2 day walk, most likely 3 days in the under dark conditions

“Mistress, er’ Matyara had all the plans, says there is treasure down here. I wasn’t always let in on her ideas, but there was something here that she said would give us the favors of IUZ, although all we found was a bunch of bathtubs and some striges that attacked us”


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