A Night in Zulern, then down into the snow

The group spends a night in town with the idea that they will fortify Coldstone and use it as a base of operations in the Underdark. They still aren’t sure if the overworld and the under dark are directly above and below each other. There was the quake like shifting of the under dark when they were down there.

The next day the group has met back at the teleport cave and heads back below. Tiberius has brought stone working tools with the idea of salvaging bricks from one area of the castle to fill the hole in the wall. Lowering the portcullis and making it generally secure.

The group also decides to recon the area around Coldstone. See if there are any areas that are of a concern nearby……They find one almost immediately.

The group encounters a fog that swirls up for all sides obscuring even the dark vision of the demi-humans Blue Heat Lightning crackles quietly around, lighting the mists, but not providing anything but another level of confusion as it bursts from dark to light.

Tiberius in the lead kicks a body. There is a leather clad short stout figure lying face down in the water, 3 crossbow bolts sticking from his back. Rolling him over, its a dwarf, with ashen grey skin and beard. “Druegar” Tiberious says, “grey dwarf of the under dark, wicked and evil”

The Druegar body hasn’t been here more than a day, the bolts are Drow and he has tattoos indicating he has been exiled from Druegar society. Someone says ’what’s this?" Everyone notices that it has begun to snow.

Thick flat clumps of light grey snow are falling about, then someone notices that there are also pieces of paper scattering themselves about, and it has writing on it.

Swords may be the answer
proceed to oint A
The HOLLOW BEAST has awakened

The group is moving in a widening circle about Coldstone, thinking they know the way they are traveling. The snow stops and they trudge for another 10 minutes.

ZIP, CLANK! A spear comes from out of the mist and deflects off Tiberious armor, there is a shout and 4 hulking figures rush at you from the mist. They are shouting and swinging Pick Axes. Their 8 foot tall giant bodies, grey with long beards….some type of ‘smallish’ giant?

The 8 foot tall attackers, fight the group mercilessly, but Tiberious axe fells one as does magic missiles and Vinny moving around to backstab one…..As the bodies fall into the water, they shrink in size, back to about 3.5 get tall. Druegar, grey dwarves, but with the ability to double their size.

The group gathers the dwarves weapons into the portable hole. The Druegar look to be similar to the dead one found earlier, tattoos of banishment


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