The Black Dragon

Descending the stairs the group is momentarily surprised by a large Black Dragon, coiled on a mound of treasure. The dragon’s head is thrown back and it is reared as if ready to attack….but it is facing 90 degrees away from them….and it hasn’t moved for several seconds.

Toruk attacks anyway, lunging a sword dee into the creature….stuffing comes out, it is taxidermied. Then they notice the girl ghost they had seen at the fountain earlier, she is sitting between the dragons front claws, she is scooping some coins through her hands and humming faintly. They also see a large black raven sitting on the dragons shoulder.

The cautious group attempts to talk with the ghost, all the while keeping an eye on the raven. “Leave me alone I’m doing stuff,” the ghost says in a low voice while letting coins slip through her fingers Then the dragon bites down on Tiberius Hammersmyth

The Crypt
They don't follow the ghost

There is one more building on the grounds outside the mansion. The group has just seen a ghost of a girl washing blood from her hands, she fled inside the mansion, but the group, decides to check out the small gothic looking crypt which is on the grounds.

There is a 15×35 foot building which is obviously a mausoleum. The outside of this stone tomb is decorated with small gargoyles with one column flanked enterence in which is set a heavy iron door. The door opens with a little rusty difficulty as its hinges complain, the interior of the tomb has 2 large stone coffins whose lids are ajar. There are long dead bones scattered about.

There is a stone stair case between the two coffins leading down into the ground. Cool moist air blows from below. The group descends the stair 30 feet below ground it is cold and damp, they discover an underground burial vault. There are 6 more stone coffins and like above, the lids are ajar and there are some bones scattered about. There is a noise from above…..

Rushing back you find the door locked behind you, attempts to force it are unsuccessful, several members continue to search the room below. The walls had been decorated by frescos showing fields and quarries but it areas as claw or dagger marks have defaced them.

A footfall on a hollow sounding flagstone and a minute of excavation reveals a flowing stream beneath the room. It looks as if water has washed a bit of the foundation of the room away. Removing the flagstone the group can lower themselves into the underground stream and move in either direction.

The larger members have difficulty as the washed out area is small. Kvothe and Vincent are able to move easily so they take the lead in either direction for a quick recon.

Vinny moves 30 feet through a twisting lime cave, the cold water of the stream knee height. Vinny comes to a lime encrusted skeleton with a lime crusted dagger in its chest. This is also the end of the line as the stream continues but through a passage much too small for Vinny to continue

Kvothe has more luck, his cave twists and turns for 60 feet before emerging in an underground room. The stream pools in one corner of a 25 × 25 room with a stone staircase ascending. Kvothe alerts the group to advance and they collect in this area. The feel they are under the mansion and this may be a fresh water supply for the mansion.

The stairs ascend about 15 feet, so they are still below ground, but just at “basement” level. Opening a door reveals the remains of a wine cellar. Scattered broken bottles both earthenware and glass, several large casks and barrels all empty.

There are stairs going up to a door, deduction thinks this is a mansion level and would be an entry into the mansion. There is another door set in a wall that the group heads through and down a stairs into…OH MY GOD A DRAGON! ………

The rest of the Courtyard
Garden Shed, Fountain Ghost, Chapel

After making sure nothing is left in the barn, Toruk secures his ox and the group heads onto the grounds at the back of the mansion. There is a building that looks like a small chapel, one that looks like a mausoleum and one that looks like a two story wooden shed with some sort of platform, maybe to lookout from, there is also the fountain full of brackish water.

Two Story Shed. As it is entered it looks to be indeed just that. 100 year old rusted gardening and farming tools, a wheel barrow and some other bric a brac. Mourning Storm is interested in a gnarly rusted scythe, he vaguely looks like the grim reaper as he carries it about. Kvothe Climbs a ladder to the roof, which has a flat look out.

Turning back to the mansion he sees a young girl at the fountain, she wears to be washing her hands again and again. Kvothe shouts a warning to the others who head outside fanning out and nearing the girl slowly.


The girl is young, maybe a teen with jet black hair, in a dress. She is lowering her hands and arms into the water of the fountain and washing them. As you near you see that her forearms and dress a splattered with blood. She looks up at you, almost pitifully and cries out “it won’t come off” then goes back to washing…..

Vincent attempts to converse with her, trying to calm her about her condition. She just repeatedly dips her hands into the water, rubbing them as if trying to scape off something. Vinny tries talking again, but the figure cries " It JUST won’t come off" She bolts for the house, you make a move to follow but she moves quicker than the fastest of the group. She moves right through the door, without opening it…….

You feel that you should search the rest of the courtyard before going inside and head to ward the chapel next. The Chapel is a small 25×20 stone building with columns set at the corners and two more holding a small stone porch roof. The whole structure is heavily covered in ivy, even the door seems mostly covered. But you notice that several vines have been cut away recently. Someone has entered the chapel, but did it in a way that it would only be obvious to close inspection

As the door creaks inward the group sees a small alter draped with a mouldering cloth. There is a tarnished candelabra at each end. The rogues go to work on the area, looking for clues (Kvothe rolls a natural 20) A secret compartment is found in the side of the alter. It is very well concealed and contains 3 scroll tubes, each with a scroll.

Kvothe and Alynis take a look, the scrolls look to be Find The Path, Regeneration and Escape. But they are all written in a much more complicated verse (higher level) than either of them can understand. The scrolls are taken and the area is vacated.

Ghost Spiders in the Sky (stable)

The group divides into two, one group entering the barn doors and one through the hole in the wall. Inside is a blacksmith shop. The Anvil suddenly begins ringing as if someone is hammering on it BANG, BANG, BANG…….

Cautiously the groups enter and investigate, the anvil falls silent. 100 year old rusty tools, horseshoes, rotted leather tack, nothing of interest. There is another set of large double doors which are moved through.

The next room is the stables. There is a 30×30 area with an ancient wooden wagon beyond which are a dozen animal stalls above which is a loft which looks to be thick with spider webs. Anticipating a fight weapons are readied and the ladder which leads to the loft is climbed……

Sure enough two huge spiders rise from the webs, but are beaten back with weapons and spells. But while the group is engaged in the fight, two spiders looking like ghosts, translucent and colored a light blue/white attack from behind. The fight with these ghost spiders is more difficult as they seem to be able to move in and out attacking as solid creatures then turning back into shimmering ‘ghosts’.

The spiders are finally defeated just as Vinny shows up, he’s found something important about this quest, the group listens to what he has found.

Overnight Vinny found out that the Listmoor’s were once a wealthy family who controlled trade in stone. It seems that when Zulern declared its independence, the Listmoor’s stayed loyal to the previous ruling town of neighboring Narwell of which Zulern grew out of as an outpost.

The mansion is rumored haunted by the ghosts of the family murdered inside, although rumors say it was one of the Listmoor’s own daughters who did the killing, other rumors are that a bandit group and an evil wizard offed the Listmoor family. There were even wilder rumors of a Balck Dragon which lairs underneath and a demon summoned by the evil wizard which are the cause of the demise.

Vinny also brings TPS forms in triplicate indicating the status of the treasure and if found what are the obligations of Blaine and the group. Everyone groans as Vinny asks Blaine to initial here and here and sign here, date here and here………..

Journey to the Mansion

Vinny has retreated to the Library and spends most of the evening researching Blaine, The Listmoor family, the mansion etc…. and getting documents ready for the transaction of gold in the event you can find it.

The next day you meet Blaine at the head of a track leading out of town. Turok has ridden an ox while the rest of you have walked. Vincent is no where to be seen, so you head toward the mansion.

The track leads into a thick wood, to the north of it the town cemetery, gives a bit of concern. The track is overgrown, trying to scout the woods to either sides is difficult due to the heavy undergrowth. A lone raven is circling far overhead.

After a few hundred yards in you come to a large statue of a Pegasus. Blaine tells you of the crest of the Listmoor’s being a rearing pegasus. The statue is overgrown with ivy and other weeds, the track continues beyond.

The trees thin a bit and you enter a small clearing. Directly in front of you is an old fountain, in it another pegasus statue, which once looks to have been fountaining water. Behind the fountain is the mansion.

A large 2 story building built of stone and stout timber. The first floor is mostly stone while the second has more wood. There is a defensive stone tower to the right, built into the corner of the mansion. Weeds and brambles choke most of the area, vines climb the building. The lower mansion windows are shuttered. Some of the windows on the 2nd floor are not shuttered, but many of the glass windows are cracked and broken.

Rather than enter the front door you move around the sides of the mansion. To the rear is a fenced in courtyard and several out buildings. Helm Tallstag brings out a set of lock picks, odd for a cleric, and fumbles through attempting to get through the locked fence door. Kvothe assists him and the gate swings inward.

There is a fountain in front of you, 3 smaller buildings, one large stable and the back deck of the mansion. The area is overgrown with weeds between knee and waist height. Several large trees grow shading the area. One tree has fallen onto the barn, gashing a hole in the roof and collapsing a portion of the wall.

The group decides to investigate the barn…..

Meeting Blaine
The Waxing Moon Tavern

Another week drags by and you continue your studies and work. The weather warms with the onset of spring, yet rain showers still persist. You have been told of a new Inn that has started on the other side of the river The Waxing Moon

The group ventures over to the Waxing Moon, a large building attached to others. There is a seating area outside and several gruff figures as drinking from mugs outside. Wandering inside sees a large fire roaring in a hearth and another dozen patrons eating and drinking.

A large woman tends bar and two other older woman are cleaning and bringing drinks. Most of you buy beer or wine and move to a large table. One man sticks out, he is well dressed and sitting by himself in a corner. In walks a man in leather armor, looking like a fighter of some sort with a sword at his belt, he walks to the well dressed man and sits at his table.

After a brief discussion the fighter uses his chair back abruptly and turns to leave…..
Well Dressed Man (Blaine): “Giles you can NOT do this!” he blurts out
Leather Fighter (Giles): “I’m ONLY the messenger Blaine, take it u with Ogilvie”
Some in the group recognize the name Ogilvie, it is the name of the head of the Banking Guild.
Blaine: “But I didn’t know it was Ogilvie’s daughter”
Giles (walking toward door) : I’m just the messenger

After a bit of time Blaine downs his drink and walks over to the group. “You there, you look stout and hearty, would you consider assisting me in a quest?” The group listens to his plea….

My name is Blaine Listmoor. Evidently my family used to be very wealthy, over 100 years ago. I have been informed that they left a considerable debt, that the banker Ogilvie now wants from me. To complicate this matter I had a dalliance with a girl, oh so beautiful, who turns out to be Ogilvie’s daughter. Ogilvie wants his money NOW.

I have also been given information that my family’s mansion that sits abandoned just outside of town in a wood, holds a hidden fortune. I will give you 2000 gold if we can find it. Of course I do not have that treasure yet, and do not know where it is, so you would have to take the chance that the rumors of this fortune are true.

Somewhere inside the mansion are clues to finding it. I tried to venture in a few days back, with another hired group of adventurers. We’d barely gotten inside when something outside scared our horses, we got outside to see them break their tethers and rush away in fear. Walking back to the mansion I saw a dark haired young woman looking down at us from an second floor window, then she moved away from the window. We went back inside to look for her.

The dust was thick on the floor, it looked as though no one had been in here in many years. A startled cry came from anther room where one of my men had just entered. We rushed inside and he was gone. His footprint sin the dust on the floor just vanished at a certain point. Then we saw scrawled on the wall in fresh blood. “Soon dear cousin, I come for you” I am the cousin and the ghost seems to want me dead. We all fled, and have not heard from the man who vanished.

I must get my wits back. Would you venture with me tomorrow to the mansion, find the treasure, so I can afford my debts? I will have to flee town otherwise…….

The group agrees and Vincent Rhodes is already off to get documents ready and research the Listmoor’s. You will meet back here early tomorrow morning.

Guild Banquet
A week after Public Banquet

It has been two weeks since you returned to Zulern. At the public banquet you were all approached by guild members and asked to attend a banquet in your honor. Most of you agreed.

Turok’s party at Cockatrice was a day earlier than this

Tiberious – Gola is a member of the smithy guild. She will be there
Alynis, Kvothe – Thom and the other magicians (guild) are not here.
Helm – Engineers Guild, Construction Guild, Miners Guild whatever you are using to excavate the temple there is some representative here

Noticeably absent are Turok and Storm

Turok seems to be in a quandary of city life. As much he seems to enjoy drinking and brawling at the local tavern,but he is a man raised outside of the city and this is all foreign to him. He’s been holed up at the Cockatrice drunk and gambling on arm wrestling matches, which he usually wins. He came and helped at the temple for a bit but you are pretty sure he wishes for adventure and challenges again

Storm has been off in the wilderness most days. He as well seems to be brooding about something, city life also doesn’t appear to be for him as he has generally turned down any invitation to attend banquets

The guild hall is large and well decorated. The feast is elaborate. You realize that this is the political and social elite of the town. The food is rich and the wine expensive. You are asked about skills you have and your potential to aid a guild.

Any good with furniture? says the woodworkers guild leader. Can you mend a fishing net says another. Let me know if you talk of any skill you have. It looks like many of the guilds would like to have you as a member, if only as a status symbol of having someone of your caliber on their team. Some even offer to teach you skills

Over the course of the evening you learn the town is run by guilds and there are many guilds, some with only a few members, others like merchants and stonemasons with many members and much more influence. The guilds elects 4 members who basically run the town enacting laws and deciding things by their votes.

The current town leaders are 3 humans and a dwarf
Nadal Trumpus-Merchant Guild
Johan Pergolis Woodwork Guild and Merchant Guild
Mitros Mitros – Banking Guild
Theitious Ironfinder – (Dwarf) Mining Guild

Over the course of the evening the 4 come and schmooze with you independently asking you about your exploits and offer to help you get an apprenticeship into their guild. (woodworking, mining, merchant or banking)

No experience needed they say offering to train you. You get the feeling they want your “hero” status as a feather into the guild’s hat. (do you accept any? all?)

The banquet is formal and there are mostly guild members there. There are a few others who fought in the battle, but you assume the majority of townsfolk are already in guilds and this banquet is specifically for you, to size you up and get an understanding of who you actually are as you’v only been in town for a total of 3 weeks.

Halfway through the banquet a trio of elves enters the banquet and there are murmurs and hushed voices around the banquet hall.

The elves go to Nadal and have a hushed discussion…….

Turok - A week after the banquet

You inform the Cockatrice that they should get ready for a party and feast tonight

You venture out into the woods to do some hunting.

You stalking a wild boar and bring it down with a bow and arrow.

You then strings the thing from large branch on a tree and with your brand new broad sword commence slashing the dead creature in weapons practice

You then gathers the whole mess up into a sack, slings it over his shoulder and wanders back to town.

Leaving this at the Cockatrice with instructions, you wander to the market and buy as many melons and large potatoes as you can haul. You take some time near the cockatrice using your sword on these. You then give this mess to the cook at The Cockatrice

Back to the market you contact an animal vendor and buy an ox, long horned and a bit shaggy. You then have someone build a crude bridal for it

Back at The Cockatrice
You haven’t seen Ganra in weeks but you’ve seen Kvothe and Vincent comes by there occasionally. He has heard of the feast and is there. Helm wanders in as well

Two weeks have past since your adventure and you are growing restless. If only Vincent could find you a fight, if only there was some sort of adventure to go on, you are just becoming bored That evening there is free food at the bar. Along with the cooked wild boar there is a large amount of mashed fruit and vegetables in some sort of random concoction. It is haphazard but free. There is a good crowd at the tavern and love free food which results in them drinking more. The crowd is getting quite rowdy….

Turok shows up with a long horn shaggy Ox (Auroch) it has a crude bridal and says for entertainment he is gonna try and “break” the animal for riding.

Hilarity ensues as Turok mounts the ox, the ox does not like it bucks him off which is repeated several times before Turok punches the ox in the neck knocking it over to the uproarious laughter and cheering of the crowd. Turok apologizes to the ox and gets it a bucket of ale which it gulps down

By the nights end a now drunken Turok and a fairly drunken ox are staggering about the area by the stable. The ox no longer with the strength to buck Turok off, and Turok no longer with the Dexterity to stay on

Tiberius/Helm a few days before Guild banquet

Over the next week Tiberiosu and Helm see a bit of one another. Tiberius is busy at the forge, crafting and repairing armor and weapons. He is getting quite a good learn from Gola Firestrike who owns the forge. Helm has organized an expedition to survey the digging of the temple and has a good crew to accomplish this

By Wednesday Tiberious and Helm have been back to the temple several times, showing others about and readying the dig. Watched and Witness are often left at the temple along with several other guards. Helm and Tiberious do as good a job as they can screening them. Once inside temple they can not leave without Helm and the symbols. They also can’t access the statue/mirror area as when anybody but Helm leaves through the HOT desert they need to take the symbols with them, or they can be locked inside.

Storm comes along once and travels below to tease the Water Weird that still dwells below, he hits it with several spells yet it always seems to reform.

On Wednesday you had been invited to The Cathedral of Pelor for a service and banquet. You accepted knowing that it is a good idea to get on the good side of the god worshipped in this town

It is Wednesday night and you have headed into a large dining hall set with many images of the god Pelor. The table is of nice oak and banded with polished metal, many torches and lights spells illuminate the room very brightly. You recognize several members of the congregation from your time in the hospital and rooming house as well as from the banquet in the market last Saturday.

Most notably Brother Theolonious who has been your contact at the Cathedral since day 1. He has been friendly to you and courteous as you have helped with the duties of the hospital. You saw many statues of priests with the last name Von Galen on them throughout the Cathedral and figure it is either a single family that has been the ruling heads of this temple or a name taken when one becomes head of the church.

After pleasantries of meeting many of the other clerics of the temple you have some wine and light fruit. His Radiant Servant Von Galen is announced and a middle aged man, dressed in the flowing white and gold robes of Pelor, enters the room and asked everyone to be seated.

The evening is spent in casual conversation for the most part but there are a considerable amount of questions about what you saw in the temple. It is almost all an interest in Pelor’s placement, what his statue looked like and questions about the light.

After your talk Von Galen approaches you and says, " You worship other gods yet I feel your hearts are pure. I can see you both carry burdens as well, you are not alone. You both will face great trials to come. Pelor has shown me that the difficulties will only increase. You always have a place here."

The faithful of Pelor often take his challenge to show their faith

Test of the Sun. Faithful cleric and paladins of Pelor are asked to spend a night in the crypts. Most have gone down and come up with stories of visions and being a bit spooked. Although all of the priests here say they’ve had to use their powers to dispel freighting apparitions and undead, but feel it is Pelor’s test of faith. Long ago a cleric was found torn apart in the crypts.

Pelor has shown me that you two should be allowed to take the test. It is an open offer, shall you wish to partake, there is no obligation.

OOC this is a Tiberious and Helm only quest. If just you two and I ever want to get together for a night of gaming.

Von Galen asks you to speak again mostly specific to Pelor and the images that you saw.

There have been several forays to the temple and others are starting to know what it contains, the head of the church just wants to hear it from you.

Over the next few days tools get to the lost temple and digging begins, by weeks end a large amount of sand has been excavated

On Saturday you have been invited to the guild banquet which will be the next post

Alynis/Kvothe - A Few days before Guild banquet

During the public banquet you are spoken to be several members of the magic guild called Astral, you accept an invitation to a diner in a few days, knowing that Alynis, Kvothe, and Storm have all been invited. You have met Thowm Amblecrown who looks to be a semi accomplished magic user and seems to be the head of the guild.

You speak with him for awhile and learn the magic guild here is fledgling and takes anyone with any kind of magic potential with the aim that everyone can benefit. They seem to be a bunch of lower level magic users all studying the arts

Thom Amblecrown’s building is an oddity with several uneven towers which look precariously balanced looking as if they are going to fall over, connected to several large stone buildings haphazardly put together.
The buildings stretch backward toward the river and there are several other buildings and walls seemingly without rhyme or reason. There are ropes stretched about the compound which have small globes suspended from them, and some of them are lit as if a light spell has been cast on the globes.

Storm does not show, even though they said he was invited but Apook is there

Thom Amblecrown a full blood elf has greeted you at the entrance and invited you in. In a darkened hall you are subjected to several members showing off their magic skills before an elaborate feast of oddities and weird food.

The servants are all gnomes who seem to have magic of their own using light spells and other cantrips while serving. You meet Davin Mugwayne who turns out to be the actual leader, who has ann odd yellow birthmark on his face at one point during the feast he is yelling at a gnome servant to not do something which the gnome does anyway.

There is a plump man named Burdin whom wears an elaborate tool belt even at the diner table. All are interested in your magic and want to talk spells and spell components. Very few are interested in your adventure except about how effective spells were against monsters.

After the banquet you are asked to consider joining the ranks of their guild, they will help you grow in the ways of magic, as you can help them as well. Donations will give you access to their laboratories and work stations and give you assistants to work on things. No need to decide now.


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