Party leaves town early the next day for the moathouse

The party follows Storm’s directions to the moathouse, They head out of town, leave the well maintained road for a less used road, and eventually leave that to trudge through the swamp.

The going through the swamp is rough for some, but the barbarian and druid who are used to this have much less difficulty. The swamp is alive with stinging flies, and mud, slapping at bites and stumbles in sucking mud are common to a chorus of croaking forms and other animal noises. .

The party is following a portion of higher ground when they crest a small hillock, below there is a contingent of bipedal lizards heading their way. 10 human sized ruddy green lizards with scaly crested heads are moving toward you, they are armed with spears.

The party formulates a plan of attack, as they have encountered troglodytes before. Arrows and spell casters begin firing at the Trogs, who move into a defensive position, and then move at the party position.

And then it gets interesting….

In between the Trogs and the party the swamp rises up in a mass that forms into a rough humanoid shape, small giant sized. The mass of weeds and roots is dripping with stinking water of the bog, it lashes out at the Trogs.

The party moves into attack both the Trogs and Shambling Mound, which has decided to make a meal of everyone.

And then it gets even more interesting

A voice booms from the west, “I’VE COME FOR THE DWARVE’S ARMOR” glancing skyward a Green Dragon is flying toward the fight .

The fight becomes chaotic as the Shambling Mound fells several Trogs,absorbing their bodies inside its mass of vegetation. Storm and Tiberious are trying to dispatch the Mound as the Dragon circles overhead yelling ’ALL I WANT IS THE ARMOR OF THE DWARF, GIVE ME THE ARMOR" Turok is hacking at the Trogs as the rest of the party pepper enemies with ranged attacks.

The dragon coughs up a gout of stinking green gas in the area of the shambling mound. The gas withers the vegetation of the mound, Storm is caught in the cloud and gasps for breath and the shambling mound falls atop him, Storm is unconscious as Tiberious rushes in dragging him free and laying on hands to bring him back from death.

The rest of the party has killed the last of the Trogs, oddly none of them released the troglodyte stench as they have in previous encounters. And these are out in daylight, the previous encounters had all been deep underground.

The dragon circles out of range yelling about wanting the dwarves armor

Then it dives at the party. They are ready as arrows and spells, pepper it, but it is a huge beast. Tiberious uses misty step to get upon the beasts back, he begins chopping away with his axe. The dragon takes the damage and just flies away with Tiberious. Flying just out of range to deal one on one with the angry dwarf.

The party can only watch from a distance as Tiberious is eventually shaken loose from the dragon’s back, he falls from a hundred feet in the air, disappearing behind trees, at least a half mile away. The dragon follows him down, the party has lost sight of both of them.

The dead bipedal lizards are not troglodytes, the crest on their head is much bigger, and they are larger and stronger looking…these are LizardFolk. The party moves to the area where they saw Tiberious fall

Info gained Lizardfolk, Green Dragon, Shambling Mound

Parade of the Guilty
Tobold gets a ride, Herring of Shame

Tobold’s stockade with Tobold in it is carried out front of the hall by two burly guards, followed by those who witnessed the trial

Other townspeople are outside, including the other PCs

Talos: And now for each one wronged by Tobold’s actions let punishment be dealt out (various NPCs step forward)

GemCatcher (The elder of Tobold’s village) Tobold Truffelhunter you have done a great services to the village of Sheernob in the past and that is taken into consideration, but your actions in this lawful good village are reprehensible and in no way can go unpunnished. You are demoted to fringe status again and no longer a member of my village. I remove your status as a gnome (GemCatcher claps her wrists together and touches Tobold’s nose, it vanishes leaving a 2 Voldemort-like air holes)

(Tobolds archetype changes from folk hero to outcast, no stats change, you just are not welcome in Sheernob, but not officially banned. Your reputation begins to spread as petty villain. She has cast something on you to remove your nose -2 CHR)

Talos: (Elder of Hommlet) For causing terrorism in my village I ban you from ever entering it again. You will serve a day and night in the stockage then be escorted to the village line. Burne will ensure that you have difficulty re-entering our village. Your gear wil be at the village line

(your status in Hommlet is banished)

A tough looking human, woodland camoflaged armor obviously a Ranger steps forward

Ranger: My names Ratik of the Gnarley. Burne told me of a Gnome, wanted to be a Ranger of the Gnarley, even told how he was gonna give him a trial to see if he was worthy. Looks like you failed, fore you even started. I knew that gnomes don’t have what it takes to be Gnarley Rangers and your actions clearly prove that. Terrorizing an innocent town is the complete opposite of our morals….your name has been entered into our records, watch yourself in the Gnarley as we’re just as likely to stick an arrow into you and be done with this

(your reputation in the Gnarley Forest especially amound the rangers is one of petty villain)

Rufus: (Fighter of Hommlet) I gave you an opportunity to do good, and be a hero and you stink up my town. For that you shall be stinky as well. BRING ME THE HADDOCK OF SHAME! (two teenagers step forward with a wooden box, Rufus opens the box and an awful stench makes some hold their noses. A large dead fish in a wire cage is attached to a metal collar. The collar is fastened around Tobolds neck with a small lock

(you have a large dead stinky fish shackled to your neck. It is a simle metal lock, so when you are released from the stockade you may break it of or get someone to pick it) Dex -2 until done.

Burne (Mage of Hommlet) using magic in my town for evil? (Burne moves his hands about and they glow red) No illusions for 30 days. He touches your forehead you feel a slight pain and something sticks there.

Calmert (Cleric of Hommlet) Saint Cuthbert teaches wisdom, and wisdom can only be gathered through experience. Let this be an experience remembered that evil will not go unpunished or forgotten. Saint Cuthbert teacehs us that square corners can be pounded smooth. Inverted cudgeling is dictated here.

Burley guards turn Tobold over

Calmert: Pants the subject!

Burley guard yank down Tobolds trousers

Calmert: Let the Cudgeling commence!

A wooden cudgel is smacked dozens of time on Tobold’s ass to the raucous delight of the crowd SMACK HOORAY! SMACK HOORAY! SMACK HOORAY!

Tobold will spend this day and night inverted in the stockade, random townsfolk will occasionally cudgel his behind or throw rotten vegatables at him
The morning of the next day he will be taken to the edge of town and released
His gear will be piled there

Sheernob status fringe/unwelcome
Hommlet status banished
Gnarley Forest status petty villain/unwlecome
Thumb sized Red Gem attacehd to his forehead “no illusions for 30 days”
Caged dead fish shackled to neck -2 DEX
Nose missing -2 CHR
Temporary alignment change to Chaotic Nuetral

Some of these are magical and might be removed with dispel magic or remove curse you are not sure. Your nose may be returned through regeneration again you are unsure

Trial of Tobold; no more Roman numerals
Garl Glittergold condems Tobold

Sherrnob village elder sits down

Talos: Now as to your terrorizing my community Mr Tobold. We invited you to our home and you willingly and with all knowledge of the distress it would cause members of this town, in full view of dozens of town members produced a symbol that is reprehensible to half those members….

Gallery (grumbles approval)

Talos: You say you know little of human culture? And didn’t understand how offensive this was…yet you chose THIS SYMBOL. Not an image of a goblin? not a donkey? not a fart noise?… knew full well that this would be the image that would scare or offend any Cuthbertine in the room, of which there were a dozen.
(you basically painted swastikas on a synagogue)

Gallery (louder approval)

Talos: You say it was a prank? An image that you knew would scare half the people in this town? Causing terror is a prank? What is your next “prank” an illusion that our grain stores are gone and we will starve? An illuison that someone’s child is dead? (sarcastically) Ha Ha what a prank that would be huh?

Gallery (vocalized YEAs, angry glares at Tobold, ’he’s a drunk’)

Talos: (bangs gavel to settle crowd down) The Church of St Cuthbert has kept this town safe from evil, helped the needy, built community projects, provides a safe space…. half of my community worships him. And you accuse our priest of being greedy and so you decide to TERRORIZE OTHERS?

Gallery (murmurs)

Talos: Mother GemCatcher, can you please tell us what Garl Glittergold says about community

GemCatcher: From the Book of Gold, Garl States (clears throat) Communities are forged through the cooperation and communal spirit of a group of individuals who work and play together. The strength of a community is the cooperation that binds individuals into more than the sum of their contributions

Talos: would you not say that Sheernob and Hommlet form a community?

GemCatcher: I do

Talos: Then I present to you by Garl Glittergold, a deity this Tobold professes to worship, GARL’S OWN WORDS that Tobold has acted outside of community and should be removed from such……

Gallery (raucous applause)

Trial of Tobold VII
Homlett now has power over Sherrnob

Talos: What Tobold says is true, he did not tell us of the portal. We had suspicions for some time. But he is not without blame, his actions brought others into our confidence, who may not share your want to keep it secret. We used a little subterfuge to gain that knowledge

GemCatcher: The portal is well guarded, it leads to a great gnome city underground, a thousand gnomes stand at the other end. We do this only for our economic advantage it gives us to more easily acquire items from deep underground

Talos: I I figured as much. Seeing that our villages have no quarrel, and that I currently see nothing nefarious going on…as long as Rufus can get a look at the other side. AND that there will be a shared agreement for mutual monetary benifit to this town. A trade agreement will be drawn up that is mutually beneficial to both villages…..ALL IN THE BUILDING SWEAR TO ME THIS REMAINS IN THIS ROOM UNLESS I DECIDE OTHERWISE

Crowd (collectively) EYE

Burne: (looking at something glowing in his lap) Everyone has spoken EYE, everyone has truth

GemCatcher: This is very agreeable to us (you can tell she is unhappy, but has little choice). Thank you Talos and the others of Hommlet, we look forward to a prosperous future

Talos We will discuss later, Now back to the task at hand……

Trial of Tobold VI
Tobold exposes town secret

Talos: (speaking now to the village elder of Sheernob instead of Tobold) So you say you have lost your trust in him

GemCatcher: His actions have put me and my village at a disadvantage. We have nothing but good will toward Hommlet…his actions are inconceivable.

Talos: and what of his gang, these “contraptioneers” that the acused spoke of"

(2 gnomes stand, one of the ones who hired the party)

Nilker (gnome): He is not one of us, we are all cousins

Gruble (gnome): And we are not a gang. We are the tinkerers and builders of Sheernob. The accused Tobold had used our services to build equipment.

Talos: So he is known to you

Gruble: Yes but only as a business acquaintance. This is why we hired him as to find one of our members who’d gone missing. We helped train him but only because he did great by our town, defending it from attack….We hired him to find our cousin Fraggart

Talos: Yes I believe your compatriot Fraggart has stolen your ransom. A note has even been seen telling of his not wanting to be found, admittedly in his own handwriting…..So why would you send Tobold?

Nilker: We don’t believe that, we don’t believe Fraggart has stolen the money. There is nothing I can convince you of, but Tobold is here because we hired him to do a job, few beleive us. We are worried about Fraggart

Gruble: a job that he has obviously screwed up as he was hired to find clues to our missing cousin, not get himself arrested in a good town that we have nothing but fine feelings for…..

Nilker: we are officially rescinding our offer in hiring Tobold to find our cousin Fraggart . If he screws up this bad on the first day, I’d hate to see what he’d do in a week….

Gruble (turning to Tobold) How could you be so callous? Fraggart is missing, and even if what you said is true, that these are just pranks, you are still neglecting a member of your community who we feel is in grave danger. If he dies while you are in the stockade, his blood is on your hands

Talos: ENOUGH! (bangs gavel while glaring at Gruble) we are here to see if his crimes are worth punishment, if you wish to raise additional charges against this gnome….


Talos: GemCatcher get your townsfolk under control !

GemCatcher: Nilker, Gruble….we have no way of charging Tobold with anything. You chose to hire him against everyone’s advise that it was Fraggart who stole the ransom money and is long gone. Tobold’s actions will be brought up with the other elders, you may speak then….

Talos: Thank you GemCatcher, your friendship with our village has brougth me nothing but joy until this moment… I have to ask you something serious. What is this portal to the underdark that I am hearing about that exists in your town, I want the TRUTH!

GemCatcher (looks confused as do Gruble and Nilker) I did not know I would be on trial….

Talos: We are allies and if you have held a secret this could be an endpoint…..

GemCatcher: We are a loose collection of minors who dig deep into the earth to harvest gems…..


GemCatcher (begins to stumble with her words, then looks at Tobold) What have you done?

(The tension in the room thickens as it look like Hommlet has found out about the gnome’s secret teleporter)
Trial of Tobold 5

Tobold: I never knew about any library. I just wanted information as to Hellhounds from Calmert (gallery laughs ’he’s a drunk’). I don’t have much experience with humans or clerics of any religion, i thought it was a little outrageous to charge me for information, so i decided to play a little joke on the cleric. I didnt realize how serious it would be.

Talos: A prank you say? (looks concerned) Calmert what say you?

Calmert: Yes he asked for a service, information, and then felt it outrageous to pay a small sum for the service, just like he says. He is healthy and fat, with good gear, obviously one of means, yet he could not spare a copper? And he calls me greedy? A copper feeds someone needy for a day, and his pockets are bulging with them.

Tobold: Again, i acted foolishly, but i did repay him two gold marks.

Talos: Is his debt settled?

Calmert (grumbles) surly his 2 gold are are more than welcome addition. But his actions were not foolish as he has stated, they were intentional as he has also stated.

Talos: agreed guilty of intentional payment fraud by all who have spoken. (turns to Tobold) you bring chaos in here and consider our lawfulness “foolish”? A simple copper is too much for you? To a town that has welcomed you, offered you a job and purpose?

Calmert: but then he blasphemed

Tobold: When i asked if Cuthbert was similar to Pholtus, he threw me out. I meant no disrespect or malice, i just didnt know any better. This is why i decided to play a prank on him at the meeting

Burne: (magic user is looking at something in his lap, puts his hand up, Talos nods)

Calmert: He tells a partial truth, he did not say similar he said the same

Talos: Yet surly this is just syntax. You not agree he said he was not familiar with the religion.

Calmert: Yes, but his actions later, show that he has knowledge of Pholtus and how spiteful he is to Cuthbert….why else would he use this particular symbol as a “prank” He knew it would be offense to half this town…..

Talos: agreed, but we have not come to his yet. (looks at Tobold) You can not be judged for intentional blasphemy yet, we need all evidence in order to see the truth……Tobold you are not lying when you say you consider our laws foolish but your confession of guilt in this matter is welcome and I thank you for telling the truth.

Talos: (Looks at the Sheernob village elder, an ancient looking female gnome)
And you honerable gnome, (motions at Tobold) this is yours? You send him here, a town that has been friendly to yours, shed blood with yours and this is how one of your subjects act here?

Gemcatcher: (the Sheernob village elder glares at Tobold menacingly)
Talos, you know we’ve had great relations up until this point, do not let the actions of this one be used to judge us all.

Talos: It is not his actions that trouble me, it is the actions of Sheernob. Do you disavow his actions as a representative?

GemCatcher: Yes, this gnome was a fringe in our village, fringe is someone who lives near the village, not really a part. But he performed some heroic deeds, some skeletons had arrisen and moved on our village, he acted heroically His actions elevated his status in our village

Talos so you trust him?

Gemcatcher, We did, his current actions have left that in limbo

Tobold: gets even angrier, his high pitched voice getting shriller as he struggles in the chair. “You accuse me of blasphemy when i already admitted to worshipping Garl, the gnomish god of laughter and jokes. You accuse me of theft when i have stolen nothing. You accuse me of conspiring with goblins when i came here to warn your town of increased activity, and even killed a significant group. The bodies and evidence should still be there, it was only s couple days ago. Why was this never investigated? You accuse me of spying, yet i announced who i was and what my intentions were. May Garl Glittergold take all of you and laugh the entire time!” And turning to his elder in Gnomish, “ dont worry. I wont sell out our town’s secret. Please make sure my family is taken care of, they are innocent in this matter”

Trial of Tobold 4
Tobold's story unravels

Tobold: Cant one of you spell users see Im telling the truth?

Talos: (smiles) of course Mister Tobold, Detect Lie only works if you ask questions, and although you’ve answered truthfully thus far (smiles menacingly)…but there is more yet to come And this is why your story continues to confuse us. Now as to your interest in Hellhounds….

Tobold: I know nothing of these hellhounds, i was asking questions as a personal interest of mine in undead lore. I track down stories and see if they have any merit or base in truth and what can be done about them.

Talos: For your personal interest information Hellhounds are not undead, so you can add that to your knowledge of the undead or lack thereof. Quite a mistake for a specialized undead hunter such as yourself (sarcastic). And then you spoke of talking undead? Talking Hellhounds perhaps? (muffled laughter from the gallery ’he’s a drunk’)

Tobold: Talking undead I heard about just after i joined my group, and travelling with them allows me to study and hunt undead.

Talos: Your group, you’ve been with them two weeks according to them? Forced upon them as a condition to use your village as a travel point? Your group doesn’t seem to consider you a part. This could easily be a ruse to look over our village defenses……

Tobold: My interest in the tower was purely to see the view and the surrounding area. I dont have anything to do with goblins and other than my foolish trick during the town meeting i have done no wrong doing. You may ask the smith who i visited after the tower.

Talos: Yes Clang, the smith does say you visited him to see about weapon crafting….

Tobold: I dont have anything to do with goblins and other than my foolish trick during the town meeting I have done no wrong doing. You may ask the smith who i visited after the tower. My whereabouts have been accounted for since i came into town. Other than my own stupidity, which i have apologized numerous times about that it was just a foolish joke, i have done nothing you accuse me of.

Talos: Well let us see about this, Calmert Noble Cleric of Cuthbert you tell a different story….

Calmert: Yes he attempted theft through deception, although he was caught he does tell the truth that he did not steal, but he attepted to do so…..Four came to my parish, The cleric of Helm, and the quiet elfen girl entered first, the gnome and a halfling a few minutes later. I did not know them to be together, but learned later they came into town in a larger group.

Talos: and you say he atempted to steal? What?

Calmert: The four approached me for knowledge, asked about village happendings and wanted to use the library. I did not ask, but tapped the donation box. The Elf girl and cleric donated coin yet this gnome treid his gnome illusionist trick to pretend to donate. For wwhich he was thrown from the church

Talos: So he did not actually steal, he is not lying when he says he is not guilty of theft…..but he is guilty of attempted theft then?

Helm: (under his breath) Payment Fraud

Calmert: Say I and say his compatriots, Helm and Alynis. They attempted to smooth his trangression over, pleading they had just met him and do not know much about him. Snce they were truthful I allowed them to stay

Talos: Rufus I understand you have somethign to add.

Rufus: Yes later I asked him about this, he said it is a joke and called Calmert a “greedy ass” (gasp from gallery)

Borton: (stands) AGENT OF PHOLTUS! (points at Tobold accusingly)

Talos: Borton you’ve been warned OUT! (points to the door, Borton slinks out, escorted by a guard)

Burne: Tobold was telling the truth about worshipping Garl Glittergold, I do not beleive him to be an agent of Pholtus……

Talos: Tobold do you have a defense for this action, attempting to decieve through illusion as to gain access to the library and answers to your questions?

Tobold: Inever knew about any library. I just wanted information as to hellhounds from Calmert. (gallery laughs again ’he’s a drunk’) I dont have much experience with humans or clerics of any religion, i thought it was a little outrageous to charge me for information, so i decided to play a little joke on the cleric. I didnt realize how serious it would be. Again, i acted foolishly, but i did repay him two gold marks. When i asked if Cuthbert was similar to Pholtus, he threw me out. I meant no disrespect or malice, i just didnt know any better. This is why i decided to play a prank on him at the meeting.

Talos: A prank you say? (Talos looks very concerned )

Trial of Tobold 3
Tobold's 'drunken' stories

Talos then asks Tobold

What say the accused?

Talos: What of these Hellhounds?
Tobold: I know nothing of these hellhounds, i was asking questions as a personal interest of mine in undead lore. I track down stories and see if they have any merit or base in truth and what can be done about them.

Talos: Which villager told you “Hellhounds” were terrorizing them?
Tobold: People at the Inn told stories, a giant black dog
Talos: So you hear stories over drink and you accept them as true, jumping to the conclusion that it is a Hellhound? (shakes his head)

Talos: Talking Undead? Where did you encounter these?
Tobold: Talking undead i heard about just after i joined my group, and travelling with them allows me to study and hunt undead.
Talos: No doubt you heard of them in anohter tavern after drink?
Gallery: (quiet chuckling whispers of ’he’s a drunk’ )

Talos: Was your investigation of our defensive tower to scout it out for another purpose?
Tobold: My interest in the tower was purely to see the view and the surrounding area. I dont have anything to do with goblins and other than my foolish trick during the town meeting i have done no wrong…You may ask the smith who i visited after the tower. My whereabouts have been accounted for since i came into town. Other than my own stupidity, which i have apologized numerous times about that it was just a foolish joke, i have done nothing you accuse me of. Can’t one of you spell users see Im telling the truth?

Trial of Tobold 2
Tobold spoils all future tower tours

Tobold I am a worshiper of Garl Glittergold, ask the leatherworker were I went after I saw him. I am not a thief

Talos: It has been established that the accused then went to the Tower, and was seen by Rufus and Burne. May I remind everyone that no crime has been established yet. Most honorable wizard of Hommlet your story?

Burne: The gnome came to us with a warning. A tale of goblins they on the road from Sheernob.

Talos: Did he say he came from Sheernob?

Burne: Yes he identified that he was from Sheernob and works with a group called “The Contraptioneers” to protect the surrounding forests from undead. His group was out hunting bandits when they ran into goblins. They tracked both groups back to the Hommlett area according to him

Talos: And Rufus was there and agrees with this statement

Rufus: Yes all that is true. This caused me pen a letter to the Viscount about bandits and goblins in the area. But then the gnome went off on a tangent. He said that there were “Hellhounds” about who were terrorizing the villagers and that he was an expert undead hunter and a Gnarley Ranger in training

Burne: Tis true as well, We laughed at his hellhound stories, similar to the old lore of this village. He had surely taken villagers telling of ancient times for current goings on. And his stories of undead as none have been here for ages. Even sillier was his notion of joining the Gnarley, he seemed impetuous, and jumpy, not Gnarly Ranger material at all

Rufus: It is then that he told of Talking undead and the Temple of Evil. By now his conversation was convoluted and odd. Hellhounds, talking undead….we figured he’d been on the pipe-weed. I folded up my letter to the Viscount. He told of Bandits whose trail led back here, and a rise of undead activity, even though we’ve seen none

Burne: And that they were looking for a fellow gnome named Fraggart, who was in this village some time ago faked his own disappearance to steal money, Tobold even has a note to such.

Rufus: He asked to see the tower, and was most likely a mistake on our parts, his odd behavior should have put our guard up, but we felt he was harmless and showed him about. Even offered him a position in the Crayfish, thought at the very least an independent scout would be of use

Talos: SO it will come later in this trial that he may be an agent working with the goblins. And YOU TWO may have shown him our defenses?

Tobold: I am no agent of the goblins GNOMES HATE GOBLINS!

Burne: A huge mistake on our part.
Rufus: (grumbles) and the Crayfish Ranger offer is now officially withdrawn
Burne: Any feeling that we do not have the village defenses in our hearts at all times is wrong. No more tower tours, ever.

The Trial of Tobold 1

Everyone awakens in the Inn

Vinny has again gone missing
Storm has returned to the druid grove and will not attend
Tobold in jail

You are told that your presence is requested at the trial of Tobold Trufflehunter by Renton the captain of the militia.


Tobold remembers laying down on the human sized cot in his cell and then he most likely fell asleep. But he is now in different surroundings. He recognizes the interior of the town hall where he caused the disruption of the town meeting

His head feels funny, he is woozy….

He is in a seated position with his feet in wooden stocks,they are freshly carved
He wrists are in metal cuffs in his lap, the cuffs are buzzing as if bees are inside the metal

He is on the stage where the village elders sat

In front of him are many townspeople, and some of this partyhe recognizes
Calmert the cleric and several others from the church
Talos the village elder
Burne the magic user and leader of civilian affairs
Renton the captain of the militia
Rufus the fighter and leader of city defenses
Sheernob village Elder
2 of the contraptioneers

Tobold realizes there are armed men behind him

Talos the village elder steps forward to a podium and cracks it with a wooden gavel

Talos: Tobold Trufflehunter of Sheernob….you are charged with numerous offenses ranging from general disorder, theft, and being party to a goblin attack. In the coming proceedings we will present our case against you and you will have opportunity to speak. assuming you would not like to spare us all a whole bunch of time and plead guilty to all crimes…we will begin

Tobold: “Theft? I paid my tab for the brandy and my breakfast. What is this?”

Talos: Ostler Gungidoot please come forward (the innkeeper steps up)
Oslter you witnessed this gnome in your Inn yesterday, what say you about his behavior, and do you have anything to say for or against him?

Ostler: He came with a group of others, we welcomed them as they seemed to be weary travelers. They seemed fit to fight, yet also had wares to sell. He did not stay with the others for long. The group stayed within my Inn for food and drink, he hurried outside I believe to find a tailor and speak with those in charge of town. What he did after he left my Inn I do not know. His companions were decent, paying customers, two got a bit drunk, but paid their tabs

Talos: (to Tobold) Ostler says no theft from him, correct Ostler?

Ostler: Correct

Talos: So you have no knowledge of his whereabouts after that?

Ostler: None, other that he was headed to the Tower when he left

Talos: So no wrongdoing at the Inn is established…Say All? (he questions the gallery)

Many members in the crowd" “EYE

Talos: No wrongdoing at the Inn is carried through

(Ostler sits)

Talos: Leatherworker Borton is asked to stand

(the leatherworker whom you asked to make barding for you stands)

Talos: Borton it is told that this gnome came to see you about Leatherwork

Borton: Yes (raising voice) this infernal agent of Pholtus came to see me

Talos: It has not been establsihed he is an agent of Pholtus, did he do something to lead you to believe this?

Borton: No But he did seem shady, wanting to wrap a fox in armor, like the armor on a goblin’s worg

Talos: We have not established his relationships with goblins either, Borton you will refrain from speculating and only answer the questions

Borton: Yes he came to me with a proposal for leather barding for a fox that he rides…..

Talos: was there money exchanged

Borton: no just a good faith exchange and an estimation of costs…..

Talos: So this gnome did no wrong by you at that time?

Borton: No he did not

Talos: He then left?

Borton: Yes he was walking toward the tower in the company of a halfling

Tobold: I denigh being a thief and conspiring with goblins. I’m a follower of Garl Glittergold and encourages the people to find out where he went after the leatherworkers.


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