Its a TRAP!

The group and the mercenaries move up the twin staircases onto the balcony. The air outside is chill and the courtyard hauntingly dark and quiet as they fan out with smaller groups all moving to the 4 doors.

No one seems to see the mercenaries move behind the group as they are all concerned with what’s behind the doors. In what originally seems like a misfortune, the door on the far end that Vincent Rhodes moves into has a weakened section of floor, the room which has several large bathtubs in it, collapses under Vinny’s weight, he tumbles back to the first floor, debris raining onto him, he has some scuffs and bruises, but is okay, just on the first floor.

Storm on the other end finds a iron door that looks to have been a secure storage area, there are dozens of moldering chests and storage racks, he moves in to investigate….

Tiberius Hammersmyth ,Helm Tallstag and Alynis enter a room that turns out to be the source of the smoke smell. There are 6 bedrolls on the floor, a smoldering campfire and the refuse of a recently vacated campsite.

The group is investigating the campsite and it take several crucial seconds before they realize that 2 bedrolls match the sizes of Roon the Gnome and Grinag the huge half orc. The mercenaries attack from behind with surprise!

Roon and the Grinag smash into Helm and Tiberious, Alynis scurries aside. Other mercenaries are climbing over the balcony and Baklunag the wizard is throwing magic missile. Alynis attempts to respond to the wizard, but he is magically shielded and her attack fails. Spike, the human fighter slashes Alynis with his sword.

Arrows streak into the group, striking and wounding several members, the fight is in danger of becoming bad when Vinny dashes from below. Having fallen through the floor has enabled him to dash behind the mercenary wizard and stab him from behind. Vinny’s backstab splinters the mage’s ribcage, smashing through his back. Baklunag has just enough time to look down and see blood spurting from dagger points sticking completely through him before he dies.

Storm transforms into a bear and blinks behind one of the new comers. A female with heavy scars around her eyes is unready for a bear on her back, she attempts to roll away but is soon down with a snarling bear slashing at her. The fight begins to turn in the party’s favor as Vinny backstabs Spike who is menacing Alynis.

Vinny advances to the campsite room to assist as Helm, and Tiberious struggle with Roon and Grinag. Alynis backs away of the room as Vinny moves inside. A bowman from the far end of balcony is still sending arrows into the fray.

Turok and Alynis, move to assist Storm (the bear) fighting with the scarred female. Alynis fires a dart that accidentally hits Storm (rolled a 1) and Storm reacts by swiping at the “attacker” hitting Turok. The scarred female tries to scurry away as the party struggles in a freindly fire incident.

Vinny ends the life of Grinag the half orc when he is able to backstab again. Storm as the bear bites down on the scarred female ending her life. Roon seeing the fight going badly, jumps out of a rear window trying to escape. The bowman on the balcony sees the bear kill his cohort, (the scarred female) and jump from the balcony also attempting to escape.

Vinny is after the gnome Roon, jumping out the window behind him, it is a short chase, the gnomes short legs are the cause of his demise, he stumbles in the mire and Roon dies from a stabbing as well. The group is just recovering when they hear a commotion in the courtyard below, Helm sends a light spell to light everything up….the group sees something horrible……


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