Chasing the Trogs

Vincent ducks away from the party, hiding in the shadows of the grotto, he has plans that do not involve the rest of the group.

The party, w/o vVinny, has little trouble catching the Troglodytes and tries to stay just outside of visible range. The Trogs are travelling down a well worn tunnel, 20-30 feet wide with a 20 foot ceiling. The tunnel snakes a bit but is generally headed in one direction. As they try to see where the Trogs are going , another horror appears before them. There are two troglodytes ‘fused’ together, they crawl on hands and knees. They are fused at the shoulder and on their back is a platform, which holds another troglodytes and a balistae.

The Trog fires and the balistae bolt cracks above the party missing, arrows and spells from the party destroy the “tank” like creatures the wagons now look defenseless , as only smaller Troglodytes continue to flee

The party hangs back a bit more and tries to see where the Trogs are fleeing to. After an hour of travel the trogs hold up an outpost. Several Trog soldiers stop the wagons. ONe of the wagon Trogs hands over a short sword wrapped in leather cloth. The Trog soldiers begin squabbling over it and the party attacks.

Tiberious again charging on his boar and Turok screaming a war cry lead the raid. They crash into the wagons, Tiberious boar upending one and crushing the trogs beneath it. Trogs flee

The party sees that the tunnel opens up into a cave, lit with an eerie white phosphorescence. The trail continues on a raised road bed, 20 feet wide and 5 feet above slime pools that extend to either side 60 or 70 feet. There are Trogs off in the pools which look to be about 2 feet deep, they flee as the party crashes into the cavern. The roof of the cavern looks to be at least 50 feet above.

Storm has lit one of the wagons on fire and Tiberious has pushed one off the road way. Trogs are fleeing from the party both on the roadbed and in the water fields to each side of the road. A Troglodyte attempts to flee clutching an egg, she is cut down with arrows to the back.


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