Helm Wicked Evil Helm

Helm has lost his patience, he removes the last of the “flash bang” flasks from his pack and forces it between Nell, the prisoner’s legs.

Vinny takes this opportunity to sneak out while everyone is watching the interrogation, he moves toward the well in the courtyard, knowing that there has to be more to this complex. He secures his gear and dives into the well……

Meanwhile Helm is describing what the flask does to Nell. Helm then drags the chair with the man tied in the chair to the balcony and lifts him onto the thick rock railing. He holds the chair, but angles it toward the edge, “I will send you over the side if you don’t start talking!” Helm’s voice is low and gruff.

Helm: What is your real name? (tips chair)

Nell: Valen it’s Valen

Helm: What are you doing down here? (tips chair)

Valen: I told you, we came for some cloak. Our leader Mataya said it would bring us favor with Iuz (Helm can see the Iuz themed tattoos on this guys arm)

Helm: How did you get here

Valen: Through a tunnel in the Gnarley Forest (He’s already told you that)

Kvothe and Aramnd have assisted Turok in getting out of the water, they turn to see a man tied to a chair, balanced on the edge of the balcony, being menaced by Helm. They then see Vinny climb into the well. Tiberius is still vigilantly watching out the back window, and doesn’t fully know what is going on.

Helm: Where is your HELM gear, you were masquerading as Knights of HELM why?

Valen: The gear is at The Bear Trap we have rooms there. Rubes, if you look like you are goody-goodies, then the locals will be nice to you, give you info. Same reason you are masquerading as a HELM……(Valen’s voice trails off, Helm sees it in his eyes that he realizes that Helm is not masquerading, and is really in HELM’S service. Valen’s eyes grow wide….)

Helm: I don’t think we need a second group down here anymore….

Non of the other characters seem to care that Helm lets Valen, tied to the chair, fall into the courtyard. Valen tries to twist his body and succeeds in missing striking the stone well. But he still lands with a thud. The chair breaks, but he is still secure, his head above water.

Helm comes down, “Turok if you throw this guy in the pool, you think that monster would get him?” Helm turns to go back upstairs and Turok grabs the chair bound Valen, and tosses him into the brackish water of the submerged basement…..


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