As the Bats fly...

After some deliberation as to the fetid pit that the Froghemouth was living in should be searched none of the of the adventurers is ready to take the “plunge”

The sides of the pit are sloppy mud and all are worried that getting back out would be the difficulty and no one wants to be covered with the mud-glop for the rest of the adventure. Maybe they will stop back when they return this way on the journey back to Glimmerfell

FLIT FLIT FLIT You send a message bat back with a quick synopsis of the action.

Just inside Troglodyte territory STOP
No Troglodytes STOP
Encountered more Kuo Toa STOP
Fought ferocious frog finished that fiend. STOP
Continuing on mission END

You continue following the rhythmic pulsing of the stone to where the gnome warrior presumably is.

FLIT FLIT FLIT a messenger bat returns. It is a very large bat and carries a large note from King Greybeard

Dear Friends to the Deep Gnomes,

I could not tell you this in person because only a few in my inner court know. Most of all my daughter can not know. The gnome that you seek, my daughter’s husband, is most likely dead, and I sent him there.

We learned that something had come to the area and begun stirring up the Troglodytes. They were very numerous and active, increasing their raiding, Most disturbing is that some had grotesque mutations.

But they then stopped raiding and the Kuo Toa who we consider worse began showing up. Kai was sent in disguised magically as a Troglodyte. He was to find out what made the Troglodytes active, and then go away. He found a large Troglodyte burrow and went in to investigate.

The last messenger bat he sent back said this

Mind Flayer experimenting on Troglodytes
Creating army of enslaved

You must recover his body and relay any information you can find. If there truly is a Mind Flayer with an army of enslaved Troglodytes we need to prepare. Please try to find out how Kai died, keep this information and tell only me in person. My daughter needs to know that he died a hero.


So the parameters of your mission haven’t changed…there just may be an Illithid with an army at the journey’s end.

The air has taken on a ‘cheesy smoky cat piss’ aroma which you attribute to Troglodytes marking their territory and the Elf attributes to the Dwarf


george3 george3

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