Gonna use that cart?

The cart isn’t pretty but it is a cry nonetheless. No signs of the animals that pulled it, but you have 6 horses. In order to make better time the party decides to take the road. Heading up an incline on a rough poorly maintained road is only marginally faster than their off road foray. They are traveling on a cliffside which overlooks Dramal’s Spill River to their right, a steep 30 foot drop to jagged rocks, but further out the river is a bit choppy but navigable.

To their left the cliff rises about 10 feet then levels off into gradual slop and sparse trees. Ahead and behind the broken rock and rutted dirt of a well worn poorly maintained road. big enough for two wagons to pass side by side.

It is early afternoon when the party is passing a small trail intersecting with the road. The trail is rutted and a small stream rolls by it, passing under the road they are on via a stone culvert which looks to be ancient. An unearthly scream comes from up the trail calling the party’s attention.

Vincent moves up the trail staying near cover as the rest of the party readies to battle. Several seconds later a middle aged man in peasant garb is seen running down the trail about 150 feet away “HELP ME HE’S GONNA KILL ME”

Before the party can react a man in deep red colored plate armor on the back of a warhorse comes galloping around the bend. The trail has a low ceiling of branches and is hemmed in on the sides by rock and brush, with the stream running beside it. The Knight in red armor has swung a mighty sword at the peasant knocking him to the ground and then trampling him with his horse.

The knight stops sideways in the trail, he seems to see Vincent and acknowledge him with a salute of some sort, then turns and rides back the way he came. The party cautiously moves to the felled peasant. He is dead and has little on him save his ragged clothes and worn boots.

The party moves up the trail another 100 yards, it begins to wind and is more rutted and overhung with trees. Visibility is about 30 feet before the trail turns and twists, while the mountain stream gurgles besides it.

Up ahead a cart and donkey. The cart is missing a wheel and the donkey has struggled to drag it to the roadside where it happily munches on roadside grass. An investigation turns up more bodies. A middle aged woman and one a bit younger, both peasant dressed, both cleaved as with a mighty sword.

The cart is searched it has several empty boxes and many empty sacks. Vincent finds several leather purses full of silver 150 sp in all. The party speculates that the group may have been traveling to Zulern to purchase something

Helm Tallstag hears the voice of him deity HELM in his head. “You MUST go up the road.”

Tiberius Hammersmyth also hears a voice, although he can not identify it, “I need your help” he feels he must also go up the road.

The party, some reluctantly, group back together and start moving up the rutted narrow trail back into the foothills.


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