Short rest and exploration

The party takes a short rest and then explores the rest of the complex. The Bugbears have a lair similar to the Hobgoblin lair they are in. They find the trigger room for the bars that trapped them earlier.

Both Bugbear and Hobgoblin lairs reveal maps and charts, a quick look over shows them to be inventories, contact sheets, and notes on defenses of surrounding towns. There are trade route schedules, and contractual payments. This looks like the bandits are quite organized and ready to become a scourge to the surrounding area.

The party still has a securely locked door as well as the old archway leading down, they opt for the archway first. They are greeted with a large cold pool of fresh water, buckets and ladles indicate it must be water source for the moathouse. But a far wall has been knocked through. Investigation indicates a false wall and secret door have been removed, behind it another section of the pool, aside which sit two odd apparatuses. A black obelisk sticks out of the water.

One apparatus is a bell, an actual church bell, on a pulley system, investigation reveals a gnome sized individual could climb inside and be lowered into the water. There is a porthole in the side and a magical light. Tobold climbs inside and Turok lowers him into the water. Tobold tries in vain to read the symbols on the obelisk, but Turok is having sadistic fun raisign adn lowering the bell quickly, eventually letting it go all the way to he bottom where it rests 40 feet down in the cold water. Tobold ends up having to swim out from the deep water

Storm meanwhile has taken a look at the other contraption. It looks like a huge beer keg on wheels. There is a pump mechanism on the side, and a hose goes into the water. It is hard piped out of its top with the [pipes going into the ceiling. Storm is on a operators chair and eventually figures out the thing can be used to pump water from the pool. There is a magical ability to see what is at the end or the pump tube and to control it. A scrying type ability like his shillelagh, seen through a crystal lens (think TV camera and monitor).. The tube can be manipulated though several levers.

As storm plays with the device, the others move into a back room, it looks like a long forgotten storeroom, there are diagrams and tools, adn books and a work bench and a trail of dried blood leading behind the work station……

Turok wanders off

Turok moves ahead of the others and through a doorway, he closes it behind him, his sense of adventure and daring not wanting the burden of the party. Thee Hallway is clean, built of stone and 10 feet wide and tall. His darkvision ring only lets him see about 40 feet but there is a door that far down on his left adn he moves to it, as he moves he notices a door o the right and an archway ahead.

The door on the left is locked, he struggles with it but it won’t budge, he assumes it will need to be battered down, but doesn’t want to make any noise yet. The doorway on the right has a large bar across it, someone is keeping something inside. He peers at the archway, it is old, older than the other construction and has stairs leading down into the dark, a cool breeze comes up.

He removes the bar and opens the heavy door, a smell of sweat and feces hits his nose, the passage goes right and left. He takes the left fork, he is met with a sight of captives, chained to walls and many items of work, tools and supplies. The captives get no sympathy from The Mighty Turok, they must be weak to have been captured. He examines the items, and talks a bit to the captives, taken from caravans and forced to work to rebuild the moathouse. He has no interest in freeing them yet, they would just slow him down. The captives seem confused as to who he is, he provides no information whether he will release them, then leaves them as he heads around the corner.

The other passage leads to a door, heavy and also barred fro this side, he removes the bar, opens the door adn a iron grate crashes down behind him, trapping him inside. A howl greets him, seeing two figures arise and rush at him he prepares for combat, his mighty sword slashes at the figures, ghouls bent on making him into diner. He kills the ghoulsas more howl from inside. He retreats, rebars the door and then liftsthe bars (nat 20) and easily lifts them. He returns to the group.

A slim passage

The secret door conceals a 5 foot wide passage, no way the ogre could get through here. someone else must be further inside. The passage turns and stairs descend 10 more feet into the earth. The passage looks to be carved out of bedrock, most likely why this was a good place to build the moathouse, everything looks very solid here.

“Gate falling” some one yells as they realize there is a trap in this hallway. Thick bars smash down from the ceiling, one striking one of the captives, crushing him to death. With a snarl ahead the characters in front see Hobgoblins and Bugbears come out of the gloom, firing crossbows an the trapped party.

The bolts smack around them from at least 8 attackers. Turok is trying to bend the bars as Storm is attempting to use magic to help …Helm decides to end the attack and a fireball heads blast the trapped party, exploding in the midst of the bugbears and hobgoblins. Those not felled by the blast retreat,.

After using brute strength to raise the bars they find items to prop underneath form the armory. The passage forks left adn right, Storm, Turok and Kvothe are down the right fork, before the rest can catch up.

The passage widens, into more comfortable surroundings. They emerge into a dining room, a chandelier hangiing over a table set with mundane eating items. 3 doors and a further passage….Turock is through a door without anyone paying attention, Kvothe is checking another for traps and finding one (nat 20) open this door and the chandelier falls, not sure why, but he disarms it.

Storm is around the corner as the others arrive, a Hobgoblin leader is crouched waiting for him. Bugbears attack the party from behind, but alert rear guards spot them and the party has a quick fight dispatching a huge bugbear and a huge hobgoblin as well as 2 singed bugbears who had run earlier.

The party decided to hold this position for a short rest …but where is Turok?

Into the dungeon

Storm bounds away from Turok and into the depths of the dungeon. The walls are built from block stone and must have been here from before, it is not new, but looks to have been cleaned up recently.

Storm has found a ruined jail complex, it looks like someone has begun to dismantle the cells, recently, his nose smells the decay of the grave, adn wandering from the shadows comes two zombies. He is able to keep them at bay, using his speed to attack adn run away, using cover to attack them from behind. Other zombies rise form a pile of bones and Storm has to eventually dispose of 6 of them.

Turok hears the commotion, but before he can assist am enormous wet mass falls onto him, it is cold and feels if he is being wrapped in a blanket of cold wet moss…. This ooze had been hiding on the ceiling, and another on the stairs, Turok thumbs the electrical crystal on his sword and the oozes explode into globs of sizzling goo.

The others are descending the steps, and they discover this room has some storage rooms attached. There is armor and weapons, protected by fresh oil, newer shields and tunics. A platoon could be outfitted. There are also black cloaks, looking like priestly vestments.

Storm has moved on and found another creature guarding the dungeon. An Ogre is surprised to see a big doggy wander into his lair. The Ogre lives in a huge room 40×40 whose ceiling is supported by 4 pillars, Storm stalks the outside of the room as the low intelligence of the ogre is exploited, the ogre thinking the hyena would make a good pet. “Nice Doggy” he purrs trying to lure the hyena with food.

The party has now entered the ogre lair and as he turns with anger adn distraction, Storm pounces “Doggy No!” the ogre stammers and Storm bites into his neck and magic missiles and arrows rain into it from the others, killing it before it can lash out.

A search of the room turns up a ‘pantry’ there are 3 captives 2 human and 1 gnome, both caravan merchants. They are thankful at being rescued, but Turok does not trust them, he is suspicious of them. The captives are emaciated and weak, chained to the pantry. They are freed, but have difficulty in the dark, the party continues to search the room finding little, except an eventual secret door which leads deeper inside.

The Moathouse

Losing Tiberious has affected Helm the most, as the journey continues, he is in quiet contemplation. What is this quest I have been given?

The party arrives at the moathouse, it is quiet , they decide to camp for the night and move well back from it. The night is uneventful, but watching the moathouse the party sees lights, smoke and other signs that it is inhabited. The night is alive with animal noises in the swamp.

Early before sunup they move to attack, scaling the rubble walls away from the lookouts, they will use the sending stones to signal. the attack. Atop the main part of the castle Storm sees several bandits inside, sitting around a fire and joking , he listens to them for a time, they talk of raiding caravans, they are clearly bad guys

He signals the attack with the stones, blinks inside, transforms into a giant hyena and laughs with the bandits jokes…The others rush in from rooftop stairs, entering the main hall below, most of the bandits are sleeping ad off guard.. Storms fight in the tower against the 4 bandits is quick as his jaws make quick work of his stunned foes, he heads down a fight of stairs to whee the others are battling

There are 8 more banits below, who fall back into a more secure room, this ends up being a mistake as Helm sends a fireball in there killing all who retreated, the fight is over….mostly

Tobold has moved to the front of the moathouse, where 2 guards were posted in a front tower. He is seen by a denizen of the swamp, a giant frog hopes to make a meal of the gnome who has to fight for his life against a creature bent on eating him. The frog and the two remaining guards are dispatched with the help of the rest of the party.

A lookover the moathouse, confirms suspicions, the bandits are using this as a base for operations. There is stolen loot although most has been destroyed by Helms fireball, and evidence of rebuilding work o the structure.

Storm still in Hyena form finds a set of stairs leading downward, Turok follows as the others remain upstairs….

Tiberious and the Dragon

Tiberius looked down. It was a very long way up. He wasn’t exactly sure why he chose to misty step onto the back of an adult green dragon. It was not a well thought out decision he realized. The beast threatened to kill his friends and it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. As the dragon was clearly wounded, and Tiberius was purely sword and board, getting up close was the only way he knew how to fight.

As he watched the ground move farther and farther away, he knew that he made a fatal choice.

He managed to pin his left boot under a dragon scale, but that was no way to stay on a dragon’s back. He looked at the axe in his left hand and his shield on his right. He needed to choose. Longingly, he looked at his axe. It was an heirloom of the Hammersmyth Clan. He smashed it once again against the dragon scale, but it didn’t even leave a scratch. He released his grip and watched it fall. He slid his fingers underneath a scale and made a fist. With a foot and a hand secured in place, he hoped to able to stay on.

He started to bash the dragon with his shield. It wasn’t doing anything either, but it was the hardest thing for him to give up. He understood why dragon scale was such a desired commodity for armor. As he continued to futilely pound away, he realized that this was the best possible outcome. Flying away with the dragon meant that the Band of Irons would survive. His only concern was whether the rest of the band would appreciate his sacrifice. Sadly, he knew the answer to that question.

The dragon, Chaustichlorinus, turned its head to face Tiberius. She was amazed at the determination of the hopeless dwarf. She marveled at how an ignorant lesser creature could possess armor with that history. Chaustichlorinus had only desired to possess it for a hundreds of years, soon it would be part of her collection.

Now exhausted, Tiberius has not damaged the dragon in the slightest. He stopped and wiped his brow. He looked at his shield and let it fall. (At this point the party thinks it is Tiberious falling)

Tiberius sat for a second wondering what to do next. He stuck the fingers of his right hand under a scale a made a fist. He then pulled out his left and looped the leather tether attached to his Dagger of Pholtus. He wasn’t going to loose his dagger. He then shoved the dagger under a scale and twisted. The dragon twitched in agony. Tiberius chuckled. That did something.

Chaustichlorinus rolled slightly to the left as Tiberius worked. Tiberius shifted his weight to maintain balance. With that, the dragon barrel rolled hard to the right at the same time whipping its tail. Tiberius lost his grip and immediately started to fall.

Tiberius closed his eyes. It would only be a matter of time. By memory, he began to recite the Pholtan Prayer to the Fallen by memory as tears filled his eyes.

Listen to me, my kinsman at this moment, for I am your guide.

Tiberius was sad that he had to say this prayer to himself.

Since you went forth into the darkness, Pholtus gave you water to drink. You bore a burden that is not your own, and for this you are blessed. Although you are in the midst of his enemies and the beasts of darkness surround you, He will avenge you and they will be burned by His wrath.

Remember in your last moments that he divided the light and the dark. He made the sun and the moon to light your way. He was life to all, but the darkness turned their backs to the truth.

He is everything. He bears the skies. He is the foundation. He supports the earth. He is the Light that shines forth, that gives joy to the soul.

Lo, the darkness you have subdued. Lo, the fire of the fountains of evil you have extinguished.

You will close your eyes at last only to open them to his radiance. Your Father is calling you.

Now go aboard the Ship of Light and receive your garland of glory and return to His kingdom and rejoice with all the saints.

Peace, in Order, by Order of Pholtus.

At peace, Tiberius tumbled and waited for his end to come.

Tiberius’ moment of peace lasted just a moment. The pain in his abdomen made him nearly pass out. He felt himself lifted briskly. Hot and humid breath, strong of chlorine, surrounded him and burned his wounds. The teeth that held him in place were massive. He tried to breathe, but his lungs gurgled. The fucking dragon was not going to let him fall to his death in peace.

Tiberius vomited blood. He didn’t have long. With his life fading, he grabbed the symbol of Pholtus from around his neck, and shoved it between two dragon teeth. With all his remaining strength, he jammed it as hard as he could. The holy symbol cut his hand. The dragon roared in pain, but not before biting down harder and severing Tiberius in two.

As Tiberius fell towards the ground, he looked at the cut in his hand. Though it was deep, no blood came forth. “Dammit. The fucking elf wins.” he thought….

He closed his eyes, and passed before his body hit the ground.

Tiberius is dead.

Party leaves town early the next day for the moathouse

The party follows Storm’s directions to the moathouse, They head out of town, leave the well maintained road for a less used road, and eventually leave that to trudge through the swamp.

The going through the swamp is rough for some, but the barbarian and druid who are used to this have much less difficulty. The swamp is alive with stinging flies, and mud, slapping at bites and stumbles in sucking mud are common to a chorus of croaking forms and other animal noises. .

The party is following a portion of higher ground when they crest a small hillock, below there is a contingent of bipedal lizards heading their way. 10 human sized ruddy green lizards with scaly crested heads are moving toward you, they are armed with spears.

The party formulates a plan of attack, as they have encountered troglodytes before. Arrows and spell casters begin firing at the Trogs, who move into a defensive position, and then move at the party position.

And then it gets interesting….

In between the Trogs and the party the swamp rises up in a mass that forms into a rough humanoid shape, small giant sized. The mass of weeds and roots is dripping with stinking water of the bog, it lashes out at the Trogs.

The party moves into attack both the Trogs and Shambling Mound, which has decided to make a meal of everyone.

And then it gets even more interesting

A voice booms from the west, “I’VE COME FOR THE DWARVE’S ARMOR” glancing skyward a Green Dragon is flying toward the fight .

The fight becomes chaotic as the Shambling Mound fells several Trogs,absorbing their bodies inside its mass of vegetation. Storm and Tiberious are trying to dispatch the Mound as the Dragon circles overhead yelling ’ALL I WANT IS THE ARMOR OF THE DWARF, GIVE ME THE ARMOR" Turok is hacking at the Trogs as the rest of the party pepper enemies with ranged attacks.

The dragon coughs up a gout of stinking green gas in the area of the shambling mound. The gas withers the vegetation of the mound, Storm is caught in the cloud and gasps for breath and the shambling mound falls atop him, Storm is unconscious as Tiberious rushes in dragging him free and laying on hands to bring him back from death.

The rest of the party has killed the last of the Trogs, oddly none of them released the troglodyte stench as they have in previous encounters. And these are out in daylight, the previous encounters had all been deep underground.

The dragon circles out of range yelling about wanting the dwarves armor

Then it dives at the party. They are ready as arrows and spells, pepper it, but it is a huge beast. Tiberious uses misty step to get upon the beasts back, he begins chopping away with his axe. The dragon takes the damage and just flies away with Tiberious. Flying just out of range to deal one on one with the angry dwarf.

The party can only watch from a distance as Tiberious is eventually shaken loose from the dragon’s back, he falls from a hundred feet in the air, disappearing behind trees, at least a half mile away. The dragon follows him down, the party has lost sight of both of them.

The dead bipedal lizards are not troglodytes, the crest on their head is much bigger, and they are larger and stronger looking…these are LizardFolk. The party moves to the area where they saw Tiberious fall

Info gained Lizardfolk, Green Dragon, Shambling Mound

Parade of the Guilty
Tobold gets a ride, Herring of Shame

Tobold’s stockade with Tobold in it is carried out front of the hall by two burly guards, followed by those who witnessed the trial

Other townspeople are outside, including the other PCs

Talos: And now for each one wronged by Tobold’s actions let punishment be dealt out (various NPCs step forward)

GemCatcher (The elder of Tobold’s village) Tobold Truffelhunter you have done a great services to the village of Sheernob in the past and that is taken into consideration, but your actions in this lawful good village are reprehensible and in no way can go unpunnished. You are demoted to fringe status again and no longer a member of my village. I remove your status as a gnome (GemCatcher claps her wrists together and touches Tobold’s nose, it vanishes leaving a 2 Voldemort-like air holes)

(Tobolds archetype changes from folk hero to outcast, no stats change, you just are not welcome in Sheernob, but not officially banned. Your reputation begins to spread as petty villain. She has cast something on you to remove your nose -2 CHR)

Talos: (Elder of Hommlet) For causing terrorism in my village I ban you from ever entering it again. You will serve a day and night in the stockage then be escorted to the village line. Burne will ensure that you have difficulty re-entering our village. Your gear wil be at the village line

(your status in Hommlet is banished)

A tough looking human, woodland camoflaged armor obviously a Ranger steps forward

Ranger: My names Ratik of the Gnarley. Burne told me of a Gnome, wanted to be a Ranger of the Gnarley, even told how he was gonna give him a trial to see if he was worthy. Looks like you failed, fore you even started. I knew that gnomes don’t have what it takes to be Gnarley Rangers and your actions clearly prove that. Terrorizing an innocent town is the complete opposite of our morals….your name has been entered into our records, watch yourself in the Gnarley as we’re just as likely to stick an arrow into you and be done with this

(your reputation in the Gnarley Forest especially amound the rangers is one of petty villain)

Rufus: (Fighter of Hommlet) I gave you an opportunity to do good, and be a hero and you stink up my town. For that you shall be stinky as well. BRING ME THE HADDOCK OF SHAME! (two teenagers step forward with a wooden box, Rufus opens the box and an awful stench makes some hold their noses. A large dead fish in a wire cage is attached to a metal collar. The collar is fastened around Tobolds neck with a small lock

(you have a large dead stinky fish shackled to your neck. It is a simle metal lock, so when you are released from the stockade you may break it of or get someone to pick it) Dex -2 until done.

Burne (Mage of Hommlet) using magic in my town for evil? (Burne moves his hands about and they glow red) No illusions for 30 days. He touches your forehead you feel a slight pain and something sticks there.

Calmert (Cleric of Hommlet) Saint Cuthbert teaches wisdom, and wisdom can only be gathered through experience. Let this be an experience remembered that evil will not go unpunished or forgotten. Saint Cuthbert teacehs us that square corners can be pounded smooth. Inverted cudgeling is dictated here.

Burley guards turn Tobold over

Calmert: Pants the subject!

Burley guard yank down Tobolds trousers

Calmert: Let the Cudgeling commence!

A wooden cudgel is smacked dozens of time on Tobold’s ass to the raucous delight of the crowd SMACK HOORAY! SMACK HOORAY! SMACK HOORAY!

Tobold will spend this day and night inverted in the stockade, random townsfolk will occasionally cudgel his behind or throw rotten vegatables at him
The morning of the next day he will be taken to the edge of town and released
His gear will be piled there

Sheernob status fringe/unwelcome
Hommlet status banished
Gnarley Forest status petty villain/unwlecome
Thumb sized Red Gem attacehd to his forehead “no illusions for 30 days”
Caged dead fish shackled to neck -2 DEX
Nose missing -2 CHR
Temporary alignment change to Chaotic Nuetral

Some of these are magical and might be removed with dispel magic or remove curse you are not sure. Your nose may be returned through regeneration again you are unsure

Trial of Tobold; no more Roman numerals
Garl Glittergold condems Tobold

Sherrnob village elder sits down

Talos: Now as to your terrorizing my community Mr Tobold. We invited you to our home and you willingly and with all knowledge of the distress it would cause members of this town, in full view of dozens of town members produced a symbol that is reprehensible to half those members….

Gallery (grumbles approval)

Talos: You say you know little of human culture? And didn’t understand how offensive this was…yet you chose THIS SYMBOL. Not an image of a goblin? not a donkey? not a fart noise?… knew full well that this would be the image that would scare or offend any Cuthbertine in the room, of which there were a dozen.
(you basically painted swastikas on a synagogue)

Gallery (louder approval)

Talos: You say it was a prank? An image that you knew would scare half the people in this town? Causing terror is a prank? What is your next “prank” an illusion that our grain stores are gone and we will starve? An illuison that someone’s child is dead? (sarcastically) Ha Ha what a prank that would be huh?

Gallery (vocalized YEAs, angry glares at Tobold, ’he’s a drunk’)

Talos: (bangs gavel to settle crowd down) The Church of St Cuthbert has kept this town safe from evil, helped the needy, built community projects, provides a safe space…. half of my community worships him. And you accuse our priest of being greedy and so you decide to TERRORIZE OTHERS?

Gallery (murmurs)

Talos: Mother GemCatcher, can you please tell us what Garl Glittergold says about community

GemCatcher: From the Book of Gold, Garl States (clears throat) Communities are forged through the cooperation and communal spirit of a group of individuals who work and play together. The strength of a community is the cooperation that binds individuals into more than the sum of their contributions

Talos: would you not say that Sheernob and Hommlet form a community?

GemCatcher: I do

Talos: Then I present to you by Garl Glittergold, a deity this Tobold professes to worship, GARL’S OWN WORDS that Tobold has acted outside of community and should be removed from such……

Gallery (raucous applause)

Trial of Tobold VII
Homlett now has power over Sherrnob

Talos: What Tobold says is true, he did not tell us of the portal. We had suspicions for some time. But he is not without blame, his actions brought others into our confidence, who may not share your want to keep it secret. We used a little subterfuge to gain that knowledge

GemCatcher: The portal is well guarded, it leads to a great gnome city underground, a thousand gnomes stand at the other end. We do this only for our economic advantage it gives us to more easily acquire items from deep underground

Talos: I I figured as much. Seeing that our villages have no quarrel, and that I currently see nothing nefarious going on…as long as Rufus can get a look at the other side. AND that there will be a shared agreement for mutual monetary benifit to this town. A trade agreement will be drawn up that is mutually beneficial to both villages…..ALL IN THE BUILDING SWEAR TO ME THIS REMAINS IN THIS ROOM UNLESS I DECIDE OTHERWISE

Crowd (collectively) EYE

Burne: (looking at something glowing in his lap) Everyone has spoken EYE, everyone has truth

GemCatcher: This is very agreeable to us (you can tell she is unhappy, but has little choice). Thank you Talos and the others of Hommlet, we look forward to a prosperous future

Talos We will discuss later, Now back to the task at hand……


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