Crying Child

The party quest marker

The party is wandering down a narrow streets bordered by ramshackle wooded houses and buildings that are clear to be a poor area of town. Several are boarded up and others contain far too many people.

As they turn a corner they see a woman up ahead crouched over something. She moves her arms and appears to be casting a magic spell. Magic is forbidden in Pelgaryn. A plot point of 2 two town guards come out of an alley behind the woman, their backs to the party.

The woman has cast a spell on what appears to be an unconscious child, the child awakes and begins crying. “Help the crying child” was Rotcod’ohw words as a clue to where the second rune was.

The guards are quick to condemn the magical action of the woman. “magic is not allowed here vile woman!” One shouts at her, “We do not have time for this,” says the other guard “But it was a child…” the woman pleads.

“NO MAGIC! You have been found guilty and the execution sentence will be carried out NOW!,” The first guard draws his sword, followed by the second guard. Teh party reacts quickly, Mourning Storm is there first, his newly acquired dark wooden staff crashing heavily against the side of one of the guards head.

Kvothe is on the second guard, plunging a dagger square into his back. The guards are dead before they knew what hit them. The child is about 2 years old, the woman cradling it in her arms looking up at you fearfully.

There is an alley with stacks of garbage, guards bodies are quickly pulled off the street. Toruk grabs the woman roughly, she cries out as he forces her, still clutching the child back into the alley as well.

The party stands by a sewer grate, water can be heard rushing below and Rotcod’ohw’s words come back to everyone. The rune is underground, near water, help the crying child" Well it is probably in the sewer…


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