What a ghost wants

As the Ghost tells the story that in order to escape his bones must be taken from here….

Kvothe climbs to Vinny’s side and says “we can place your bones”

There is a shout in Dwarven behind you and you turn to see Tiberious take a running LEAP, his shield forward, into the orb trap. POP POP POP CLANG POP the orbs fire at the dwarf, one of them striking his shield, and then he turns into a silvery cloud. Kvothe and Vinny have seen him do this once before, the silvery cloud ZIPPS 30 feet and then dissipates Tiberious’ form becoming corporeal again on the 3 foot ledge to the side of the ghost ghoul

TIBERIOUS HAMMRSMYTH,” the dwarf thunders and then bows adding, “at your service”

The ghost/ghoul turns and clasps his hands together, clapping although no sound comes out….“Yea!” he says

Tobold thinks “why not” and charges through the hail of orbs. His small statue means that most pass harmlessly over his head, one strikes his shoulder but does not knock him off the plank, he is over as well. “You really are adventuring heroes.” gasps the ghost as Tobold dashes through the hail of obs emerging mostly unscathed, but rubbing his shoulder where a orb grazed him.

The ghost/ghoul’s visage is terrible this close up, but its personality is that of a star stuck teenager.

Before I let you in, you must agree to return my bones, says the ghost
Kvothe says “we agree to return your bones”

Alister looks at Vinny “you all must promise to return my bones,” and then to Tobold “I have been here so very long, I just want to sleep” Vinny promises and Tobold asks “Where are your bones Alister?” Tobold is keeping as much distance as possible…..

“I wanted to adventure, but my family are boring farmers…milk the goats Alister, feed the chickens…Alister have you cleaned the poop out the barn?” his voice gets whiny and nasally as he says this."

(You assume his name is Alister)

“My bones are inside, at the bottom of the air column” The ghost fades and all is eerily quiet.

Vinny moves forward away from the door and begins looking for secret doors. Tiberious and Kvothe are 5 feet from the door when they hear it “click” as a latch grinds metalicly. Light as if daylight filters to your eyes

The door moves with a hiss of air to one side as cool dry air blows out at you, you hear air passing as if a light wind is blowing about, From your limited vantage you can see walkway extending behind the door, pitch black depth to either side.

The walkway turns right and left folowing a curved wall and heads straight but appears to be broken. There is a centeral platform in the middle of a huge round room 100 feet in diameter.

It feels as though it leads outside as it is light and there seems to be a fresh breeze blowing, but you know you are very deep underground

Full on Broadside

The ghost had been watchign intently as the group bowled, even clapping at the win. Now Vinny has drawn daggers and begins walking across the plank. Kvothe is hurried to get his rope and climb under the plank shimming below and behind Vinnny above

Tiberious has raised his shield
Tobold is lighting something
Kvothe is climbing under the plank

Vinny is cautiously traversing the plank, a keen eye turned toward the holes
He hears something behind him and turns to see Kvothe hanging under the plank, using a length of rope between his hands and gripping it with his feet, he is moving at your speed about 5’ round

As vinny gets to the 15 foot mark he feels a breeeze then hears POP POP POP POP and the tinkling of broken glass

Iron orbs are being propelled out of the wall at him, he dodges deftly but one of the orbs strikes him for 1 point of damage. The blow is severe enough to almost knock him from the plank, but he’s easily made his DEX check and remains on the plank

There is a whoosh from ahead on the left as a fire erupts in the pit. The fire is the size of a bonfire 5 feet around and 5 feet high, but the orbs had threatened to topple Vinny into it. It is very localized only one 5 foot area of flame (Tobold has thrown a flask of oil)

Vinny continues to be pelted with orbs, POP POP POP POP this time they miss, or just nick him. They are spraying out one after another randomly from all the holes, he is standing in the “kill zone”

The ghoul is standing there observing and as the orbs begin to pop yells out in his childlike voice “Don’t just stand there dummy, you are in a trap!” he seems to be concerned with Vinny. Vinny feels something wrapping about his waist, he worries at first but when it doesn’t pull him in any direction. He looks down and see the rope of climbing has “tied” itself to you. Looking back he sees that his compatriots have created a safety line to haul Vinny back in case something happens. The gnome and dwarf, Tobold and Tiberious give Vinny the thumbs up to proceed

Vinny is hit twice more taking 7 more points of damage (8 total) but makes DEX saving throw each time

The ghoul/ghost looks to be excited and seems to be rooting for you to make it, calling out “OUCH” when the orbs hit you, and “Come on Come On” as if he is rooting for a sporting event

Vinny makes it out of the kill zone there is 15 more feet of board at the end stands the ghoul/ghost . The orbs stop shooting, Kvothe is still under the plank, just behind Vinny.

As Vinny nears the end of the plank he sees that there is a 3 foot ledge that the plank rests on, behind it a metal door almost invisible in the wall that the plank leads directly too

“Congratulations,” says the ghoul/ghost. Vinny can see that it was most likely a teenager, its head is bent at a frightening angle, its eyes pupil-less black, with long black finger nails. It lacks the canine appearance of a ghoul though.

“Look out for “pit traps” comes the diminutive voice of Tobold the gnome from behind him

The ghost continues, “I have been here for decades unable to leave, punished for leaving my family. I just wanted to be an adventurer….”

" I can not leave this tomb, and only when adventures set foot in it do I come from limbo. I’ve seen many adventurers come, many die by the traps. I’ve seen a few adventurers make it this far. This ball pit has killed them. Except for two occasions, those two were clerics and the jerks dispelled me before I could make my plea"

His voice lowers slightly and he speaks a bit louder,
“Due to my ethereal state I can pass through the wall behind me, you can not. No matter what you do, I assure you… you can not get through this door.”

“His voice lowers again,” I will undue the latch on the other side, and open the door, there is a fantastic tomb on the other side, with a column of air and magical statues…. but I need promises, promises from each one of you that you will take my bones to my family. That is the only way I can be rid of this prison"

Bowling for Ghosts

Tobold wants to throw the ball onto the plank. He also suggests a little more illumination, and indicates throwing a lantern-oil filled firebomb near where the worm was seen…..then he gets a playful idea “anyone heard of bowling? How about a wager as to who can roll one of these balls the farthest down the narrow plank”

“First lets deal with this,” Vinny gets out Turok’s sward and plunges it into the metal ball pit, and then activates the lighting function. ZAP-electricity crackles through the pit, “SKREEEEE” something screams inside the pit. “And that is how you do it,” Vinny smiles slightly

“Excellent!” yells the ghost , “thought those things would eat you for sure”

“Now for bowling,” Tobold gleefully exclaims

Gold is anted into a pile 10 from each

“What are you doing?” questions the ghost

Tobold whose idea this was steps up, shimmys a bit, and rolls his orb….the orb goes just over 40 feet before falling into the pit…..“Dam” Tobold exclaims wishing had cast an illusion to make it look like his orb went all the way. As you begin bowling the ghoul’s voice becomes that of a fan, he seems to hop up and down like an excited child watching a sporting event.

Vinny steps up with some confidence and rolls his orb……..almost all the way. Vinny’s orb travels almost 60 feet before falling off the plank and hitting the far wall inside the pit. “Awesome,” says the ghost.

Tiberious and Kvothe can’t match Vinny’s throw, both of theirs traveling further than Tobold, but not as far as Vinny, who scoops up his winnings. The ghost cheering “Whoo Hoo for the Halfling!” then " Awwww," when Kvothe’s ball falls off the plank

Vinny’s ball goes the furthest and he fist pumps a “yes” comming out of his mouth. Then (rolled the 1) falls over onto his backside, the others chuckle and throw their coin at him. The ghost yells “Congratulations to the winner”

Tobold questions “one tie all tie?” and then “double or nothing but your orb has to make it to the end, we keep rolling until someone makes it?”

As the others talk about bowling again, Vinny begins walking across the obviously trapped plank. He doesn’t seem to be in a trance, seems confident in his ability to deal with the trap

He is already 5 feet out on the plank before you even notice.

Ball Pit of Death 2

Tiberious softly states “I’m assuming the iron balls below are what are fired from the walls. As we have plenty of smalls here, can we crawl on the plank and get past the trap?”
(It looks like a ball fired from the lowest holes would still strike a small even flattened on the beam)

Tobold says in a hush whisper “I think that thing over there is a ghost. Ghosts are remnants of their former selves, sometimes their deaths are troublesome and that is why they become ghosts”

Vinny speaks in a whisper, “I think it’s a sound trap with the obvious balance and arrows and what ever is in the pit. I actually wish Storm was here. He could teleport across. Suggestions?”

Tiberious “I’m not going to get that mamby-pamby elf, it is so much better with him not here. Look, there are no holes below the beam.” He looks up to see if there is something to secure a rope on. As there is something moving down there, I’d rather not climb down. I would swing across, however." (The ceiling is smooth and looks to be rock, as do the walls no place to attach a rope) " I could CHARGE across with my shield as protection!" Tiberiuos boasts.

“AH HA,” says Kvothe “No swinging, no charging. I keep a two foot piece of rope in my thieves bag for this very reason. I hold on to each end and shimmy down underneath with my legs squeezing the plank."

They all think this is a wise idea except Tobold who says “You guys are crazy! Maybe w don’t have to cross this, maybe you can ask your new friend (ghost) where his bones are, maybe we should turn around!. And what about those iron orbs?

Kvothe He is for finding out what those balls are, then shimming under the plank.

Tobold says to Tiberious “Hold off on the charge big guy," The gnome calling Tiberious ‘big guy’ makes Tiberious smile, "let’s see what’s in this pit first. As long as that ghostie isn’t doing anything more menacing than existing, let’s figure out the threat we don’t know yet. Besides, the trap is sound activated. All that armor and those clunky boots might set it off.” Tobold sighs, not liking not having anywhere to hide, he says “Throw me the rope” He sends the rope of climbing to wrap around an orb, bringing it back to him it is just that a “cannonball”

Ball Pit of Death

Vinny turns and you realize it is indeed him,
Kvothe is already near him removes his cloak and says “hi”
Tobold (who has a flask of oil/firebomb ready) and Tiberious advance

Kvothe, Vinny Tobold and Tiberious are now at the circular door

Beyond is a room

There is a round opening, you can tell that it is a door of some sort, now open.
Around the opening are 7 indentations, by the chips on the ground someone has pried something from each slot recently. (Storm stole the gems) Since the chips are not dust covered, either Storm or Kvothe has 7 items pried from the holes

On the other side is a 20 foot wide passage 50 feet long with a 20 foot high ceiling.
But there is no floor, only a 3 foot wide wooden plank, seemingly cut from a single tree, extending the length of the passage. 10 feet below the plank are hundreds of iron balls the size of oranges Something is moving in the spheres and making noise

Vinny points to the walls on either side
About 15 feet out are numerous fist sized holes
“Trap” he says “something probably shoots out of those holes at anyone on the beam, I can’t find the trigger”

At the far side is a translucent child, looks like a ghost, but you can see it has long black fingernails like a ghoul, it seems to be giggling at you. Kvothe says “That’s the ghoul ghost I saw earlier that wanted us to retrieve and move its bones”

Something is rustling in the ball pit, the balls making a slight metallic clanking as if something were shifting under them, you just thought you saw a serpentine tail…….

The Tomb ?

While the rest of the party is confused and Turok snores, Kvothe returns to an odd situation. The party looks to have battled each other? He shakes his head and lets his findings be known. Helm Storm and Alynis stay with the snoring Turok, while Tiberious, Tobold, Kvothe move back up to where Kvothe found the “ball pit”

(Vinny has already headed there w/o the others knowing)

Leaving his fox below, Tobold climbs the rope, followed by Tiberious. Tiberious and Tobold move down the short tunnel previously explored by both Storm and Kvothe, the rope of climbing and they are up within a narrow passage 10×10 , 30 feet off the ground and extending away from the tunnel. (Fox can not use the rope and remains in the passage below)

The passage is scarred on the ground, as if heavy objects were dragged down its surface.

The passage is 60 feet long and at the extent of their darkvision they see a shape in a round doorway….It looks like Vinny but they are behind him and only using the black and white of their dark vision to see. You are unsure of when he left the room below and how he got up here so fast

Vinny is in the doorway, 60 feet away, looking inside, his back to you

You swear you hear a giggling sound like that of a young child at play

Tiberious uses hand signals to tell Tobold to sneak up and scout. I make too much noise walking. If the giggling turns evil, I charge to protect Tobold.

Tiberious sees Kvothe climbing the rope, Holds Tobold and waits for Kvothe

Kvothe pulls the cloak of elvenkind over his head and advances on Vinny

When he gets to Vinny he sees Vinny move inside the doorway, there is a small ledge, Vinny is surveying the area, looking at the walls before getting down on his hands and knees to observe the underside of the wooden beam that spans the pit.

Kvote is sure this is Vinny, he was able to move away under cover of the swirling lights and Turok goofiness.

Beyond the face is a 60 foot long room which falls away into a pit full of iron orbs the size of oranges. a thin 3 foot wide plank, looking like wood stretches to the other side. Numerous holes dot the side walls.

At the far side a glowing blue figure spoke to Kvothe earlier. It looks like a teenage human boy, but his neck is bent at an odd angle and his fingernails are long black claws. “Yes you look like hero adventurers!” it says sounding gleeful.

Turok tires to kill the Gnome again

Kvothe is off investigating the mouth at the end of the upper passage that Storm ahd previously looked over. He notices that somethign ahs been pried from the stonework around the face.

The Red elevator rises with a hiss of air and a wet Barbarian emerges carrying the missing red lantern. The party thinks they can get the lanterns off Turok but he speaks in an ominous voice “give me the gnome” holding up the lantern in trade.

Tobold is terrified, knowing the barbarian tried to kill him once already, he retreats as the others try to calm Turok. Vinny and Tiberious are nearest Turok, but no reasoning will help, Turok is bent on hurting or possibly killing the gnome.

Turok fights with several of the others as he tries to get to the gnome and they try to get the red lantern. Turok is temporarily restrained as spells look to hold without hurting him, but Tobold has had enough and a crossbow bolt sticks into Turok’s bicep. Enraged the barbarian fights against the magic that others have used to hold him. He is disarmed and Tobold rushes away with Turok’s sword, threatening to drop the sword down one of the elevator shafts unless Turok stops his fight against the rest of the party.

Turok’s head bobs down, he’s gone to sleep….quickly the others tie him tight, not really knowing why he’s snoring and asleep.

Storm has come out of the statue and is quietly amused at the party’s infighting. Helm and Alynis are watchign teh barbarian as the others hang the Red Lantern and light it. The lights are now disorienting in the room, a swirling multicolored snow storm.

Kvothe up near the face trap is startled as the face rolls back from the wall, moving into a recess and allowing access to a passage beyond (placing all lit lanterns activated) Beyond the face is a 60 foot long room which falls away into a pit full of iron orbs the size of oranges. a thin 3 fooot wide plank, looking like wood streaches to the other side. Numerous holes dot the side walls.

At the far side a glowing blue figure speaks to Kvothe. “Haha good work, you’ve figured out your way in, now if you will please gather my bones and return them to my family…….” Kvothe pulls his cloak u and returns to the others to let them knwo what is going on.

Back in the ROY G BIV room

As the lights continue to sparkle around them , the others decide to move the stone to the green corridor. Again there is an ominous shaking and rumbling but the group waits to see what occurs. The elevator drops and sounds of crashing are heard. Then a skittering growing louder, a FOUNTAIN of beetles erupts from the shaft. A beetle swarm that is terrifying, area magic and fire is used to destroy in as hundreds of beetles pop and hiss in their death throws.

And then the party hears one of the elevators rising with a hiss of air, coming up the red corridor. It opens and it is Tobold the gnomes. "He describes the statue chasing Turok into the water and that the Barbarian may be in trouble.

At this point another elevator rises from the yellow corridor. As everyone assumes it will be Vinny, but they are surprised when a humanoid figure of stone yells out “How do I get out of here?” The stone figure looking like and unfinished statue of rock is engaged in conversation as the group points and tells it about the stairs where the spider webs are. The creature shambles to the web stairs and plunges into the webs, spiders coursing about it.

There is another hiss of air as the elevator in the red corridor descends, and again as the yellow one does as well. The rock creature has moved through the spider webs and is gone. Another hiss of air and the yellow elevator returns, now Vinny steps out, “Did anyone see an inquisitive statue come up?” The group relates the tale and where it went, Vinny decides not to follow. The yellow elevator descends and returns with Igneight.

Storm becomes a statue

Turok is still groggy from whatever had taken hold of him, he moves into the corridor. The Gnome seeing his tormentor moving toward him stops and creates an illusion so the Barbarian wont see him. Conveniently there are two alcoves set in the hallway, looking like closets that the gnome is able to back into and hide.

Turok finds the submerged staircase that the Gnome was investigation earlier. The water is cold but Turok is curious to what lies beneath, and has a ring of cold protection on. Drawing in his breath he goes for a swim.

Meanwhile Storm is experimenting with a spell Meld into Stone, Something in the spell malfunctions and storm is transmuted into the statue, he finds he has rough control of the statue (as if piloting a giant robot) as the statue was articulated as a trap. But he can not see, only hear and only muffled sounds. Having a rough idea of the layout of the area he topples himself from the pedestal and begins smashing about.

Terrified the Gnome holds his illusion not knowing the statue which has now crawled into the corridor is Storm. Turok is beneath the water surface and swimming about.

Turok’s constitution allows him a long time underwater and he moves to the left of the corridor. Storm is bashing the statues form and also slips beneath the water. Something grabs Turok and he bashes at it to get it to let him go. The huge statue complicates things as the water is churned up with the 3 actors struggles.

Turok knows he has to take a breath soon as he sees something shiny and red, he grabs for it and beats a hasty retreat to the entrance. As eh breaks the surface and gulps air, he realizes he’s found the missing red lantern. With the water churning behind him he moves to the elevator to go show the others.

Vinny moves down a corridor

Vinny drops from the block and finds a long corridor with 3 alcoves on each side. Statues of the androgynous figures are tucked into each alcove. Vinny finds that they each have air blowing from their cupped hands, as if something was once balanced on the air column coming form their hands. As he advances down the corridor the air gets very cold and there is a faint light ahead.

A floating aberration looking like a DNA strand toped with eyes moves at Vinny from the darkness. He’s scared enough to dodge and attack it, its eyes shoot rays of light at him, but they miss and his daggers cut it apart and it falls like sinew cut from bone.

The corridor ends in a large 50×50 room with a centeral support wich looks to have fonts on each side spilling mass of hardened debris, it is very cold in the room but Vinny has his ring of cold protection. there is light coming from an entrance way to the right, but the debris pile obscures the opening. He moves away form the mass to the left. There is an entrance to a very nice bedroom. A huge stone bed above which a statue of an androgynous humanoid with outstretched hands beckons to to sleep.

Vinny finds the bed has many small holes and air billowing out like the statues. You could sleep on a column of air on this “mattress” There are many drawers and a wardrobe built into the walls, but they look to have been emptied ages ago, as there is nothing but dust now.

Vinny moves around the back of the column, a toilet in the far wall. He avoids the mass and moves into a room that looks like an an artists studio, but is easily seen as light is spilling from the ceiling, looking as if sunlight (daylight spell?) has been permanently cast. Worktables, vices, blocks of partially cut marble and chisel like tools adorn the room.
Dominating the room is an unfinished statue of a bare chested androgynous humanoid holding a staff. In the far corner a black egg sits on a red pedestal.

After some investigation the egg is touched and starts to vibrate, Vinny backs off as the egg tumbles to the ground and grows inside into a vague humanoid form, a little larger than Vinny. A gruff voice speaks out of it in common, ""How do I get out of here?" Vinny has never seen an earth elemental before, engaging it in conversation it just asks to be “let out”

Vinny eventually guides it to the elevator showing it how to push the buttons, and sends it upstairs…..


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