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Right Before You Leave
Why do you leave Safeton

You decided to get out of Safeton you were almost broke with no real prospects insight.

By Character
Armand Tanzarian, Raif Windgate (Mourning Storm), Toruk ; Safeton is too much for you. It stinks and there is no connection to nature. You miss the trees. You hear of the city of Narwell is open and on the edge of the great forest. Timber harvesting maybe a job doing something related……There is a caravan headed to Narwell. It will head North on the North Bay Road which runs along Wooly Bay. It will stop in Pelgaryn first and then turn west and run along Darmal’s Spill into the small village of Zulern.

Helm Tallstag; Safeton‘s ills have gotten the best of you, before you lapse into your old ways. You’ve heard of a caravan travelling to Pelgaryn, and then to Narwell. Pelgaryn is rumored to be smaller and Narwell in the middle of a forest. You pay for a caravan headed there.

Tiberius Hammersmyth; During a night of drinking and attempting to commune with your god, you realize Safeton sucks, it is time to move on, there’s a caravan headed out of town and that sounds like adventure

Apook,Alynis; Safeton has panned out to be a dead end. The knowledge you are looking for has turned out to be a dead end. You decide to travel to a neighboring town to continue your search.

Quick Archer (Ganra Mortwog) You have been enslaved in Safeties stone quarries for months now

The Caravan Forms
Zero Hour

The morning sun is lighting an overcast sky as the caravan assembles just outside the city wall. The breath of horses and guards puffs out in the morning chill as a light cold mist helps to set the dreariness of the day.

Your character is just arriving in a marshaling area and is asked for proof of your travel or 2 gold pieces. Most of you pay, but a few show documents to guards including a figure wearing a thick woolen cape that he clutches tightly about himself.

MOUNT ABOARD!” Yells one of the guards signaling you to climb aboard the wagons. You look back at Safeton’s city walls and spit, “Good riddance to you” you mutter under your breath, kicking the mud from your boots as you climb on board an open topped wagon, pushing you pack beneath the seat and sitting heavily on the worn wooden seat.

The wagon is boarded first by an attractive female elf (Allison) wearing rugged adventuring gear who sits and opens a book.

Next on board is a a middle aged human (Jon) dressed in a combination of scholarly robes and rugged gear, he sits near the elf and looks her up and down

Two Dwarves climb aboard the first almost regal for a dwarf, in clean looking metal armor (JP) and carrying an axe and shield. The second dwarf is slightly shorter but with a chest even more barrel-like than the first with an even more impressive but wild beard, wearing a breastplate of metal over leather armor and carrying a bow.

HAH,” exclaims the first “A dwarf with a bow? what manner of elf kisser are you?” The second dwarf makes a hand gesture that you know to be an obscene insult of “piss on you family”. Several tense seconds roll by and both dwarves heads roll back as laughter bellows from each and they clasp hands

A Halfling (Jay) tries to climb on board but is bumped by the large man in the woolen cloak (Rob) you saw earlier. The Halfling looks angry for a second then smiles and climbs aboard.

A large man wearing leather and animal skins (Billy) leaps on board followed by a green robed probable druid (Zach) The animal skinned man takes to the seat with the anticipation of a dog to its dinner as the druid slinks to his side face palming at the prospect of sitting across from this barbarian.

Lastly a gruff looking holy man (Terry) and a leather clad man twirling a lute (William) climb on board.

You glance around at the motley collection of fellow travelers, then to the caravan that is assembling around you. Some of the caravan guards are Safeton militia, identified by their blue and white tunics. There are clearly a handful of mercenaries gruff and well armed.

One guard shouts “CASSIOUS? IS CASSIOUS ABOARD?” The Halfling you saw pushed down by the man in the cape yells back at the guard SSUSH, Master Cassious does not need your shouts at this hour of the day." The guard makes a note in a ledger and you think to yourself, that is odd, they did not look like they were together when they came.

You then notice and are disturbed by several of Safeton’s brutal elite guard, the Wasps, who have a large black and yellow striped patch on the chest of their blue and white tunics. They are walking and talking with two woman who are dressed in fine robes. As they draw near you see that the women are beautiful and of Elven lineage…and they are twins.

The women clasp hands and nod at each other, then one spin on her heels and returns toward the city with 2 of her Wasp guards, the other moves forward to one of the nicer covered wagons also escorted by 2 Wasp guards. There is a murmur in your wagon and you hear the name “Markessa” Markessa (twin?)

There are about a dozen wagons in the caravan. Several covered nice wagons up front no doubt containing nobles or other haughty passengers, to the middle there are some cargo wagons, overloaded with trade goods and belongings, and pulling up the rear open topped carts, jammed with passengers and their gear.

Eventually the horse guards yell a cry to get ready to leave, in a few minutes the wheels creak and pull from the mud, the caravan stretches out and begins to head North along the coast road

Is that an Orc under that hood?

Kvothe, son of Arliden is going to have to pull himself up onto the wagon due to his short size, he tosses his pack up first and as he’s about to hoist himself up when a large brute of a man, hood pulled over his face, bumps you aside and mounts the wagon. Kvote is used to Humans not seeing him and although originally angered by the man’s rudeness, Kvote smiles as he thinks not being noticed is exactly why I am good at what I do.

Quick Archer (Ganra Mortwog) bumps something as he climbs aboard the wagon, he is clutching a hood to keep it mostly closed about his face and has limited vision. He has a pack on and does not even know what it contains yet he sits clumsily with the pack still on, interested in keeping his hood drawn about his head

Kvothe marks the man who bumped him. That jerk needs to lose something and I feel like I’m the guy who should benefit. Kvote figures on pickpocketing this oaf at sometime during the trip

Ganra has only travelled in his carnival troop’s wagon, or the slavers wagon in which he was caged. After a few minutes he realizes he is not doing what all the other passengers are doing, that is storing their packs under the seat. Keeping one hand on his hood he clumsily slips off his pack

Kvothe sits across form the brute and begins to size him up. He appears to be obviously hiding his face and he must be nervous as he’s sat down with his pack still on, or maybe the pack holds something valuable he thinks.

After a few minutes the brute removes his pack and Kvothe gets a glance at the brute’s face as he nervously looks about. He IS a brute Kvothe notices his ruddy green brown skin and upturned nose, “By Brandobaris!” Kvote is not sure if he said that out loud or just loudly in his head, “That is an ORC!” (Brandobaris is the Halfling god of Thieves)

Ganra pushes his pack underneath the seat and kicking it under with his heel. He feels eyes upon him and notices the Halfling sitting across from him has apparently spied his face and is eyeing him nervously. He pulls his hood tight and averts his gaze to the wagons floor.

Kvohte figures to feign a distraction to the Orc by offering him water, he’d used it a hundred times to pickpocket, bait someone with something and use it as a distraction to rob them. Kvothe offers a skin of water to the Orc and something happens. Kvothe can see that the Orc is scared and clearly hiding and nervous.

There must be something more to this he thinks as the Orc drinks from the water skin Kvothe notices silver hair and Elven features mixed in. Half Orc/Elf would be a difficult predicament. Two races opposed to each other, mixed together? That had to be a rough life.

Kvothe thinks back to his father long ago, treating an Orc with kindness and the lesson learned about judging a book by its cover. The Orc thanks him as Kvothe smiles at him.

Is that a book in your hand or are you looking at my....

Apook sits wearily on the bench, he had been up all night trying to make heads or tails out of a tome written in an odd combination of High Elf and Wood Elf slang. Exhausted and seemingly at an impasse, he slept fitfully. Waking and realizing he needed to get to the caravan he was leaving on, he had tossed the tome into his pack, he’d work on it later.

Alynis climbs eagerly into the wagon and stores her gear. FINALLY some peace to look over this as she removes a bound worn collection of Elven Limericks called Beneath The Two Pillars that she is convinced holds a cryptic key pointing to something….the pieces are in this book somewhere.

There is a middle aged human sitting across from her who appears to be asleep. He is clutching and leaning on a slender fighting staff and has a component pouch at his belt line indicating some type of magic user or conjurer and appears to be some sort of teacher or scholar by the way he is dressed

Shaken awake by others climbing aboard the wagon, Apook notices an young elven female who sits across from him. She is dressed in Elven adventuring gear, strong boots and clothing reinforced with leather and has some sort of small headpiece that appears carved from wood. What peaks his interest is that she sits down and opens a book, appearing to eagerly begin to digest the words within.

Alynis notices that the scholarly human sitting across from you appears to have some interest in you. As a female with elf bloodlines you are used to humans, especially middle aged males, who are drawn to your elven features. “Its gonna be a long ride” you think for a second “with another letcher ogling me all the way”

Apook stares intently at the tome the young woman is holding attempting to see the title or what the tome is about.

Alynis notices Apook staring at her

Apook does not notice when Alynis rsises the book to cover her face and chest, but now he can see the title Beneath The Two Pillars

All Along the Watchtower
First Stop

The caravan had been bouncing about for about 2 hours, light mist and cold winds making the trip slightly unpleasant. Quite a ways ahead you see the top of a watchtower or turret seemingly jutting out from the mostly flat surrounding countryside

As you draw near you see the watchtower is about 40 feet high and made of stone. It rises from some kind of compound with an earthen wall surrounding it. You are amazed as a green wall of flame rises from atop it, shimmering and rising away into the sky like a piece of paper carried on the wind.

“Nothing to fret over,” explains the driver of your wagon. Just letting Safeton know the caravan is arriving. You speculate that the flame can be seen by Safeton as it rises into the sky.

The Wagons pull into a marshaling yard surrounded by a 3 foot low earthen wall. Just to the north is a higher 7 foot wall with structures behind it closed by a sturdy wooden gate. “Wait for the soldiers to tell you to dismount” says the driver.

The gate opens and guards wearing the Safeton blue and white tunics come from within. The proceed to the nicer wagons, horses are hobbled, wagon drivers dismount. Guards come to your wagon. “We be stopping here for potty and a drink, food if you wish, maybe half hour. You hear 5 short blasts of a ram’s horn, you get-cha’ asses back on the wagons cause we leaving in 5 minutes”

The Dwarves Red Lester and Tiberius make a beeline for the inside the inner wall, they’ve smelled an inn and are quickly inside with ale in their hands. The rest of the party takes a look at the compound dominated by the 40 foot high stone tower. There are 4 other buildings and a few guards wearing blue and white tunics. You can see a long barracks and a stable.

There is a nicer structure, which looks like an officers quarters. Two guards are letting in the nobles, including Markessa, and the Wasp guards who were in the lead wagon inside.

The hooded man from the cart hangs back as the rest of the characters go inside the inn. Inside is more of a mess hall type building, spartan with long wooden tables and benches . There is a simple bar behind which an older man is serving the Dwarves ale. There appears to be stew available as well.

The party deduces that this is another way for Safeton to shake some money out of them, the prices are high and the ale weak…which doesn’t stop one of the dwarves from buying 2 earthenware jugs of it.

Within minutes the Dwarves are arguing and seemingly about to come to blows when another man from one of the caravans other wagons steps between them and calms them down.

The party asks about Pelgaryn and learns some of the information that is on the Pelgaryn page.

A half an hour goes quickly and the party is requested to remount the wagons. As they climb abord they see some of the soldiers who were accompanying the caravan moving their horses inside. A detachment of 7 soldiers riding horses the last horse in line is leading an 8th horse apparently carrying a body on its back, it is wrapped in a sheet.

The party is able to talk to the soldiers and find out the soldier was an idiot for venturing outside the wall at night and was eaten by a Bollywog. When asked about Pelgaryn they say it has a bad reputation. But "those fuckers don’t dare come near us says a soldier, " as he grabs his sword.

7 soldiers head back toward Safeton.

The Dwarves are arguing again and the man who separated them before, separates them again…this time he climbs into the wagon taking Red Lestor’s Place as Red Lestor moves to a different wagon.

CIP Crazy Indigenous Personnel

The caravan has been travelling about an hour, the watchtower fading in the distance. The man who took Red Lestor’s place is a Half Elf and seems friendly, introducing himself as Vincent Rhodes

You hear the driver say “What now?” as the caravan slows and stops. Eventually a guard rides back, “traveler on the road, he’s got coin so we’s a gonna pick him up”

After a few minutes the guard comes back an older man is walking beside the mans horse. “Thanks yous so much sirs, Pelgaryn is a days ride, but my horse only had a few hours life left in it and it left me to walk.”

“Get in here,” the guard motions to the PCs wagon. The man climbs in the wagon and Vincent Rhodes beckons him to sit by him. He is dressed in shabby adventure gear, worn and dirty. Months of unkempt white beard a peaked cap upon a mat of unkempt white hair, a battered pack upon his back.

The man falls asleep and the party wonders that they did not see a dead horse along the road. The and the man was seemingly out travelling for a long time. The man wakes up long enough to tell them he is going to see his grandson in Pelgaryn, and then falls asleep again.

The Goblin Cart
2nd encounter

It is just past noon, the sun is attempting to get through a grey overcast and a light mist still falls. The temperature has warmed a bit taking a bit of chill away. There is a thin wisp of smoke on the horizon in the direction that you are travelling……

The thin wisp grows thick as you crest a hill the caravan turns sharply to the right establishing itself perpendicular to the smoke.

From this distance the PCs can see that another caravan is under attack. There is a wooden wagon that is furiously burning and slightly off the road. There are 4 other wagons and you can see humans or humanoid figures moving about the carts fighting.

Guard rides back to you “Nothing that concerns us, let this crap blow over and we’ll be on our way.” Helm tells the guard, “Hey we’ll take care of this for a bit of coin” The guards laugh at him

The party sees a low ridgeline topped with trees running almost to the wagons. They deduce that the sooner this attack ends the sooner they can get on their way and decide to head into the attack.

Tiberius Hammersmyth is first out of the cart, leaping over the side and rushing along the hillock, most of the rest of the party follows and quickly catches him, the fleet footed Elven Druid Mourning Storm gets to the ridgeline first

The party sees one wagon being driven off by the humanoids. Others are fleeing with loot in random directions. As you arrive at the copse of trees you can see that there are three wagons left (and the burning one that is mostly charred ash now) The attackers stand 3 feet high with ruddy green skin wearing tatters of leather and bone. Their have long gangly arms and broad flat faced heads you believe them to be goblins wielding clubswsbrewery.jpg

Several Goblins are attempting to get one horse to pull a 2 horse wagon, but the other horse is dead in its harness and they appear to be whipping both animals, progress is slow.

Mourning Storm Prepares a cone of cold spell as several other characters draw bows. A blast stretches from the druid’s outstretched hands dotting the grass and dirt with frost and striking the road behind the nearest goblins.

Kvothe, son of Arliden Fires an arrow that strikes the ground very near the goblins and Tiberius Hammersmyth Lets out a shout as he uses his shield like a sled sliding down the hill toward the goblins position.

The party fans out and begins advancing on the goblins They see that there are men in one of the carts firing crossbows at the goblins, and the goblins had been firing stones with slings, but are now confused with fire coming from behind them and a dwarf riding a shield down a hill.

Another wave of frost from the Druid Mourning Storm washes over the nearest two goblins, they appear to be frozen in place. One of the attacking goblins is felled by a bolt from the wagon, strait between the eyes, it pitches backward twitching and dead.

Quick Archer (Ganra Mortwog) while rushing down the hill he throws off his heavy cloak, others see that he is a tall slender orc with a shock of silver hair. Ganra pounces on a retreating goblin driving a dagger deep into its chest. An arrow zips from Kvothe striking a goblin in front of Tiberius who swings his mighty axe at it but only connects with air. The goblin reacts with a swing of its puny club but Tiberious drives it away with his shield and Ganra is able to dispatch this goblin with another well placed dagger strike.

Toruk decides to stop the one horse wagon that is escaping and fires and arrow at the horse pulling it. The arrow embeds deep into the horse and it stumbles and falls. The goblins abandon the cart and begin to flee. Armand Tanzarian Is busy playing fireman and creating water to douse the burning wagon. and Helm Tallstag Has decided to join the fray and is rushing down the road.

In the end the party kills 5 goblins wounds and captures another, and succeeds in driving the rest of the goblins off. A few seconds of tension between the two men on the wagon is dispelled and the party discovers the caravan held goblin children in cages, 4 in each cart. This appears to be a group of slavers dealing in goblin young.

The men on the cart promise a reward if the party helps them to Safeton, but the party is not interested and tells the men they are on their own. Ganra and Morning Storm pick up light crossbows with Morning Storm also grabbing a short sword from the dead.

The goblins had looted everything else and managed to free a few of their young, but there are several in cages crying. The party ignores the crying Goblin young. Toruk has cut some meat and hide from the dead horse. The captured goblin is interrogated but the goblin’s interrogation goes badly and ends with its death. No one seems to bat an eye when Turok bashes it to death with a rock.

Meanwhile back on the cart Vincent Rhodes and Alynis have discovered that the old man whom was picked up on the road, has died….Vincent ends up with some gold from the mans purse and Alynis removes a lock of his (old man’s) hair….because magic users are odd like that. The guards are informed and they unceremoniously dump his body from the cart. You see one guard rifle through the dead mans clothing looking for anything, but Vincent has taken it already.

Alynis is slightly more concerned with the disposal of the old man’s body. She admonishes the guards who laugh at her as she does a quick eulogy service on the man. Her anterior motive is to take the old man’s cloak though. When she gets back on the wagon several see her in the smelly old cloak from the old man and think that she is crazy

The caravan returns to the road and picks the party up, there is no thanks from the caravan guards, and the pleas of the goblin slavers for assistance go unanswered as the caravan pulls away.

Shanty Town
Beck's Cove

It is well into the afternoon when the Caravan pulls up at what looks to be a seaside fishing village. About a dozen buildings dot the shoreline and there are two boats pulled up on land.

The caravan halts about 100 feet away and you see 4 soldiers ride toward the town. In a few minutes the Soldiers come back. In a few minutes a guard comes riding up to your cart. “We won’t be pulling in, so if ya haft-a Do your business any bush around here will do you.”

The Players volunteer to check the town out as the caravan gives them some time. They discover the town is recently deserted. They find doors smashed in, houses ransacked. No people and little of value, they also find no evidence of struggle

The party does find a little ale and gets a cooking fire going for Toruk’s horse meat at a center common house/inn. Putting a quick sear on the outside to seal in the flavor!

While Toruk cooks, the other party members find that there is nothing much of value remaining in town. Down by the shore they find that something from Wooly Bay dragged stuff (the townsfolk?) into the water. Webbed footprints like giant frogs and numerous drag marks lead from the beach into Wooly Bay. If giant frogs did drag the townsfolk into the sea, then they also took weapons and any loot that may have been in town.

Mourning Storm Has a great idea to commune with animals and attempts to speak with fish at the shoreline. His communion gathers that the night before last something did rise from the sea to take the evil ones away. He gets the impression that the fish are happy that the humans (fishermen) are gone.

After a half hour they report to the guards climb back into their wagon and the caravan continues on

Flying Shipwreck Inn

At about 2 miles off in the distance you can see a blue flame burning atop a large structure along the coast, it is approaching evening.

Ahead you can see the remains of an enormous tree which appears dead. 30 feet up as the trunk spreads apart is the remains of a wooden ship. As you draw nearer you see an earthen wall around a 3 story structure near the tree with the boat in it. The blue flame in the distance burns atop a huge tower on the coast about 1 mile away

“Flying Shipwreck Inn” yells the driver, by the look of the time we will pull up here for the night most likely."

The wagons pull into a courtyard surrounded by a low earth wall much like your first stop. Within that there is a second low earth wall behind which is a large battered wooden building. There are several people including some gruff looking guards milling about inside near the building

As you dismount a guard does indeed announce “Be here for the night, that goblin stunt of yours cost us some time and we wouldn’t make Pelgaryn until nightfall.”

The party disembarks, heading quickly to the Inn. Mourning Storm is interested in the tree and manages to climb up into the old boat. IT is a large 40 foot ship, driven by many oars that are now gone, wind whistles through the many holes in its hull. He pulls some bark from the anchient tree, figuring it will have some significance in his magic.

There are several other smaller buildings behind the wall. Probably servants quarters, you also see a warehouse and a stable.


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