Back to Glimmerfell

After a good rest in the stalactite, the party heads back to Glimmerfell.

With a solemn respect they return the body of Kai Rifter, alas too far gone for resurrection to his family. King Greybeard looks sad and his wife Hrodel bursts into tears.

After several hours you are asked to see the king and you go over what has transpired. The party informs the King about the nefarious plans of the Illithid and that Kai Rifter was a hero in death eliminating the threat BUT the Troglodytes have been scattered and the Kuo Toa will continue to pose a threat.

The King thanks you and tells you to get some rest, a banquet will be held in your honor the following day

The King thanks you and tells you to get some rest, a banquet will be held in your honor the following day. Town criers are heard throughout the city, calling the citizens to mourn the loss of the city hero and announcing a funeral procession tomorrow “morning”.

The following “morning” a funeral procession is held through the city for Kai. A wagon drawn by a large lizard caries his body slowly though the town. Many mourners throw gifts into the cart (mostly mushrooms) until his coffin is covered. Hrodel walks alone behind the cart, draped in a purple gown and veil

King Grey beard gives a speech in the far area of town in a natural amphitheater. He speaks of many of Kai’s noble deeds, and tells (whatever you told him) and based on the journals that Kai was a hero in death. He also warns of the threat that the Kuo Toa now pose

He gives your party a little praise, Turok, Tiberious, Storm and Helm are in attendance, the king has a ceremonial “key” that will give you general access to the city as a VIP and a discount on goods and services.

After the funeral procession and large outdoor banquet is held, food and drink and gnomes singing the praises of Kai Rifter’s life.


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