All Adventures start in the bar

Niceties are exchanged and the party spreads out in the dining hall. There is a small dog darting about peoples legs and the two ruffians at the bar are trying to convince Turok and Tiberious to drink with them.

At a far table a middle aged man in dirty clothes and two young adults, possibly a couple, are eating quietly. They all have pale skin and dark hair

Table near the bar
A middle aged well dressed human with a pot belly is eating a turkey leg. He is flanked by a burley looking fighter type,in leather armor with a sword at his belt, and a thin human in monks robes. The fighter is sipping beer and eyeing you. THe monk appears to be sleeping

Table to right of front door
Sleeping older man near a flagon of beer

Right of fireplace
A thin well dressed woman is sitting at a small table. She has on ornate leather armor and a fur cloak. There are cards and dice on the table as well as a few silver pieces. She is looking at you and flipping a silver piece through his fingers. Vinny wanders back to the obvious cardsharp and introduces himself to her. Konruss is her name and the two gamblers sit down to a game of cards…..

A salesman/trader comes inside, he is dressed like a dandy and introduces himself as the proprietor of the local trade shop, offering discounts.
“Adventurers? HELL-OOOOH he says obviously buttering you up I am Ivad the trader, i run a shop in town. Just north of her, just across the river. Come now, I give 1% off everything in store.

“Get out Ivad!” says the innkeepers wife, “Let them wash the dust from their throats with ale before you try rip them off.” Ivad tries to save face
“2% off but only for the next 15 minutes!” Ivad looks at you then at the bar matron and sticks out his tongue, wheels about and begins to leave, he stops at the door turns back about and states “Be ye adventures, I pays top dollar for treasure! I sell AND buy, come see me.”

Ostler the bartender tells the adventurers of the lore of a huge black dog that prowls the surroundings, if anyone sees it they will die the next day. He tells the story of the druids that lived here before who were driven away by goblins. Later when humans resettled the area, they woudl wall up a live cat in every building which would keep the evil black dog away. He shows you a mummified cat that he says came out of the wall of this tavern when he did some remodeling.

A middle aged couple come in very friendly, Bierce (male) Morrin (female) say hi to everyone. Tell you ledgend of Black Schmuck a donkey sized black dog that if you see it, means ill will befall you, and if it follows you home you will die the next day.

Ostler the Innkeeper says his cat Fluffy protects the Inn. Points at the mumified cat

Tobold has a drink at the bar and then moves outside, he and Welby will scout the town, Welby looking for a place to sell his wares. They move outside and head toward the tower that looks to be the beginnings of a castle.

Tiberious and Turok get into a drinkng contest with one of the two bar denziens, the other already looking fairly drunk has run out of money.

Helm, Kvothe and Alynis look about the tavern. Alynis and Kvothe see a youngish girl looking forlorn, when Kvothe moves toward her she moves out the front door, Kvothe follows…..

Storm is still outside, he has moved up a stream-bed into the middle of the town, he sees a man practicing crossbow and moves to talk with him.

Vinny is having no luck gambling, a stalemate as his adversary is very talented. He decides to leave the bar, and look for the trader who came in the bar earlier.

Helm and Alynis decide to head toward the church (St Cuthbert) that is on the hill behind the town. They leave the bar.

Storm has been guided to the local druid who has a grove in the midst of town. He learns the town is divided between followers of St Cuthbert and druids of the old faith. Cuthbert is new having recently established the church after the battle of Emridy Meadows. Storm sees another adventuring party arrive. Paladin, Dwarf, Rogue and Wizard, they also have a Kobold with them who is driving a wagon full of stuff, it is parked in the stable. The 4 others go inside.

Tiberious and Turok plunk down some money to start the drinking game just as another band of adventurers comes in. Lead by a paladin in shining armor and consisting of a well dressed rogue and a grizzled wizard as well as a dwarven cleric who wants in on the drinking contest. Drink til you pass out winner take all is the game.

Welcome to Hommlet

The Knon hills are to the right and the Gnarly forest to the left as the party heads due north on a well maintained road. Just after sunup they spy a sleepy little farm town, about 30 buildings surrounded by fields and some trees. There is a church on the far side hill, and a defensive tower to the east edge. What looks like a large inn at the towns center. A few people can be seen moving about as the day begins….

Storm moves to the edge of town and skirts cautiously, the rest of the party wanders in on the main road. Dogs bark and a large woman eyes you cautiously from a window on the first house. An older man with a sack over his back is walking toward you. Children are shearing a sheep, a man is leading a horse from a barn……Good day travelers’" says the old man now 10 feet from you.

Pleasantries are exchanged and the party is directed to the Welcome Wench Inn, just 200 feet up the packed earth road. Farmhouses close together dot each side with their fields or pastures behind them. The Inn is a 2 story structure, made mostly of timber and looking to have a large gathering place on the first floor with rooms above as many small windows dot the second floor. Itis surrounded by a small rock wall, there are two traders wagons in the courtyard and a stable behind.

As the party nears the Inn there are two teenage boys, taking turns, punching each other in the arm. A large balding man with a stained leather jerkin, moves from the barn aside the Inn, yells at the teenagers who snap to attention and then he turns and welcomes you

“Hello travelers, I am Ostler your host, The Wench Welcomes you.” You see a sign with a buxom smiling woman holding several flagons of beer……The wagon they have been guarding is unhitched from its horse, which is led into the stable. Welby its merchant, gathers his wares to bring inside.

Storm meanwhile has found a stream running through the center of town, he is moving in it under the cover of its banks into the midst of the town…..

The party moves indie a well worn, lodge. Animal heads on the wall, huge rock fireplace, many tables for customers. The room is 80 feet long with a 20 high ceiling hung with metal chandeliers
6 solid log columns hold up the roof
Stairs lead up far to your left flanked by two doors
There are 3 large picnic style tables down the near wall
2 large round tables in the near and far corner and 6 smaller tables scatted throughout.
A large fireplace dominates the far wall, the huge head of a stag mounted at its center
Two serving girls are moving about the dozen guests seated at tables
Two men are seated at the bar, one turns to you and eyes you up and down.

Straight ahead is a bar with a dozen stools surrounding it, a middle aged woman smiles at you from behind the bar
About a dozen people are scattered about, Most notably
>Two scoundrel looking drinkers at the bar, being admonished by the barmaid, one of them looking at you.
>A portly noble? guarded by a monk and fighter eating at a table near the front door
>A well dressed card sharp plying her trade far in the back
>A passed out man at one table to your right

Tiberious Turok and Tobold all run to the bar, Vinny moves back to engage the cardsharp and Alynis, Kvothe, and Helm settle in to a table for food.

Man loking at you, at bar has a few days growth of beard, his white shirt is stained with beer, he has a dagger in a scabbard at his waist “Adventurers?” he says “Come in have a drink the ale is fantastic” he waves a hand

Tobold is first to the bar as he and Tiberious race there, Kvothe follows

The three sits near him he wall ask them if they are adventures? He wants to adventure as he needs gold for ale. He knows a lot of this area and could be a good guide (hiccups)

The others head to a table at the rear of the Inn

He looks to be some kind of fighter as he has decent muscles

Names Omiel, my brother is a famous fighter, he’s away on quests. I wanna be a famous fighter too! (slugs beer)

Other man at bar speaks up
“Don’t let this drunk talk you into taking him with you, come Omile old boy how bought we bet on another drinking game?”
The other man is wearing leather armor, but it is worn loose and not combat ready, he also has a dagger at his belt.

“Oh you took all my money,” blurts the first man
“How about you, you in?” asks the man in leather armor to Turok?

Group declines drinking games for now

Bar matron is Ostler’s wife Adlitami says “Shut up you two let the newcomers have a minute and an ale before you start hassling them”

Can I get you fine people some food or drink ?

Leaving at Midnight
Hommlet bound

The party has decided to try to look for Fraggart as he was last seen in the direction they are going anyway. They have taken on the job of guarding a travelling halfling named Welby, a tailor who is going to Homlett to sell his wares.

The group sets out from Sheernob just after midnight, feeling that their darkvison will be good enough on the road that they have been told is safe. The moon is out and the sky slightly overcast. The blackness of the mountains are on the left rising into the sky as is a dense forest to their right .

The party has gone about 8 miles when Tobold out front indicates that there is something on the road ahead. Stealthfully they creep to find several enormous man sized birds eating something on the road. 3 eat while one circles above. There is some discussion as to waiting until the birds finish and leave on their own, or to attack…attack wins out

The party attacks with surprise and fells two of the creatures right away, the other 2 burst into flame, alight they light up like beacons of the proverbial Phoenix and rush at the party who is well covered and makes quick work of them

There is a shrill horn sound and from the woods charge a dozen goblins two mounted on worgs! They quickly are within the party who fight back with magic and steel. The goblins attack is swift and fierce but the party turns it aside with only minor injuries.

Cleaning up after the battle the party finds little, one of those random encounters that threaten travellers. But there is some concern, this road was said to be safe, what is the goblin raiding party doing here? Vinny wants to track, but the group presses on to find where info on Fraggart was last seen.

The road forks northwest (left) and southeast (right).

The road to the SE looks to leave the Welkwood forest and enter the Gnarley Forrest. The road itself is rutted and only a dirt track. The trees increase in size, thicker trunks, more underbrush and less visibility. Many of the trees are darker colors, some wood appearing black.

The NW left continues to skirt the foothills of the mountains toward Hommlet. This is where they have been told where the ransom to Fraggart was left about a mile straight ahead at a ruined farmhouse The sky is starting to lighten with the upcoming dawn

There is a well maintained sign with arrows pointing in either direction
Arrow pointing NW
Hommlet 10
Cienga Vally 30

Arrow pointing SE
Narwell 100

This is where the gnomes said they went “straight” one mile to find the farmhouse and leave the ransom. The party ventures into the woods and eventually finds the farmhouse remains. Looking about there are no clues and tracks are lost in the underbrush and dark

Storm, Tobold and Tiberious perss ahead to the farmhouse while the others stay with the wagon which is hidden just off the road. Finding the farmhouse they find little further clues to Fraggart’s disappearance. Tobold attempts to track where they were told the bandits went, but it has been weeks and he loses the trail

They return to the road and head toward Hommlet, hoping to gather more info there

Billick's Burrow, Where's Fraggart ?

Most of the party ends up at Billicks Burrow a large tavern that has areas only accessible to gnomes, or other small humanoids, but it has a large central room which has a few travelers of all races, light music and good food. The party is looking at maps and thinking they have to head to the nearby town of Hommlet next before Nulb when a group of gnomes walks in

“Tobold” yells out the first gnome, can you help us with an issue? “Contraptioneers” Tobold says to the party, “a group of tinker and creative gnomes who help this village” The lead gnome Gruble then says “Fraggart is missing”

Tobold has history with the Contraptioneers. Gruble, one of their members has toaught Tobold many Ranger skills, and Fraggart is the one who made Tobold’s crossbows. Kronkile and Nilker are creators Kronkile is sly and rougish while Nilker has some ways of magic. Fruge is muscle, the biggest gnome you’ve ever seen.

Gruble tells the party:
>Fraggart is miising
>Fraggart had found a red dog statue, shows it to the group. A trinket looking like Anubis, but brick red about 4 inches high.

>He left for Hommlet to seek information about it and possibly sell
>He came back and told the others to hold it for safe keeping.
>He then went missing, no one saw him leave

>A few days later a human from Hommlet came asking about the statue
>offered 50 gold for it. We did not tell him we had it

>A week later a ransom note pay 100 gold or Fraggart dies
>Ransom taken to spot outside of town, abandoned farmhouse
>Saw human bandits collect gold, tired to track them but lost them
>They were headed toward village of Hommlet

>Fraggart never returned
>A few days later a ransom note in Fraggart handwriting came saying “do not look for me”

>we tried to get help from Viscount, but his soldiers decided it was Fraggart who duped us into ransom payment and has run off with it

Since party is going there anyway, they decide to look to see if they can find any evidence that woudl shed light on the situation.

Off to Sheernob!

The party stocks up on supplies and heads for the teleporter. BLINK they are in the underdark at Coldstone ruins and have to travel to Glimmerfell. Glimmerefll welcomes them and they are reintroduced to the Forest gnome Tobold. King Greybeard as promised lets them use the teleporter in the keep outside the city.

BLINK the party is in a 30×30 room. The walls are brick there is no windows and it smells of pitch and ashes. They are in a killing room but they fears are lessened when gnome voices call out and a door is opened letting them out.

There is a large gnome garrison, some forest and some deep gnomes, all heavily armed troops. It looks as though they can pump flammables into this room and cook anyone they dont like. But the party has writs of safe passage and Tobold who is above ground Identifies them as okay.

As all good adventuring groups do, most head to the tavern as several wander about the gnome village of Sheernob. It is a small mining village around the remains of a large tower whos footprint was 100 ft in diameter. The teleporter and garrison are inside of the tower of which only the walls about 30 feet of them remain. jagged and broken at their top and surrounded by a moat.

2 dozen gnome sod and wood homes are ranged tightly around the tower, speckled with farm fields. Homes are low into the ground denoting areas mostly below ground as gnomes prefer, but some have 2 and 3 stories above the earth.

This looks liek a simple farming village, save for the imposing tower ruins at its center. The village sits in a valley, a stream which forms the moat running trough and surrounded by heavy forest. There looks to be some mining sites dug into the hills near the forests

Tobold Downtime in Sheernob

Tobold goes to his village (the rest of the group goes to Zulern)

Tobold is in the bar Bliliks Burrow there are about a dozen others . A cloaked and hooded Human female comes in and speaks with the owner

The female moves to a corner and begins reciting poetry. At first most in the bar do not pay attention. But the girl persists spinning eloquent lines of prose. Soon many in the bar are paying attention to her, Tobold is captivated by her words, she is even using some gnomish

She recites about a dozen poems and by the end a few patrons have tears in their eyes. The woman says nothing and leaves quietly, a few patrons clap, but she hurries out the front door

Tobold follows but as he gets outside she is gone, totally gone.

He engages his Ranger tracking skills and it appears that there are two identical sets of tracks going in different directions from the bar, both looking to belong to a lightfooted human (female) wearing soft soled boots

He follows one which heads out onto the main road, they disappear on the road and he assumes she got on a wagon, BUT he saw no wagon and there are no fresh wagon tracks

He goes back to the bar and the second set of track is gone, vanished

he returns to the bar to ask Blilhik the bar owner who she talked to. Blilhik says he has no idea who she was, came in asked if she could read some of her poetry, “I don’t care” I says, “but I’m not paying you” She says she don’t want no payment, she’s just practicing….

Tobold follows her outside and it looks like shes made two separate sets of tracks, he follows one and it leads out to teh main road where he loses it, the other looks to have gotten on a horse, Tobold loses that track as well

Helm Downtime in Zulern

When you uncovered the Temple and found the three gods “cooperating” to keep Tharazdun below we didn’t go into much detail as you didn’t have the info

The cooperation was seemingly just mirrors held by statues of the three gods focusing beams of the sun below the temple which looks to sit atop a temple to Tharazdun

But there was obviously some cooperation from the faiths in the past to construct the structure, there must have been cooperation between priests of each faith and parishioners.

Since Helm is new to being a Helmite, he does not ahve much in teh way of faithful knowledge.

Helm has installed a Helmite Priestess, her name is Jelonia and she is the mother of the crying child you saved long ago. There is also the Cleric Watcher and the paladin Witness

There is also a priest of Pelor…

There is as of yet none of Pholtus, the god of the dwarf Tiberious

A small congregation, mostly open minded among the Pelor faith has started, maybe 20 in number. Accepting of cooperation between thegods to keep Chaos at bay.

Helm has donated monies for his adventuring to pay for guards and upkeep on the temple

The teachings are an odd amalgamation of what can be found on Helm and Pholtus, but with a heavy emphasis on Pelor as that’s what they “know” most about.

Helm spends several of his days in Zulern contemplating the Temple and meditating on it

He sees the influence of Pelor as the strongest, the congregation is mostly the converted of Pelor

Tiberious visits the temple at least once during his week in Zulern, Tiberious’ god is Pholtus

A young Charismatic priest of Pelor has brought a dozen of so to the congregation. These were previously 100% Pelor worshipers who the preist is preaching a cooperative good of the three gods to keep Chaos away. But his scripture is that of Pelor. Congregation 13: Preist +12 worshipers

Helm has installed a priestess, Jalonia. You saved her, her grandmother, and her crying child from the slavers. There is also the young Paladin and Cleric Watcher and Witness. They are all new to the faith of HELM and not schooled in his words. But they are working diligently to further his faith by study and comparing notes Congregation 4: Priestess, Grandmother, Cleric, Paladin

No one has a true tie to this, the “third” of the three gods. The Pelor and Helmite preaching occasionally mention him, but only when talking about cooperation of good to keep evil at bay. Congregation 0

Ox Vandalism

When Turok has returned to the Cockatrice he checks on the ox, it is peacefully munching on hay in its stall, he gets a curry comb to brush it….

As he is looking at it glowing blue words appear on its sides

COWARD glows in big blue letters

Turok blinks his eyes and the words fade he hears the giggling laughter of a female

“Where are you, show yourself” he shouts! Running around the stable he sees nothing. There is a guard out front he rushes to the guard grabbing him by the tunic “who was in here?” He questions the guard shaking him “Did you see anyone just now?”

“n,n,n no one sire” the guard stammers "no one has come in or out for hours

Turok continues searching the barn but all has returned to quiet, Auroch still munching on its hay

Kvothe runs into Turok at the Cockatrice and tells Turok of a woman who looked like one of the ghosts from the mansion who was reading poetry to people in the market

Turok remembers that one of the ghosts was a poet

He also remembers one of the ghosts called him Coward when he was beating on the ghosts living relative

The ghost also possessed him, called him Coward again and made him sing and dance and shit himself

Turok thinks he is being haunted

This ghost must be stopped somehow.

Here’s the moments for review if you wish to read:

Inside the mansion:
Turok begins to believe that Blaine knows more than what he is telling. Grunting out questions with increased aggression is met with “I don’t know,” from Blaine, sending Turok into fits of anger. He physically threatens Blaine who looks to the others for assistance.

The group enters a bedroom, a tapestry with a handsome warrior adorns the wall. “Who is that!” shouts Turok at Blaine, “I don’t know” Blaine answers, “I’ve never been here,” stammers Blaine there is nothing else in the room

Two more bedrooms are searched, in each Turok questions Blaine threatening violence. Blaine is now visibly scared at Turok’s bullying. Turok starts shoving and grabbing Blaine in an attempt to intimidate him, he is successful, yet Blaine just repeats “I don’t know” to Turok’s bullying questioning.

A few rooms later Turok sees a painting:
Turok does his now standard WHO IS THAT and threatens an obviously distraught Blaine. Vinny attempts to come between them, but the Barbarian is too strong. Blaine’s eyes seem to thank Vinny for trying as Turok drags Blaine by the collar as he cries his usual “I don’t know”

A ghost teenage girl named Revelri:
Revelri: I do not remember my death, but I know the evil that caused it was the Raven Erberus, he is gone? You slew him I can feel he is gone…..
You are noble saviors, even though I believe wealth was your calling.
Except (points at Turok the Barbarian) you are a coward, you’ve been commanded to fight things greater than you, and instead you torment the weak……

Toruk Scoffs at the ghost… coward… Bring me something stronger to take on, and I will show her who’s a coward. I don’t need that magic to be strong like the others do.

Storm answers Toruk the Barbarian, "Something stronger? Don’t make me laugh! Moments ago, in this very room, it took you forever to destroy a single opponent while the rest of us vanquished many and more. We’re all eager for you to show us this rumored strength somewhere that it matters- not just at a tavern.

Later while trapped in a vault full of gold Turok is possesed by a ghost

Turok stands limply for a second as his broadsword clatters to the ground

“I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU” Turok climbs atop a gold pile waving his sword the rest of the party

The rest of the group readies magic and weapons and gets ready to fight as the barbarian screams from atop a pile of coins

“OR MAYBE I WILL JUST SING…” The barbarian bellows out confusingly

Turok’s hands go to his waist as his sword clatters to the ground and his voice squeaks out like a child. Turok begins a fantastic rendition of the Orcish classic People Crackers In my Soup

Once Mother said My little orc
There’s a meat tastier than pork
So in my soup I was fed
crackers that looked like Joe and Ted

Turok begins shuffling a jig in time with his song, scattering coins about in the process

People crackers in my soup
humans and half elves loop the loop
Gosh, oh gee! but I have fun
Swallowing people one by one
In every bowl of soup I see
Halflings and dwarves watching me
I make ’em jump right through a hoop
Those people crackers in my soup

His jig becomes a frenzy of interpretive dance

When I get hold of a big bad elf
I just push him under to drown his self
Then I bite him in a million bits
And I gobble him right down!
When they’re inside me where it’s dark
I walk around like I’m King Orc
I stuff my tummy full of people goop
With People crackers in my soup!

While the others are trying to form a battle idea that doesn’t involve killing Toruk. Vinny has correctly deduced that the ghost is possessing Turok. Vinny yells “Revelri. .. You have had your fun, and as much as I think. a teenage female poet in a barbarian meat head is hilarious. .. I don’t think you want to be in there much longer. What are you excepting to get from this. ?”

The ghost answers: “This is a bully, he uses his strength to torment the weak, I will not stand for his treatment of my cousin (Blaine), This is not FUN for me, I abhor violence, but I WILL make you kill him if he continues with his evil ways. Violence on the violent can by understood, But violence against the innocent will not go unpunished”

Turok you continue to feel the manipulation of your being, it is wearing on you. You are fighting it but whatever is inside you is powerful. You feel as though you have a great fever, and are hallucinating or dreaming, not in control of your actions. In the same way you were able to slap and manipulate and threaten those weaker persons around you, this force is treating you the same.

Everyone can see that Turok is sweating

Turok let’s out a mighty breath as if he had been holding his breath for a long as he could."
Turok’s hands class at his stomach and he looks to double over in distress

The ghost has left Turok

Revelri: Now if you will abide by your original agreement with my cousin….

Turok doubles over, vomit dribbling from his lips and realizing he’s soiled himself

The poet of Zulern

While out one evening Kvothe sees a collection of persons in the street near the market. A young woman standing on something is reciting poetry and a crowd of about 30 are gathered.

Curiously he nears and it appears to be one of the ghosts from the mansion, the poet, Soulful moving words flow from her lips, Kvothe has never heard poetry so beautiful, his halfling blood sparked by its intensity and prose.

The girl steps down from whatever she was standing on and into the crowd

The crowd disperses some with tears in their eyes, the girl is gone

Vinny has a similar encounter as does Tiberious

Revelri, her poetry that you found was profound and very good, it is still all in the Library.

She also possesed Turok another of the ghosts tried to posess Alynis.

But you feel you freed her when you destroyed the evil enity that was trapped in the vault and responsible for her death, her soul should have moved on

Tiberiuos feels the ghost could be possesing a person and reading her poetry, or manifesting itself as “ghost poet” but hes not sure why she is still here

Storm Downtime in Zulern

Storm goes to the library and get as much information about the place we’re going
Nulb, The Chandarian, Battle of Emridy Meadows

Studies Rune Magic
Runes use magic that is older then the gods of mortals
Rune magic is using ancient languages in singular or combination forms to establish and use magical energies.
Languages of prime beings like elementals and beings that can only be classified as Law or Chaos.

It does not come from deity or study, but magic older then men, elves or dwarves

The power comes from the words themselves coupled with inherent energies of the world.

Rune magic, unlike the magic of mortals, also has certain prerequisites in order to use. Some runes require specific languages to be known, the languages are ancient and most not spoken anymore

It is said written that in order to bind the temple doors, a rune was carved into the door, then molten metal poured over it, then that sealed with masonry. In order to dispel the rune one would first need to expose the rune, remove the rock, remove the metal then erase the rune. BUT a rune may not be entirely enclosed

A rune can be inscribed on any exposed, two-dimensional surface.
A rune may be inscribed on the exterior surface of a solid object.
A rune may not be inscribed on an interior surface.
A rune must be on the outermost of adjacent surfaces, such as several layers of clothing, in order to be effective or active. A rune may be covered, but it can’t be enclosed.
A rune must be whole and complete.
A rune may be inscribed on living being
Every rune must be executed to a certain scale, requiring at least 4 square inches of area to work upon. Some runes may require a much larger area.
Only one rune can exist on a single, contiguous, inanimate object. Although a living being can host multiple runes.

Erasing a rune is not as simple as just removing the physical rune. One must have knowledge of the rune, the language and how to dispel it.

He studies about the Temple of Evil and how it was bound:
No mentions of what runes

What you do know is that the forces of Prince Thrommel were counting on a high level cleric named Serten to fight the demoness and hopefully kill her

Serten was killed in the battle so the runes were used to keep the demoness inside

The leader of the Army of Good was a Paladin named Prince Thrommel IV (he would know about the runes)

Thrommel disappeared a few years after the battle.
Thrommell was the Grand Marshal (highest military leader) of Furyondy a huge area of land just to the north of were you are
Furyondy is an enemy of Iuz as it is their army which holds his at bay.

In 573 CY, Prince Thrommel, son of King Belvor and heir to the throne of Furyondy, disappeared just prior to his scheduled marriage to Jolene of Veluna, daughter of the Plar. The marriage, had it been concluded, would have united the Kingdom of Furyondy with the Archclericy of Veluna. Prince Thrommel would have reigned as King and Provost. Such, however, did not occur and it has been divined that Prince Thrommel is dead, although his body has never been recovered.

The tragedy of Prince Thrommel’s disappearance and Jolene’s broken heart instantly became epic tragic figures and fodder for bards and poets.

Storm finds a tome called

Thrommel Innamorto
576 CY

Boaird was a bard (Yep, Boaird the Bard) and writer from Verbobonc. According to the books preface he fought on the field at Emridy Meadows.

Thrommel Innamorto principally confines itself to the romance between Prince Thrommel and Jolene. It is a sighing, sweepingly epic romance that crystallizes Thrommel and Jolene as perfect, but doomed, lovers. It gushes with how handsome and smart Thrommel is while it equally champions Jolene’s beauty and intelligence. It ends in a cliffhanger tragedy as Thromel disappears and Jolene’s heart breaks

The Cleric’s was named Serten, he was a human Cleric of St Cuthbart.
Hewas Righteous and courageous (most likely Lawful Good)
Wore plate armor and was dashing and handsome, although there are allusions to him being dim-witted

St Cuthbart is Lawful Neutral, but leans toward Lawful Good

He is said to have complete spell immunity, any and all magic was ineffective on him.

He was a member (of a powerful group called The Cirlce of Eight, Eight powerful men who fight to keep the balance between Law, Chaos, Good, and Evil.
Storm’s Intelligence tells him that he has seen the number 7 a lot, if the circle of eight has lost a member, there are now seven. Of course that was 10 years ago.
The Circle of Eight sent him as an observer. It is unclear why he would have been in a position to be killed

Just before the battle he used powerful spells to get a spy to reveal information about the enemy.

He wrote a book called Arcane Resistance of Dwarves and Halflings
This is oddly a book concerning arcane magic and how Dwarves and Halflings possess it innately.

Son of King Belor of Furondny, was scheduled to be wed to the princess of Veluna which would have united the kingdoms.
Lawful Good Paladin of the god Rao god of Peace and Reason (ally of Pelor and Cuthbart, enemy of Iuz)

Rao teaches that the greatest gift is reason, which leads to discourse, which leads to peace, which leads to serenity. For those who refuse to see reason and resort to violence first, action—governed by reason and wisdom—is required to restore the peace. Sometimes this action is violent, regrettable

The Holy Knights of Rao include the paladins, who are supported by hundreds of fighters and retainers.

Paladins of Rao are called Envoys or Heralds. Their motto is Peace through Strength of Words and Weight of Reason, but they know that peace must often be won by strength of arms, and do not fear to use their martial as well as their intellectual abilities to bring about the ends they seek.

Rao’s paladins generally go lightly armed and armored, unless expecting the worst. They are serene, patrician figures with spotless manners and erudition. They typically wear gray or blue-gray tunics trimmed in white and gold, and sometimes wear cowls. Rao’s symbol is emblazoned on their chests.


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