Shocks and Zombies

Vinny moves ahead to the cave/room where Storm was shocked by the statue. There is a 6 armed statue in the center of the room, and it is open to the cave’s center shaft to his left. He also feels the shock of electricity but power walks through it and takes minimal damage . The rest of the party is trying to figure the statue out from the front and Vinny from the back of it. Turok tries to push the statue over and gets shocked.

Vinny hears something behind him and sees 4 shambling humanoid figures coming from further down the passage. Worried they are more mummies, he hooks a line on the edge of the room and repels off the edge, hoping the advancing mummies wont see him.

The others wait for what turns out to be 4 zombies. Like the mummies they have brass plaques around their necks, they advance slowly and are cut apart by ranged attacks.. Meanwhile Vinny realizes he can reach the floor below and continues to rappel.

Above the others are able to strike at the statue and eventually push it over, seemingly defeating its shock trap. They move forward into a another cave room the passages continuing to wrap around the center cave shaft and descend steeply.

This room holds 7 plundered sarcophagi. The ids are cast aside and nothing in them remains save some dust and scraps of linen. Most likely this is where the corpses that became the zombies and mummies once lay.

Continuing forward and down they come to a last room, careful searching reveals a secret door at the end of the room, but try as they might they can not find out how to open it, and have forgotten about Vinny….


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