The interrogation

Storm has found items on the scarred female indication she is a cleric of Iuz. Several other members have Iuz tattoos and symbols. They all have very good adventuring gear and weapons.

Helm now recognizes him as the “false” HELM night he talked to in Zulern market. Helm starts asking the bowman some questions

This is a human male about 30, he is thin and looks dexterous. He has short military hair. He was very skilled with his bow and also carried a longsword

Now that you have removed some of his possessions, you see that he has several prominent tattoos.
He has the grinning skull symbol of Iuz tattooed on his forehead which was covered by a cap.
His left arm looks as though the bones are showing through torn flesh
His Right Arm looks as though a gash in his bicep is pouring blood down his forearm

Helm: Where are you from?
Captive: Around, here there…you know

Helm: What are you doing here?
Captive: Heard there were valuables…gold down here

H;What are your orders?
C: Orders from whom?

H: How many other groups like yours are roaming around here?
C: At least a dozen, most of them better armed then we are

H: What is your mission?
F: Getting rid of this headache, what did that old fucker do to me?

H: What is your chain of command?
F: We have a wizened old wizard named Pappa, he makes all the decisions

H: What is the goal of Iuz?
C: I think he wants to take over this whole world

H: When are you expected to return?
C: Half passed a Hippogriff’s Ass

H: What is with the HELM gear? Is HELM in cahoots with Iuz?
C: What is this HELM gear you speak of ? I’m not sure I know who HELM is?

H: What is your name?
C: Nell……Nell Vas

H: Tell me about your party. Who was the leader?
C: The one the Bear ate was out leader

(Turok intrudes gruffly stating)
T: How to get out of the underworld?
C: Same way you got in

Turok wants to smash the guy for his smarmy answers, and threatens him. Helm backs Turok off, telling him "if this guy doesn’t give me some correct answers I’ll let you smash him.

Storm is at the far end of the balcony, Turok moves out onto the balcony as a guard. The rest have moved the dead into one of the other rooms. The room where the mercenaries were holed up in has become your base camp now

Tiberius is in this room keeping watch out the window to the back, as Helm talks to Nell Vas, the bowman.

Zarlag is eating that gal's brain!

As Helm’s light illuminates the courtyard, the figure of Zarlag is seen near the gatehouse. He has a female in front of him and looks to be kissing her. Nearby is the figure of the bowman who had tried to escape by jumping off the balcony, he looks to be frozen in mid stride, halfway through the courtyard.

As the group watches, Zarlag’s head pulls away from the female, there is a mass of something in his mouth…a brain, its fluids falling away as Zarlag sucks it into his distended mouth. Zarlag’s lower jaw seems to unhinge as several small tentacles wrap around the brain and pull in inside his mouth.

Zarlag turns and darts away, you clearly see a cloak carried over one shoulder, a cloak he did not have before, most likely The Embrace, the item he wanted you to help him get, and you succeeded.

The females body falls into the water of the courtyard, floating face up, her jaw looks to be torn open. The frozen bowman also collapses to his knees, he seems to be disoriented.

The group rushes down to capture the disoriented bowman and gaze on the corpse of the woman. The woman looks to be an elf, slender and dressed in adventuring gear but different than the other mercenaries. You are not sure if she was the 7th member you saw in Zarlag’s magic image, but it is a good guess she was. Her jaw is torn open, and ragged bits of flesh, sinew and the end of her spine have been pulled out of the roof of her mouth.

The bowman is tied and moved to the bedroll room for questioning, he is slowly returning to consciousness. The group moves into defensive positions with guards on the balcony and Tiberious looking out the back window of the room.

Tiberius tells an ominous story, “I think that, Zarlag, was an Illithid…a mind flayer. They are powerful evil creatures that feast on the brains of victims. They usually have an octopus looking head though….not sure how he disguised himself. Those things are insanely evil….I have only heard stories…..”

He is asked about the wound on the female it looks almost surgical and there was no spurting blood until the victim fell away from the mind flayer, then blood sprayed from major arteries

Tiberious theorizes that the mind flayer had convinced its victim not to bleed

Mind Flayers are one of the most evil monsters in the world of D&D. Fortunately for the humans on the surface, when you are chaotic evil, it is really hard to work together. In the lore, they have taken over countless worlds.

Tiberius continues , "Mind Flayers it is rumored once ruled an entire galaxy, and several connecting planes. Until they encountered a war like race of insects whose brains they could not control. As the Illithids lost world after word, they turned their human thralls into ultimate fighting machines. The insect invasion was halted and the insect race driven mostly extinct.

But the thralls were now so powerful that they themselves rose up and defeated the illithids. The war was so brutal that both sides were decimated. Somehow these creatures ended up far below the surface of the Oerth.

Its a TRAP!

The group and the mercenaries move up the twin staircases onto the balcony. The air outside is chill and the courtyard hauntingly dark and quiet as they fan out with smaller groups all moving to the 4 doors.

No one seems to see the mercenaries move behind the group as they are all concerned with what’s behind the doors. In what originally seems like a misfortune, the door on the far end that Vincent Rhodes moves into has a weakened section of floor, the room which has several large bathtubs in it, collapses under Vinny’s weight, he tumbles back to the first floor, debris raining onto him, he has some scuffs and bruises, but is okay, just on the first floor.

Storm on the other end finds a iron door that looks to have been a secure storage area, there are dozens of moldering chests and storage racks, he moves in to investigate….

Tiberius Hammersmyth ,Helm Tallstag and Alynis enter a room that turns out to be the source of the smoke smell. There are 6 bedrolls on the floor, a smoldering campfire and the refuse of a recently vacated campsite.

The group is investigating the campsite and it take several crucial seconds before they realize that 2 bedrolls match the sizes of Roon the Gnome and Grinag the huge half orc. The mercenaries attack from behind with surprise!

Roon and the Grinag smash into Helm and Tiberious, Alynis scurries aside. Other mercenaries are climbing over the balcony and Baklunag the wizard is throwing magic missile. Alynis attempts to respond to the wizard, but he is magically shielded and her attack fails. Spike, the human fighter slashes Alynis with his sword.

Arrows streak into the group, striking and wounding several members, the fight is in danger of becoming bad when Vinny dashes from below. Having fallen through the floor has enabled him to dash behind the mercenary wizard and stab him from behind. Vinny’s backstab splinters the mage’s ribcage, smashing through his back. Baklunag has just enough time to look down and see blood spurting from dagger points sticking completely through him before he dies.

Storm transforms into a bear and blinks behind one of the new comers. A female with heavy scars around her eyes is unready for a bear on her back, she attempts to roll away but is soon down with a snarling bear slashing at her. The fight begins to turn in the party’s favor as Vinny backstabs Spike who is menacing Alynis.

Vinny advances to the campsite room to assist as Helm, and Tiberious struggle with Roon and Grinag. Alynis backs away of the room as Vinny moves inside. A bowman from the far end of balcony is still sending arrows into the fray.

Turok and Alynis, move to assist Storm (the bear) fighting with the scarred female. Alynis fires a dart that accidentally hits Storm (rolled a 1) and Storm reacts by swiping at the “attacker” hitting Turok. The scarred female tries to scurry away as the party struggles in a freindly fire incident.

Vinny ends the life of Grinag the half orc when he is able to backstab again. Storm as the bear bites down on the scarred female ending her life. Roon seeing the fight going badly, jumps out of a rear window trying to escape. The bowman on the balcony sees the bear kill his cohort, (the scarred female) and jump from the balcony also attempting to escape.

Vinny is after the gnome Roon, jumping out the window behind him, it is a short chase, the gnomes short legs are the cause of his demise, he stumbles in the mire and Roon dies from a stabbing as well. The group is just recovering when they hear a commotion in the courtyard below, Helm sends a light spell to light everything up….the group sees something horrible……

First Floor

Half the group and 2 of the mercenaries head down a hallway containing 4 doors on the first floor of the structure. Carefully the search the 4 rooms, finding 2 dead strirges in one room, and a day’s old half eaten dead knoll in another. The other two rooms contain long rotted furniture.

The other group and 2 mercs head down the hallway in the onsite direction. There are also 4 doors down here. One door is ajar, behind it are 4 coper bathtubs. Storm gets a bonk on the head from a falling brick. and Vinny works one of the tubs into the portable hole by smashing it, he’ll do that with the rest of them for the metal value later.

Two of the rooms are rubble filled, but the last on looks to be the last resting place for someone. A stone table dominates the room, behind which is a large chair containing a grinning skeleton. 4 heaps of bones look to be dogs detecting their master even in death.

The skeletal dogs rise as the group enters and a quick fight ensues. The skeletal dogs are no match for the group. The human skeleton does not rise, on it is found a wand of charm monster with 3 charges in it. Alynis is given the wand

The 2 groups meet back at the stairs, saying the’ve found nothing, everyone heads upstairs.

Coldstone Keep

Coldstone You’ve only been walking for a half hour when the mists slacken, ahed looms an ominous structure. Zarlag yells “THERE IT IS!” and bolts toward it. The group reacts with caution moving slowly toward what looks to be a smallish castle about 100 feet square rising out of the mire.

The castle has towers on the front corners which rise to 30 feet and are flat roofed. There are 20 foot high walls and a slightly larger gatehouse, which Zarlag has run into. The gatehouse holds a half lowered portcullis behind which are two stout double doors, one slightly ajar.

Grey vines climb the walls and the left tower looks to be at an angle as if sliding away fro the structure

Storm and Kvothe navigate around the two sides and find two flat bottomed boats at the rear, there is a section of the wall that is collapsed and there is access to the inside….Storm lights the boats on fire.

The remaining group has entered the gatehouse and squeezed inside through the front doors.

Inside is a large flooded inner courtyard, a similar level of water as everything else in this land. The two towers are accessed by doorways. There is a main building with a balcony facing you. There is a well in the middle of the courtyard and a collapsed wooden building to the left.

Under the balcony is a doorway leading inside to what looks like rooms.

“Ahoy fellow travelers!” comes a diminutive voice from the balcony. Looking up you see a gnome, all 3 feet of him standing on the balcony’s stone rail. “What brings you to my keep?”

“Yours?” the group asks…..“Well okay, not mine, I’m here exploring and just wish to be cautious,” answers the gnome. “My name is Roon who are you?”

The group banters a bit with the gnome, finding out he is with an adventuring group. Two of which rise cautiously from behind the balcony. Helm does not think these are the “Knights of HELM” he spoke with or saw in Zarlag’s magic.

The group moves through the doorway into a room in which 2 staircases descend. Descending the staircase is:

Roon a male gnome, he is friendly and dressed in studded leather armor and carrying a light crossbow.
Grinag a huge half orc, as large as Turok wearing a chainmail shirt and carrying a double sided axe.
Baklunag a human in wizards robes wearing a thick fur cloak
Spike a human in chain armor and carrying a nice long sword

All are dressed for the cold, high boots, warm gear, fur hats, full backpacks and other ieces of adventuring gear.

After introductions, the 4 explain they are searching this area for treasure, and ask if the group wants to join forces. The 4 explain they were heading to Narwell for mercenary work, but found a cavern in the Gnarley Forrest and decided to search for treasure.

Storm comes in from behind and the group divides into two and begins to search the castle.

Ghoul Tunnel

Back to the hike. You are rested and fed. Magic has been recovered, spells relearned. Storm can now use his transmutation again. You once more head into the icy cold wasteland.

A thin ground fog covers this area, like you are walking on clouds, you need to slow down to make sure of your footing. Zarlag warns you to watch the color of the mist. If it turns red, it is leaching blood from you, Vampire Mist, he calls it.

In another hour of trudging you come to an immense grey wall that rises vertically higher than you can see. It blocks your way and goes in each direction as far as you can see. On closer inspection, it is water. Like you are looking down at a river, but it is flowing as a wall.

Zarlag says “we must find the ghoul tunnel” The group follows the odd water wall for at least a mile. Zarlag tells you that he has only found the ghoul tunnel once, aided by a bunch of Drueger (grey dwarves) he was able to get through the tunnel, which became full of ghouls. We will most likely have a fight on our hands.

After another dozen minutes you see a stone structure ahead of you. It looks to rest adjacent the water wall. Circling outward you see it is a large stone staircase, 50 feet wide and then narrowing as it goes up, 40 feet in its middle and 30 feet at its top. There are 6 weathered gargoyles, on the rails at each end and in the middle.

The stairs are covered in tendrils of grey weeds and look to be made of stacked bricks. The stairs lead to a tunnel that gets into the water wall. Zarlag says this structure is over 1000 years old, the Druegar did a little archeological work last time we were here.

The Gargoyles don’t come to life and eventually the group moves into the tunnel. Whatever holds the water back is the same “membrane” that can be moved through. 50 feet into the tunnel you can see the other end, 50 more feet ahead.

Ghouls jump form the water and the group runs. Helm calls forth his divine power and turns 4 of the 6 ghouls. Storm turns into a giant octopus and lunges in after them. Turok begins a fight with the remaining two. The rest of the group try to move away.

Suddenly Turok is paralyzed by the ghoul he is fighting, he slums to the ground. The others turn to assist and Storm as a giant octopus is tearing the other fleeing ghouls apart. Vincent does his best to drag the huge man as the 2 remaining ghouls are felled.

The group reorganizes at the far side and continues into the other side. It is cold grey and desolate on the other side, the scenery is the same and they move to follow Zarlag’s direction.

Trudge, Trudge, Trudge.....

Zarlag lifts a hand and says this way as he begins to trudge off through the water. You notice he doesn’t seem to be equipped for adventuring, but being a wizard most likely can conjure items he needs. Zarlag moves slowly and cautiously not saying anything. When you look at him he often looks as if he is in a trance

The group fans out into a traveling line, those with low light seeing abilities near the front. Helm and Turok stay near Zarlag as the 3 of them are the humans who need the Light spell, that Helm wields, so they can see

The area is the same wasteland of mud, water, dead weeds and small hills coming out of the water. It is very cold and you thank Tiberious for the protection from elements/cold rings that you all wear

The caverns get more misty. Even those with low light vision your sight reduces to 30 feet. Helm’s light is greatly diminished and you see how it is easy to get lost, or ambushed…

You are quiet as you move the cavern is immense and there is no echo. The enveloping mist seems to muffle sounds. Your splashing footfalls into the water is the only thing you hear for most of an hour. Sometimes a far off clank or the sound of running water makes you stop and listen. But for the most part you slowly slog through the cold bog for and hour

Zarlag says nothing, he continues to trudge ahead as if he knows exactly where to go and expects you to follow. As Helm trudges alongside the wizard Zarlag, he is worried about the mental health of the wizard who seems to have spent the last several years obsessing about finding this silly cape, called the embrace.

Zarlag drifts between engaged talking and almost catatonic like states. For the last half hour that you have been walking he has been staring straight ahead and trudging in a straight line.
Tiberious is concerned the wizard Zarlag has exhausted himself, he quietly tells a few of you that he’s seen the traits of exhaustion in Dwarves on the march, going catatonic to ward off exhaustion

Tiberious suggests a rest. You find a particularly large mound of rock and earth that is about 30×30 feet in diameter with a rough but generally flat surface. Some of the rock is crumbly lime or sandstone, but the base of the hill seems to be solid bedrock

You’ve been marching through the sloppy environment for about 2 hours.

Tiberious wants Zarlag to eat something and suggests the rest of you get off your feet for a bit and get some food in as well. You all are tired from slogging through the mire

The group gathers on the rocky low hill amidst the grey scrub grass. There are a few small growths of phosphorescent lichen emitting a blue glow, but you’ve seen dozens of areas of this growth about. Zarlag sits wheezing slightly and as Tiberious offers him food snaps from his state, “Thank you, but I have been magically sustaining myself, I do not need food” Looks at Storm “Ah to have your blood, to not have to dwell in the realm of sleep, so much wasted time.”

Tiberius does in fact see that he looks exhausted and has been potentially abusing magic (drugs?) to stay awake, concentrate? Tiberius is not sure but there is something that Zarlag is doing to himself that is clearly unhealthy

Helm is working on ritually casting calling to HELM for insight, chanting low and 20 feet behind where Zarlag and Tiberious sit.

Zarlag looks intensely at Tiberious, “Tell your cleric to knock it off, if you want to know anything about me you could start by asking.” Zarlag continues “I am a magic user, and fairly powerful. I know when magic is being used around me.”

Tiberius leaves Zarlag and heads away to talk to the others. Helm voices his opinions about helping this guy. Out of Zarlag earshot the group discusses Zarlag’s sanity while Kvothe is concerned that Zarlag is in some sort of trance. Tiberious tells Helm and Kvothe he feels the wizard is exhausted most likely for his search for this artifact.

Although Helm is not keen on following this guy, he knows that Zarlag will lead possibly them to the (false) Knights of Helm. Everyone is also hoping to figure out what is down here (Kuo Toa) and how to stop it from popping up in town like it has been. You could easily abandon the search for the Knights and go back to trying to figure the area out, but you feel the best bet is with Zarlag for the time being

The group takes a long rest, Zarlag is impatient and complaining, the group tells him that the others are going to get to Coldstone first anyway. We will let them find the artifact and then take it from them. Zarlag reluctantly agrees then goes into a trance for the entire rest period

A night with the Gnomes, a fight with the Fish Army

The night is difficult for some members, the gnomes tunnels echo with the clang of shovels and picks as they work nonstop. Tiberius Hammersmyth is able to talk to Zarlagand Garnetgetter and gather some information about the area.

1-There is a huge Kuo Toa city to the west (your direction of travel has been south west)
2-The Gnomes burrowed down here from the Gnarley Forest (North of Zulern)
3-There is a great undead king down here, if you see mouths speaking on walls, beware
4-Drow (Dark Elves) have been an increasing problem in the area
5-Druegar (Evil Grey Dwarves) have also began showing
6-Drow, Kuo Toa, Druegar, have all been fighting recently

Zarlag also relates that he’s seen a book written by Iggwilv (Iuz mother) which contains all of the history of the abyss.

After a long rest Zarlag gives you a map, it looks to be mostly gibberish, but you can make out a few areas of it. Zarlag seems to be obsessed in his quest and most likely a bit mad.

You give the gnomes a small gem you had acquired (10 gold) in payment for your stay. You climb back out of the tunnels and back into the fetid swamp. Zarlag conjures an orb and image of 7 figures in flat bottomed boats, navigating the waters of an area that looks like it is near you. “There is another group we must hurry” Zarlag tells you he is sure that Coldstone is in this direction he begins trudging off.

Raif Windgate (Mourning Storm) sees a large column of Kuo Toa moving away from you, in a nod to the chaotic nature of the group, you decide to attack them. Zarlag is angry, “No!” he shouts, “we need to get away, not attack!” Zarlag flees as the group starts its attack.

There are at least 25 of them and the group begins raining arrows down on them. The Kuo Toa turn, it is an organized army and they divide into 2 groups, a dozen Kuo Toa each and rush your position.

There are larger Kuo Toa in the rear one calls forth a wall of water which moves at your position, the characters scatter as the small tidal waves threatens. Spears are thrown from the Kuo Toa without much affect on the characters who return fire with arrows and magic missile. Mourning Storm has turned into a swarm of kipper, as the Kuo Toa rush to hand to hand combat.

Kuo Toa nets and man catchers are turned aside, many of the Kuo Toa now dead or incapacitated as blows from Turok and Tiberious fell them. Vincent Rhodes stands away, loosing arrows which take their toll. Armand Tanzarian has gotten himself too far forward and Kuo Toa have wounded him gravely.

There is a large Kuo Toa with a staff which crackles with lighting, Tiberious stands between the huge Kuo Toa to protect Armand. The Kuo Toa is more than a match for Tiberious, trading hits toe to toe, Tiberious can feel his strength fading.

The Kuo Toa slips, on a patch ice (rolled a 1) and then falls on his face (double 1) Tiberious is able to finish him off, lucky as he wouldn’t have lasted much longer. The others have gotten rid of the rest of the Kuo Toan soldiers, but many spells were used and several in the group are very hurt including Tiberious and Armand.

(note the Kuo Toa would have killed both Tiberious and Armand if not for some HORRIBLE dice rolls)

There is a considerable amount of time as Helm assists with healing and the fight is cleaned up. The Kou-Toa bodies lay in stinking heaps before you, black blood oozing from some and mingling with the water that covers most of this area as a swamp. Several members of the party examine them, pulling a few trinkets and weapons off them, moving them into the bag of holding for later examination or sale..

Zarlag the wizard is impressed with your deed, “I know I have chosen well, you are indeed strong to have defeated a party of Kou Toa…..” Zarlag’s voice trails off and his eyes blank for a second as if he is deep in thought. “I fear the others have too much of a jump start on us, they are moving through the swamps by skiff” He waves his hands and a globe of light appears, in it you see shadowy figures using poles to propel 2 flat bottomed boats through the swamps.

The orb ‘zooms’ in on on one of the men with the poles, Helm recognizes him as the leader that he spoke to in the market weeks ago. “Stay heading on this bearing” says a raspy female voice form one of the other figures “Yes Ma’m” the man replies.

The orb zooms back there are 2 skiffs with 3 people in the front boat and 4 people in the back boat. Both times that you originally saw the Knights there were 6 of them. It looks as if they have added a seventh member. You also don’t recall any of them being female.

“We must make haste” Zarlag says. the party agrees but puts Zarlag at ease saying “you get us to cold stone keep, we can let those idiots find the Embrace, then take it from them when they exit.” Zarlag agrees with this plan

The Embrace

Earlier you encountered a barbarian living in Zarlag’s hut, he said he was watching it while Zarlag was off searching for something called “The Embrace” Zarlag corroborates that story, he is looking for The Embrace. As the group enjoys a long albeit framed rest in the safety of the gnome mine.

You have an opportunity to speak with Zarlag only as he is in the area that you are in. Several gnomes can be seen moving down various tunnels, and Garnetgetter occasionally come in and has a heated discussion with Zarlag. Translated through Tiberious for those who don’t speak gnome Zarlag keeps asking when the “upper worlders” are going to leave

You eventually get to speaking with Zarlag, and with some good CHR from Alynis and Vinny, Zarlag relates the following story:

Have you heard of the Great Demon Grazz’t ?
(You in fact have, he is Iuz’ Daddy)
He is one of the most powerful demons in the abyss a sexual, erotic being. He visits witches and sorcerers, granting them sexual favors as well as magical powers

He was in love with a great witch Iggwilv, or was it the other way around? NO MATTER
(You know Iggwilv to be Iuz’ Mommy)

During one of Grazz’t many wars in the abyss a great Pit Fiend General Drokarm (you are not sure what a ‘Pit Fiend’ is other than a demon of some sorts) was captured. Grazz’t delighted in its suffering as he tortured it for weeks, eventually removing its skin while it was still alive before killing it

Grazzt had the skin fashioned into a beautiful cloak for his lover Iggwilv. When Grazzt an Iggwilv parted in year 491 (you know Iggwilv was enslaving Grazzt and he escaped in a violent fight in the year 491, it is currently year 579, almost 100 years later)

Iggwilv cast the cloak aside in anger. She had belived Grazzt to be her true lover and his betrayal was devastating to her. (you know they fought almost to the death and severely wounded Iuz in the fight) Later she gave the cloak to her next lover, who was also cast aside

Well I think this cloak has resurfaced, or undersurfaced as the case may be (he laughs at his own joke) There is a keep here somewhere, the Coldstone Keep. But something has happened to this section of the underdark. The whole of the area shifts every 7 days, and smaller areas shift as often as every few hours

Garnetgetter and his gnomes as well as many of the other creatures down here are trapped, as are you, as the triangle shifted right before we met. You may find a way to the surface, but it will be far from where you entered. I am trying to work on the mathematical or magical formula to predict the shift. Once I discover it I will be able to find Cold Stone Keep, which would also be your way out. I think I’ve had a breakthrough……

If you help me find Cold Stone Keep and recover Fiend’s Embrace , I will provide you with the formula. You would be able to figure out the pattern and use it like a teleportation device as the shift is both dimensional and physical. You would be able to travel vast distances but only to certain points.

Zarlag and the Gnomes

Zarlag and the Gnome are arguing, Tiberious knows the language and relates it to the others. Tiberius says that the gnomes name is Garnetfinder and seems to be the leader. He is agitated that there are overworlders down here, and is wondering if more will come.

Others look down the tunnels and hear clanking and banging. Occasionally you see other gnomes, some carrying tools wandering to and fro. This looks like they are mining this area

Tiberious speaks with the gnome “Garnetgetter” who he has told you is the leader. He is scraggly old grey bald huge nosed and covered with dust. Many small tools and pouches hang about his belt

Tiberious seems to be able to calm Garnetgetter down but he still seems a bit agitated. Tiberious tells you that you can move into an adjacent room and stay for as long as needed, but not to go into the rest of the tunnels

Moving off you get into a smaller room that has numerous tunnels branching off where mining has taken place. Several of you squeeze down tunnels that are about 3-5 feet high and anywhere for 8 to 15 feet long. Turning around you can look into the small room where Tiberious and Helm are speaking with the Wizard Zarlag.

Zarlag begins to relate the tale of who he is and why he is down here…..


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