Commotion in the Ocean

Those along side the water are struggling with ideas on how to assist the barbarian fighting below its surface, Kvothe is readying Ray of Frost, Storm has Moonbeam ready, feeling that Turok can take the damage, and they will heal him later.

Turok hacks at the arm holding him and it releases! The others see Turok break the surface panting and trying to get a breath. Turok begins dragon himself out of the water Storm rushes away to tell the others what is going on.

Mourning Storm walks into the room and states matter of factly, “There’s something in the water in the courtyard, it tried to eat the barbarian, but I think it got a taste of him and spit him out, but In all fairness, it might have been sexual- I’ve never understood barbarian mating customs…”

Vinny looks at the prisoner and says “maybe we should give out new friend to whatever is in the water.”

Helm is thinking about the exploding flasks that you captured from the Rumble Arrows long ago….


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