Fought ferocious Frog,

As the Dwarf recovers some of the others look around the area. Half of the Kuo Toa are little more than ash their belongings burned away. But there are 5 others who have an assortment of mundane weapons on them. Several crude daggers of chipped stone and short spears are collected into the bag of holding.

The Froghemouth is elephant sized and must weigh several tons. Its back is similar to a leopard frog splotchy green, and its belly is brilliant yellow. It is laying on its belly, and in death it has vomited up a half eaten Kuo Toa which lies just outside its massive mouth full of grey teeth.

A massive ‘burrow’ is found, a huge Forghemouth sized pit of mud and water. Steam rises from it into the chill air. There is some sort of hot spring here and it appears the creature was living in the warm mud.

Looks like a Kuo Toa patrol happened to trod near its dwelling and you encountered them as the Froghenouth had started to eat the Kuo Toa.

You know you are in Troglodyte territory and seeing a Kuo Toa moving about in this area is of note. The gnomes had said Trog activity had lessened and Kuo Toa activity had increased


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