In the courtyard

Toruk leaves the interrogation room and is on the balcony for a minute. His human eyes can not see any of the others. Kvothe and Alynis are still in the room at this time. . Storm and Armand can see Turok, their dark vision eyes watch as he scans the courtyard then moves down into it, wandering in the darkness without much light to guide him.

Turok moves to the collapsed stable area, stumbles and SPLASH, tumbles into a submerged basement. He was not checking and wandering in the darkness. Armand moves toward where he saw Turok in trouble, loses sight of Storm at this time.

Turok coughs some water out and is treading water in a submerged basement. Armand is moving to assist. IT is at this time that Alynis and Kvothe leave the room and are on the balcony.

Something grabs Turok from behind, yanking him back into the water, he has just enough time to get a breath before it drags him under. Something strikes Turok on the side, a blow which threatens to smash the air from his lungs, he twists, drawing a hand axe and swings wildly behind him to try and dislodge his attacker. Another blow lands painfully into his midsection whatever is attacking him is holding and dragging him down…..

Kvothe appears next to Aramnd, a bow and with a knocked arrow, aiming at the water which is now frothing with a struggle below. Dancing Lights illuminates the area, Stomr is off to one side and yells “WE GOT A FIGHT DONW HERE” to the others


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