Half Up, Half Down

The child is taken to safety and the sewer is entered

The heavy grate of the sewer is lifted and the body of the soldiers are lowered into a chamber below. Tiberius descends into the sewers inky blackness. Two chairs are in the chamber and a flow of water and sewage flows past in a corridor. Armand Tanzarian an Kvothe remain in the alley above.

The woman is escorted back to her house in the slum area, by the rest of the party. Her name is Jalonia and she lives with her grandmother Delila They live a simple life both working as seamstresses although grandma’s arthritis is limiting her utility. Jalonia’s powers, she says have always been inherent in the women in her family, she knows not where they come from. She has a cousin in the neighboring town of Zulern She may have more information.

The women tell the party the town is going downhill. It is harder for honest people and now that guards may kill on sight? Vincent is interested in getting the women out of Pelgaryn and vows to help them escape the town. Helm as a cleric is interested in their healing ability. The women agree to try to get out of town and will meet the party at the cousin’s home.

The party returns to the sewer and everyone descends into it’s blackness as sewage smell wafts around them.


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