The party settles into making a camp under the rock outcropping. There is a little trouble with the horses, but they manage to hobble them like the soldiers had them set up, so they can’t stray too far. A small fire is built some rations are consumed and the exhausted party tries to get some rest.

Helm is decided on to take the first watch, being a human he sees easiest and is most comfortable in the strong daylight. This is actually very comforting to Helm. Standing on a hill with the light of the sun, the light of his faith pressing down on him…he feels his exhaustion just a minor test of faith surrounded by the light.

The full Elf Mourning Storm has the ability to scrounge for food, and lets the camp know he will attempt to get some food together. Even though he is exhausted as well, he knows that a short meditation will bring him back to feeling better, and that will be best done out in the woods.

Several members scrounge up firewood, feeling that a small fire in the day for cooking shouldn’t attract any attention, the overhang will shelter most of the light and dissipate most of the smoke. The party tries to save their iron rations, and finds that relatively easy as they taste so bad. But a couple are divided up, just due to the fact that no on has eaten for more than 12 hours

Turok after a brief hunt elects to attempt to hunt, he like Mourning Storm is able to survive in this type of environment very easy.

Mournng Storm returns to camp with a sack full of mushrooms, roots, and leaves, some water is boiled just in time for Turok to return with 3 long thin weasel looking creatures that are a couple feet long. Turok quickly skins and chops the sparse meat off the large rodents and exclaims “I saw a lynx, but he got away” No one is sure if eating cat would be better than eating rat but they are hoping the roots and leaves have some good flavor.

Turok takes a watch, his human eyes also needing the daylight to see. Helm is thankful for a rest and falls to sleep before eating.

At about 4pm, marmot stew is being prepared. Several party members are feeling the affects of being tired.
Mourning Storm is meditating to recover and Helm is sleeping
Turok is on guard
Ganra and Kvothe are resting and alternating watching the stew.
Vincent Tiberious Armand and Alynis are resting.

A few hours later Vincent goes out looking around as different watches are set and characters take turns taking long rests. By nightfall the woods seem peaceful, the calls of animals and insects. Characters with dark vision take turns on watch. Kvothe and Ganra work on some small tricks for a planned “show” they hope to perform as traveling entertainers. Alynis studies the Tome she received. Mourning Storm and Vincent are in and out of camp off patrolling around the surrounding woods for trouble. Helm meditates and Armand busies himself practicing cantrips as Turok spends an inordinate amount of time sleeping.

The night passes uneventfully and the party regroups in the morning and continues to press on dragging the horses behind them.


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