A damsel in distress?

The party has only been moving a few hours when Turok who is leading the party tells them to hold up as he notices something ahead. The party halts and Turok and Kvothe creep forward to the edge of a small rise. In a sheltered clearing below there are 4 tents in a semi circle around a rock ringed fire pit. A fire smolders under a cooking pot.

6 gruff looking men, dressed in leather armor and carrying a variety of weapons are standing in a group. One of them has a dagger out and is holding a young woman by the neck and threatening her. Vincent has crept forward and he and Kvothe move silently down into the camp to try to hear what the men were saying.

Hiding in some sparse undergrowth they hear the man shouting “Where is Kristoff? What have you done with him?” before backhanding the woman across the face ‘SLAP’ she falls to the ground and he lunges at her grabbing her again and drag gin her back to her feet.

Ganra has crept to the edge of the embankment and draws a bead on the bandits with his bow. Vincent decides to take matters into his own hands and steps from the underbrush, “Hey guys, I’m kind of lost and was wondering if you could help me out with some directions…..”

The bandits turn toward Vincent which gives the girl an opportunity. She plants her knee firmly into the groin of the bandit holding her, he topples and she runs. 3 bandits draw daggers and advance toward Vincent, two others spring in pursuit of the girl.

Armand mutters something in druidic and plants and vines wrap about the advancing bandits legs and feet. They scream almost in terror as the entangle spell holds them fast. Morning Storm transforms into a dire wolf and leaps to chase the girl and her pursuers. Kvothe moves to the tents checking them for possible others. Turok and Tiberious also charge into the fray as Alynis send magic missiles at the bandits chasing the girl, felling one.

Tiberious screams at the men to drop their weapons as they plead for their lives they comply. As this is happening Mourning Storm (wolf) leaps onto the back of the other bandit who falls under his attack. The bandit who got kicked in the stones attempts to flee, Vincent is on him and cuts him down.

Mournign Storm is then able to knock the girl over stopping her flight, to his surprise she throws her arms open and yells “thank you my savior” hugging one of his legs as Armand catches up to them.


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