Farmhouse story

Helm Tallstag Alynis Tiberius Hammersmyth stay inside with the father and daughter. Tarbee the father, pours thin soup into two other bowls and encourages the group to eat as the other party members monitor the situation outside and look over the farmyard.

Outside the horse seems to have died several weeks ago as the soil was being turned up for upcoming spring planting. About 20% of the acre plot had been turned, and the rest remains untilled with weeds beginning to sprout. A better search of the barn turns up nothing, absolutely nothing, as the barn appears to have been picked over, and devoid of any grain, supplies or livestock.

Inside the party humors Tarbee as his daughter Tanasha eyes them. They ask about the Red Knight. “I stays mostly to myself, and you should too. Head back the way you come or the Horseman will get you.” The party asks about the horseman and Tarbee begins ducking the question.

Tanasha his daughter moves behind him and mouths the word “later” indicating to the players that she has information and to not bother the old man with it. They continue to make small talk and learn that the old man seems a bit off balanced telling them he will finish plowing the field tomorrow. At one point he calls Alynis the red haired half elf Tanasha the name of his daughter who also has red hair and looks to have some elf blood in her.

Helm and the others excuse themselves, Tarbee says “Remembers to mind your own business,” and the party collects back at the barn. They wait several minutes seeing if Tanasha will come to offer more information and she does indeed.

“You will have to excuse my father, he is old, and things have been difficult since the horseman appeared. We have had to eat all our stores and don’t have any seed as we’ve had to eat it and all the livestock. Please it is not just us. The people of Lark’s Cliff a few miles up the road are in the same predicament. I don’t know anything about the Horseman, please help us.”

The party decides to move up the road, to the village of Lark’s Cliff.


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