Back to Zulern

The group goes their own ways once back in Zulern, but not before a sending stone idea is agreed on if the stone knocks twice meet at Firestrike the Blacksmith’s

Storm moves his druidic sanctuary into the teleportation cave.
Tiberius works at Firestrike, and assists at the Pelor hospital and Lost temple
Helm is at the Lost temple and Pelor hospital
Alynis goes back to work at the Library
Turok and Kvothe are at The Cockatrice Inn
Vinny starts selling items at the market, or is at The Bear Trap
Armand is at his druidic sanctuary to the west of town

Everyone notices
When you “saved” the town of Zulern, there was a female Paladin doing a great deal of fighting before you got there. You watched as she was killed and ascended, seemingly taken by her god which was Pelor

For the religious this was a powerful sight. Tiberious especially sees to die in battle and have your god choose you as the way things should end

In the months since this battle, there has been a new group that has semi broken away from the church of Pelor, they haven’t left Pelor, but they are worshiping this Paladin whose name was Mayaheine. Some in the church do not like it anymore than the discovery of a temple where 3 gods one being Pelor were worshiped together. These are trying times for the Church of Pelor, the dominant religion in this town.

Kvothe awakens from a dream, the only memory of it is of darkness and his father’s voice “Usnea awakes, Usnea awakes Usnea awakes….” Kvothe has seen Sterccus in the HELM temple and Sterccus saw him, but he has had no leads on where he could be.

Chandarian so far:
Cyphus-imprisoned in the sarcophagus in the Vampire Tower
Sterccus-last seen in temple
Ferule-killed was disguised as a bard
On the heals of his dream saying that Usnea is awakening, Kvothe is told by the innkeeper of the Cockatrice that a messenger delivered a note for him

The note is of rolled parchment sealed with red wax, a large stylized C is stamped in the wax

Kvothe opens the note which is written in Halfling

Saw you checking my place out,
Why didn’t you come inside?
Come on, we’ll have a bunch of fun
Talk about the old days


Library Study:

Tharizdun is a God of insanity, chaos, and nothingness.

Tharizdun was imprisoned ages ago by a coalition of deities to prevent the destruction of existence itself. Some of those dieties were evil. Tahrizdun is so dangerous that he thretens the very existence of everything good and evil.

Although imprisoned, Tharizdun still has a degree of his original multiverse-threatening power.
Some had begun to "leak’ into this area through a black cyst. Representatives of three Gods (Pelor, Pholtus, Helm) came together to keep Tharizdun at bay. Using Light and vigilance to keep the evil below. They built a temple atop the black cyst to hold it below.

An invading army destroyed the temple

What you also know from finding the temple is that subterfuge from Tharizdun cultists from below also helped “lose” the temple. The three gods representatives worked together. Tharizdun must have truly been dangerous for those three to work and to worship together. Now that you have “found” the temple the original mission to keep Tharizdun below should be accomplished. As long as the temple remains “found” and does not get lost again

Two large human tribes here are Flan and Oeridian. Pelor is a Flan god and Pholtus is Oeridian
Your temple with the three gods (Pelor, Pholtus, and Helm) only works for those who believe in the danger of Tharizdun.

Helm knows that HELM is active in the temple in so much as to be vigilant to keep Tharizdun below. Helm was called by HELM to accomplish this. You have found only the 2 other worshipers of HELM (Watcher and Witness) and the Two “healing women” that now frequent the temple. You know HELM wanted you to do this and you feel you have gained favor with him due to it

The Catherdral in Zulern is the seat of Pelor power, although there has been some pilgrimage to the temple, only a handful of Pelor worshippers have assisted you. Many believe that this a trick or false in some way. Althoguh both Helm and Tiberious are in good standing at the Cathedral of Pelor in Zulern. The Priests have sought to control any worshipers venturing to the temple until more information is known.

As per JPs background, Tiberious does not hear Pholtus in the temple, nor anywhere else. But he does fear Tharizdun. He sees HELM as a tool of the gods to watch over this area.

He is not surprised that the Pelor worshipers are skeptical, he is skeptical himself BUT fears Tharizdun and will defend the temple purely for that reason. He feels the Pelor worshipers have some old Flan vs Oeridian racism going on, as well as a protectionist racket to keep them bound to the Cathedral of Pelor, rather than the potential to hear the one true god, Pholtus

Tiberious is able to semi convert several or the Pelor faithful who journey to the temple. Although difficult when he is unsure himself of his god. There are 12-15 general worshipers of what is being called the TEMPLE OF VIGILANT LIGHT In addition to workers and guards Helm has hired.

Toruk,Kvothe, son of Arliden , and Vincent Rhodes find out Alynis has left town

A runner comes to all members with a note from Tiberious to meet at FireStrike


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