There is another area of 20 foot tunnels and 50 foot globes down here, off to one side. The group finds some treasure incurring loose gold and a trunk bearing the Kvothe family name and a black thorn shillelagh. Although the gold was buried in thick grey dust, the trunk and shillelagh look to have been placed recently.

Tiberious thinks he knows what this is. When an Aboleth can not get to water, it has to hibernate in “deep slumber” that some fear worse than death. He thinks this is a such a creature, calling out to those around it to try and get liquid onto it, they were trying to get blood onto it?

They are confused and Turok tries to hug the egg, looking to roll it, a slim-like tentacle swings at him and he ducks it, deciding not to hug the egg anymore. Tiberious decides to consult Rotcod’ohw Does indeed identify it as an Aboleth in deep slumber he tells them that he is will ready something to keep the Aboleth trapped there.

The group moves back to the top of the shaft. There are 4 green glowing rods, Rotcod’ohws voice tells them to throw each on at areas of the “force field” that covers the top of this area.

The green rods impact the force wall and stick, they send out waves of green impulses that splash across the previously invisible walls surface Rotcod’ohws voice tells them it is time to leave…NOW. The group runs for the door and feel the earth shake, an earth quake is occurring behind them. Rock, tons of it rain from the ceiling down into the shaft and onto the aboleth in deep slumber below.

They retreat back through the town. Everyone is clamoring about the earthquake, the outpost is alive with movement, some Drow and Druegar fleeing, others looking a the spire in confusion. Many occupants are in the streets crazed by the earthquake. The tavern had slaves working to repair the fire damage, they are now being coaxed with whips by their Drow masters to return to work.. The group leaves hurriedly to Coldstone keep and the teleporter.

The Dragon?

The creature is flying in front of the group, at the same time they can see a group of blob-like translucent red Kou Toa moving slowly up the outer walkway. Turok and Tiberious rushes the approaching Kou Toa. Vinny readies a grappling hook and Kvothe, Alynis Hlem and Storm begin hitting the dragon? with spells.

The Wyrm’s tail lashes out, its tip a barbed stinger “Wyvern” someone shouts alerting others to mind the poison tail. Vinny has managed to throw a grappling hook about its neck (nat 20) and has swung out on the rope of climbing and is now on the creatures back, he has drawn a dagger as he attempts to stay on its back.

Tiberious and Turok are tearing through the Kou Toan ranks, their gelatinous flesh tearing off in sticky hunks as the sword and axe slash them to pieces.

The Wyvern does not look natural, it is jet black and moves in odd jerky motions. Vinny’s daggers piece it as its tail lashes Mourning Storm, causing him a large amount of pain and damage, he transforms into a bear.

Vinny is stabbing the beast as Storm in the form of a Grizzly Bear LEAPS at the Wyvern, also attempting to land on its back. SUCCESS but the weight of the bear is too much for the wounded wyvern, as it and its two “riders” plunge 50 feet to the bottom of the shaft. Vinny and Storm are thrown from the crashing beast which is killed by the impact. Vinny and Storm are also shaken up but alive.

The group finishes off the Kou Toa red slime creatures and descend to the bottom, there is a huge black egg of some sort on a pedestal….

The first bubble

There is a thin wall made out of a mica like substance, brittle but strong enough to stay upright. It looks as though someone has smashed through it as there is roughly a man sized hole in it and shards of it scattered about.

The room beyond the “habi-trail” continues. A tube 20 foot in diameter extends 20 feet then becomes a enormous round room. the room is perfectly round, like you are on the inside of a 50 foot diameter ball. There is a perfect circle in the middle, 20 feet in diameter leading downward and another straight across leading to what looks to be a cave in.

Vinny has the others hold a rope as he secures it to his waist and investigates the room. The middle passage goes straight down to another mica wall, this one unbroken. The passage across from them does end in a collapse that looks very old and impassable

The group heads back out into the main hall to continue the downward spiral. After another 360 loop there is another 20 foot diameter hole. Leading to another mica wall, this one unbroken. Vinny probes it with a dagger BLAM! he sets off some sort of Glyph of warding. Vinny is shocked but not severely, he shakes it off and cuts through the mica

On the other side is a similar structure as above, a 20 foot diameter tube, leading into a 50 foot diameter ball….BUT in teh ball this time are 5 red gelatinous masses, 4 are the outlines of Kou Toa an one of a Dwarf. The figures move toward Vinny who backs away, the party takes turns firing missiles and cantrips at the figures until they are all cooked assured to be dead. The figures were having difficulty climbing the rounded globe, falling and unable to get out.

This structure is similar to the one above, a second 50 foot diameter ball sits behind connected by a 20 foot tube. Inside the ball is an immense black tree, several fruit looking lie eggplants hang from its leafless branches. Raif Windgate (Mourning Storm) the druid, attempts communication with it, assuming it to be a treant of some sort. Suddenly an eggplant is hurtled at the group, it explodes in a noxious cloud of poison gas.

The group retreats firing fire magic at the treant, whose branches reach out trying to pound or grasp them as they scurry away. Soon the area is awash in smoke from a burning tree, it drifts up through the 20 foot tube in the ceiling. THere is a third ball behind the tree, but it only contains a thick 1 foot layer of dust on the ground.

The group moves back to the well area and starts to do another 360 in the main chamber. Suddenly a screech of immense noise, rising before the is the form of a dragon, its scales pitch black….

Behind the Red Door

Tiberius and Turok hear something coming down the rough cut entrance and get ready for a fight….it is just Vinny. Vinny let’s them know that he had teleported to a strange area that seemed to be harvesting the essence of bodies. He destroyed the equipment, killing 2 Drow scientists.

The items from The Elite Drow and Stercus are loaded into the portable hole and the keys are inserted into the Red crystal door. The door opens as before and you see there are keyholes for them in the back as well. So the door can be locked and unlocked from both sides.

Behind is a corridor, old and of well cut stone. Similar to the rest of the area, dwarven or gnome in manufacture. There are columns every 15 feet bas-relief which depict the 3 eye god. After 50 feet the floor begins to slope and turn to the right. The walls between the columns to the right are now open spaces and cool air blows at the group.

Looking out the group sees a HUGE bottomless round well 75 feet in diameter. The passage spirals around its outside down down down. The floor is at a 30 degree angle. There are no railings or protection on the openings. The columns look to extend all the way to wherever the bottom, if any lies. ON every 3rd column is a fish head sculpture, a chain from its mouth hangs down 5 feet at its end a glowing lantern of the red fire that has burned in all the braziers in the complex

The group begins moving down, having to travel in single file. A full 360 degrees around and down 60 feet they come to a 20 foot diameter smooth hole in the wall. It goes back 30 feet and there is some sort of thin mica like wall that has been broken through as if someone smashed though it. The spiral passage also continues down down down.

The group decides to check out the mica wall. The passage they walk into is hard to walk on, it is smooth and round

Vinny Slays a god

investigates the set up. Looks liek bodies being drained of fluid.

begins cutting bodies out

Drow run from him

One trys to lure him as other attacks from behind

Vinny grabs the baiting one as the other lunges.

Vinny gets stabby to stab his freind

Eventually offs the drow and destroys everythign

Clean Up!
There is a dead Drow in isle D

Tiberious and Storm move back to the wounded Turok, who is recovering under Helm’s healing spells, and stand guard by the red crystal door and the tunnel where they came in. Kvothe sits in silence near the fallen figure of Stercus, who is breathing in very shallow sucking breaths and appears to be semi-conscious.

Kvothe, wounded from Stercus’ fire blasts, kneels beside him, “My father is avenged,” Stercus seems not to hear, as Kvothe demands to know where the others that killed his troupe are. Helm is healing Kvothe as Kvothe futilely tries to get information out of Stercus. A smile comes to Stercus’ lips, he coughs and dies.

Helm begins prodding at the armor that Stercus wears. Sterccus is armored in some sort of banded mail that looks as though it is made of iron, riveted together. But the straps and cloak that would be of leather or fabric look to be this same “iron” material. It seems to flow as if fabric, but was hard as iron when you struck it. The armor all looks to be one piece, as you take a closer look it is almost like a “onesie” You haven’t tried to remove anything yet, but all the parts look connected all the same color iron grey material

He has no helm and his face is that of a handsome albino elf, with silver hair yet he has two small horns protruding from his forehead belying that he is spawn of a demon, you know his daddy to be Iuz.

He had been attacking with a ray of fire that shot from his right hand which is unarmored
His left hand has a metal gauntlet on it He has no other weapons or equipment on him.

Helm eventually figures out how to remove the armor on Stercus’ corpse. Small latches connect the pieces. When a latch is unlatched the armor piece changes back into “regular” armor rather than the malleable iron fabric it is now

He undoes a boot first, as he unlatches it the boot “hardens” into steel and looks to be as any other scale mail boot

Now to what he was interested in, THE GAUNTLET! he undoes the latch and the gauntlet slides off Stercus hand. Helm recoils, “what the fuck….” Stercus wrist and hand look like opaque jelly, he even thinks he can see the outline of bone beneath.

Helm remembers when The Cuckoo died, his body decomposed into odd green worms that burrowed into the ground. Rotcodohw warning then not to touch it, but to apply fire. Kvothe readies fire bolt and Helm readies sacred flame …fire is applied until the hand is nothing but ash.

The result is similar to when you fried the “Kou Toa” shaped jelly mass that was locked in a cell. The jelly sizzled and burned away into a black mass looking and smelling of burning grease, like animal fat used to cook with that has caught fire. The other parts of Stercus body have not (yet?) become gel-like. His head, hand he was shooting fire out of and foot that Helm removed his boot are still his ashen white skin.

Helm's Temple
Also Pelor and Pholtus

When you uncovered the Temple and found the three gods “cooperating” to keep Tharazdun below we didn’t go into much detail as you didn’t have the info

The cooperation was seemingly just mirrors held by statues of the three gods focusing beams of the sun below the temple which looks to sit atop a temple to Tharazdun

But there was obviously some cooperation from the faiths in the past to construct the structure, there must have been cooperation between priests of each faith and parishioners.

Helm has installed a Helmite Priestess, there is also a priest of Pelor….there is as of yet none of Pholtus. They are both non level characters with no power

A small congregation, mostly open minded among the Pelor faith has started, maybe 20 in number. Accepting of cooperation between thegods to keep Chaos at bay.

The teachings are an odd amalgamation of what can be found on Helm and Pholtus, but with a heavy emphasis on Pelor as that’s what they “know” most about.
A young Charismatic priest of Pelor has brought a dozen of so to the congregation. These were previously 100% Pelor worshipers who the preist is preaching a cooperative good of the three gods to keep Chaos away. But his scripture is that of Pelor. Congregation 13: Preist +12 worshipers

Helm has installed a priestess, Jalonia. You saved her, her grandmother, and her crying child from the slavers. There is also the young Paladin and Cleric Watcher and Witness. They are all new to the faith of HELM and not schooled in his words. But they are working diligently to further his faith by study and comparing notes Congregation 4: Priestess, Grandmother, Cleric, Paladin

No one has a true tie to this, the “third” of the three gods. The Pelor and Helmite preaching occasionally mention him, but only when talking about cooperation of good to keep evil at bay. Congregation 0

Vinny investigates the Chamber

Vinny teleported in onto a red pentagon in a corner, then ambushed two drow “scientists?”

Vinny has the two Drow who look like non combatants at knife point. They have various implements and tools, some crude medical and others crude mechanical. They are dressed in cloth jerkins with leather pouch belts.

They have babbled about Sterccus insisting that they get this facility functioning again

There are hundreds of bodies side by side by side, row after row after row.

Most of the bodies look like dry husks, many are humanoid; elf, orc, human, gnome, halflings, and goblins but there are a few lizardfolk, and other monsters.

All of the bodies have thin black tubes that go into their necks and thighs.

The tubes then bundled together run along the floor, in front of the bodies. The bundles getting larger and larger as more tubes join from more bodies all feeding to one end all going into a huge porcupine looking creature. Like this creature has shot its “quills” out and all have been threaded into the bodies. (Also pictured)

The porcupine creature itself has a large tube in its belly that runs into the floor

The bodies also have a large tube inserted in the mouth and a diaper like contraption over the groin and butt.

The mouth tube ends in a simple funnel, the butt tubes run to the other side of the room along the floor but behind the bodies

In one corner there are a few bodies that are not dried out husks, they are colored with life and warm to the touch

Off to one end of the room there is a glow from a doorway a small 20 × 20 room with scrolls, books and several arcane looking instruments, along with a “wizards laboratory” of equipment on a large table. Two of the bronze plaques like the one you wear around your neck are on the table

In that room is a small red pentagon

A Fight

As the party attempts to get back to Stercus, they run headlong into his 6 Drow guards that are rushing back to attack them. Kvothe is quick with an illusion of the 3 eye god behind the Drow, several freak out at the sight and break rank

Helm has flanked around one of the rooms, and runs into fleeing Drow as the main body of the party begins smashing at the ones who did not flee. There is a short confused fight as magic and steel defeats the disorganized Drow.

The group pushes past the vanquished Drow to where Stercus was. As the group enters the room they find a pile of ash with several black articles in it. Storm had cast another Moonbeam and destroyed the box of ‘keys’ for the door. The keys look to be undamaged by the magic.
Ex-Wooden Chest (now just ash)
A candle of black wax, it is cold to the touch
A Owl Bear Beak
A small bronze bell
A small hooded lantern that glows faint red (Kvothe family heirloom)
A hilt of a short with a few inches of shaft. Looks to have been broken

Stercus has fled back toward the blood pool, the group gives chase. Stercus has one guard with him who turns and stands defiantly as the group pursues. Toruk attacks the guard telling the others to go get Stercus. But the guard is no push over and Turok and the Guard have a strong long lasting combat

Kvothe and Tiberious are trying to get to Stercus. A ray of fire from Stercus wounds Kvothe. Stercus has stopped to fight on the other side of the blood pool. Kvothe and Stercus are trading magic.

The fight does not go well for Turok. A blow from the Drow sword cuts him down, he feels life ebbing away. But Helm is there! Helm steps in an finishes off the Drow with a sacred flame. He spares the dying Turok who feels life returning to his body.

Kvothe is now severely wounded, but Stercus is too. It is the last blast of magic missile that fells Stercus as Kvothe is narrowly missed by one of Stercus blasts of flame. Storm and Tiberious have shown up to assist, but Stercus lays dying….

Vinny appears

Vinny appears on a pentagon in a pentagon shaped room off of a dark chamber. Inside the chamber lit with the dull red light of the ever present crystals, there are rows upon rows of bodies ’

The bodies look like dry husks, many are humanoid; elf, orc, human, gnome, halflings, and goblins but there are a few lizardfolk, and other monsters. All of the bodies are on a table set at a 30 degree angle. All of the bodies have thin black tubes that go into their necks and thighs. The tubes then bundled together run along the floor, in front of the bodies. The bundles getting larger and larger as more tubes join.

As he moves into the room he notices two Drow at a far end. One is writing something and another is prodding at one of the bodies on a table, this body looks to be more ‘alive’ than the other dry husks.

Drawing daggers he creeps up behind the two drow. A dagger at each of their backs and he has them captured.


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