Following Markessa
The half Orc is Theg Narlot

The party shadows the guards, Markessa and the half orc. They travel due west in the city eventually heading up a small hillock atop which stands many nicer lightly fortified homes. There is enough guard activity in the area that the party sends the theives to go take a look.

Vincent and Kvothe Sneak past watching sentries and see the group head into one of the nicest of the homes. Gurads remain outside. But they overhear one of the guards call the half orc Theg Narlot

So now the party knows the Markessa is here visiting Theg Narlot and have had business on what appears to be a pirate ship. Without an ability to get closer though, the party continues to investigate the town

Since they are in the nice area of town, they try and get into the nicest Inn. The Elf-Hammer is the name on the very nice brick and wooden structure. Guards turn the party away, telling them “you can’t come in here stinking of the trail in those filthy rags and armor.” Toruk attempts to get to the back door but is caught by a guard who yells at him “Get out of here filth, before I run you with my sword”

The party asks and finds directions to The Gibbeted Goblin, where they have been told some of the caravan riders are staying. It is a short walk from the Elf-Hammer

Party continues into Pelgaryn
Sees pirates, Markessa and a half orc....

The party meanders along the coast road. A large dock and shipping area is ahead and the party passes many run down buildings of what appears to be the poor area of town. The party again notices sewer grates. It appears that trash is emptied into them and they can hear water flowing below

Arriving at the dock area the party notices a ship in harbor that appears to be the yellow sailed vessel that they saw attacking another ship yesterday. It does not have yellow sails, but is most probably the same ship.

Along the docks are a large market area. Several city blocks long and wide, dozens of vendors stalls sell just about any common item one could want. There are plenty of fish mongers and vendors selling fishing equipment and ship items.

Vincent Is unsuccessful at finding a silver dagger and is rebuffed when looking for poison. Mourning Storm Is successful in finding some phosphorus he needs for a spell component though.

As the party is in the market, they see Markessa accompanied by a well dressed and well armored half orc and a dozen guards both Wasps and Pelgaryn Guards in dull red tunics.

The party heads through the market following the group. Markessa and the Half Orc board the ship that the party thinks they saw attacking and sinking another ship yesterday. They are on board for about a half hour before returning with their guards. The party shadows them.

The Laughing Dog
Of course the first thing...a tavern

Now allowed into Pelgaryn, the party sees row after row of stone and wood homes and businesses. Salt air and fish smells mingle with smoke from many chimneys. Mostly dirty peasants and workers are moving about the streets.

On the first corner as you enter is a ramshackle wooden building with a sign with a picture of a comical cartoon-ish dog laughing, and script to match LAUGHING DOG TAVERN. There are several gruff looking characters outside the tavern and as the party pushes inside it doesn’t get prettier

The interior of the tavern is dirty, trash about the floor, stale smell of sweat and spoiled beer. Numerous surly looking characters are sitting drinking and talking among themselves…everyone looks at the party as you walk in.

As the eyes adjust to the dim lighting you see behind the bar is a monsterous, bipedal dog. Taken aback at first the dog-man bellows “What do you fucks want to drink?” The patrons go back to mumbling to themselves and the party buys a round of beer.

The place is also an Inn and Vincent has the bright idea to book a room, letting everyone know that this is where the party will be staying (even if they don’t). This way, he figures, someone looking for the party will have difficulty locating them if they look to be staying at many places

The party makes sure everyone knows they were here, buying a round of drinks and making friends with the Gnoll bartender. Little else is learned and the party moves quickly back into the town.

Quick Scout around the town
Pelgaryn General Description

Pelgaryn is a large town with a population about 800. Stone and wooden buildigns tighly packed dominate the town. Many smoke palls rise from chimneys, dirty commmon folk bustle this way and that…..

It sits at the mouth of a river called Darmal’s Spill

There are many communal fonts of water dotting the west side of town. They flow into a sewer system that seems to flow downhill to the east and into Wooly Bay

Wooly Bay borders it to the east. Main roads lead to the North, South, and West.

There are 4 distinct districts:
Poor Residential district to the South
Better class residential to the north
Docks and Shipping area to the East
Upper Class/Nobility atop a rise to the West

There are flowing wells to the East which empty into sewers

Most of the town is dominated by poor residential areas. Stonework buildings with wooden roofs

There is a large docks, market, and shipping area on Wooly Bay

The party starts at the first Tavern, The Laughing Dog

Approach to Pelgaryn

The party sees a small city Pelgaryn ahead on the road. The city is surrounded by a earthen wall with some wooden reinforcement. Many smoke palls rise form various parts and there is clearly activity as the city seems “bustling” There are several ships in its harbor and a dock area.

You see a marshaling yard to your side which appears to contain your caravan as you recognize some of the wagons and horses. The party elects to disguise Wim as best they can in case he is spotted by a previous captor.


The party is met by guards who ask their business. The party replies they are members of the caravan that got separated by getting drunk at the Flying Shipwreck Inn. The guards are sympathetic.

The party is charged 5sp each for a visitors pass and told where the rest of the caravan is staying.

Guard towers dot the walls and the city is quite full of common folk going about their business. There is a bustling port with several ships tied to the docks and many a shop or supplier dotting among the many buildings.

The Party leaves the cave

There is some discussion about Shipwreck Inn. The party knows that it is affiliated with bandits and slavers, but feels it is too powerful to take on. Plus they have the responsibility to get the rune from Pelgaryn.

Wim Irwin whose wife is captive in Pelgaryn has been convinced to accompany the party

Rotcod’ohw and Leiahna will remain behind in the cave. Told to wait to release the other two captives several hours after the party has left

Nothing has been decided about the wounded bandit in the cage. He is left with Rotcod’ohw

The party collects the more expensive of the bounty hoping to make a quick buck selling items in Pelgaryn.

It is a 2 hour uneventful walk to Pelgaryn

Rotcod'ohw arrives at the cave
and tells it like it is....

Rotcod’ohw and who he calls his “daughter” but she calls herself his “grand-daughter” Content Not Found: leiahna Had asked party to escort them to the Lighthouse. Instead the party took an offer for 200 gold for information about the tower. Vincent, Rotcod’ohw and Leiahana arrive at the cave in the early evening.

Vincent Rhodes has brought back ingredients for stew, some loaves of bread and several bottles of wine. He and Toruk set to cooking up a huge pot of stew

Rotcod is fascinated with the artifacts you have found, but he explains they are of inferior manufacture. First he explains Iuz

See Book of Iuz for explanation

He goes onto say that Iuz is trying to confuse his enemies by releasing evil that has his mark on it randomly throughout the land. These copies of Ebon Staff, bone wand and Ebon Skull if truly Iuz creations would be much more powerful.

DARKWOOD STAFF has no power, but it is a good strong fighting staff nonetheless
BONE WAND is a “minor” bone wand. It has 6 charges that will shoot a magical spray of bone fragments causing damage in a cone like area
ONYX SKULL- He originally thinks it an “Ebon Skull” but is quickly disappointed when handling it. “It is a sure fake” he says

RUNES He will say the runes needs to be reattached so he can reseal the Demon in the sarcophagus. What you only have 1? We need to find the other! When asked about where the other could be he says he will meditate and try to get a fix on the other.

While Rotcod’ohw is meditating, Vinny is cooking up a hearty stew and handing out some wine . Leiahna gives a necklace to both Apook and Alynis. A simple leather loop through a small silver loop. This is a ring of commune, attuned to Rotcod’ohw thoughts. Don’t wear the ring out in the open, hide it on this necklace. Once a day you may communicate with him, ask questions, tell about artifacts, it should have an unlimited range, but needs the cycle of the moon to recharge.

Leiahna wants party to assist in locating the centers of evil that Iuz releases. Iuz is using old fables like the Chandarian to scare and intimidate. He feeds off fear and pain.

Rotcod’ohw is only interested in artifacts that will give clues to imprisoning or destroying Iuz. The party is free to keep whatever valuables they find

When Rotcod’ohw come out of his trance he says that there is powerful evil about. He feels the other rune is in Pelgaryn, but all he could find out is that it is under ground, near water…and by “crying child, help the crying child”

The party posts watches and has a very comfortable night in the cave

Everything in the Cave
Cave wrap up

The party decides to use the bandit cave for a haven for the evening before continuing to Pelgaryn in the morning. It is early afternoon when they transfer the unconscious wounded bandit to one of the cells.

After lengthly talks with the 3 captives they release the three hostages but do not allow them to leave.

The party is pretty sure Flying Shipwreck Inn is associated with the bandits. Vincent travels back there to tell Rotcod’ohw and Leiahna about the party’s where-a-bouts and where to meet, away from prying eyes and ears. Vincent picks up some wine, vegetables and a big salted pork hock with the intention of a hearty dinner later at the cave.

Back at the cave Mourning Storm has gone outside to the forest to reset his energy within nature and to be an advance guard. He encounters the guards dogs who have returned to guard the house once again as trained, and now that the party fed them, seem to be fat and content to continue in that capacity.

The rest of the party has interrogated the captives and searched through all the belongings in the cave. The bandit finally becomes conscious and easily convinced to tell his tale. His name is Arnold Brockmire, “but you can call me Brock”.

Several years ago Brock was the leader of a small group of bandits called The Rumble Arrows who were pillaging the roadways as highwaymen, when they stumbled across this cave. With a base of operations they became a successful raiding party. With the Flying Shipwreck Inn nearby, they were able to trade for supplies as well as in nearby Pelgaryn.

A few more bandits were recruited as well as a impressionable youth named Derickson who was the son of the Flying Shipwreck Inn’s owner Margot. Derickson enabled the bandits an even better access to fencing goods and using the Inn as cover.

A couple years ago the bandits were approved by a half orc named Theg Narlot Theg said he was a representative of an organization which wanted to enter in a partnership with The Rumble Arrows.

Theg would provide information about approaching caravans, strength and goods carried. Theg would also provide assistance in weaponry and ambush supplies. The Rumble Arrows would keep most of the spoils but assist in capture of healthy slaves.

One of Theg’s men named Dieter joined the Rumble Arrows, setting himself up in a hollow off the main cave. Brock was still the “leader” but took orders from Dieter. Couriers would arrive and give Dieter directions on targets. For over a year things had been going very well. The Rumble Arrows had money and food and wild nights at Flying Shipwreck Inn. They ambushed caravans here and there, handing slaves over to men who took them to Pelgaryn.

But then it went all went south. While out on patrol the bandits noticed activity around the lighthouse. Several Dark Elves were performing a ritual at the cliffside. Dieter elected to attack the elves. All 12 Rumble Arrows swooped in under a hail of crossbow bolts, taking the elves by surprise. The 4 dead elves had nothing on them except a couple brass runes and the onyx skull.

Dieter told the bandits to keep the skull for their trouble but took one of the runes to Pelgaryn, to show to Theg. While Dieter was gone, more Dark Elves were seen near the lighthouse. When Dieter returned and was told of this he elected to try to figure out how the elves got to the lighthouse and exterminate the rest of them.

The bandits figured out the invisible bridge that let them cross to the lighthouse. Cautiously they moved into the lighthouse, weapons ready but it was seemingly empty. Then the screaming started. Several bandits were attacked in the darkened lighthouse, creatures came out of nowhere, swooping from above and biting at exposed flesh.

As the bandits tried to fend off the creatures, huge spiders appeared, seemingly emerging from the floor, followed by a horde of Dark Elves. With his friends screaming and falling around him Brock ran.

As he exited the lighthouse, he saw Derickson running ahead of him and another bandit named Jacks was behind him. His memory goes foggy after that. He struggled back to the cave and cursed the black skull that was sitting on a table, he remembers curling up by the fire….then awoke in the cell

Brock is able to tell you about the 4 ambush grenades you have acquired. 2 are bags of chocking powder and 2 are “flash-bang grenades” You also have two crude leather gas masks.

Rotcod’ohw arrives and the party begins to show him the artifacts that they have acquired from the lighthouse

The Bandit Cave is gone through

The party has cleared a cave that seems to have been occupied by a group (bandits?) called The Rumble Arrows

At least one of the Rumble Arrows members had ventured to the lighthouse, been bitten by a stirge, and escaped back to the cave. The party located him by following his blood trail. The party has him unconscious but under medical care. Derickson also bitten by stirge about the same time…coincidence?

After dispatching a guard dog the party located:

Items to stage an ambush., camouflage and weapons
Ambush spoils equipment and supplies

Notes from someone named Theg Narlot
>Identifying caravans moving through the area and telling the Rumble Arrows to attack them, >ransom note
>sales of slaves.

Ransom Note for Ladislas saying to deliver ransome to Flying Shipwreck Inn #35

On a table the party found a RUNE that looks to match the one pried from the sarcophagus under the lighthouse (there were 2 pried out runeholes)

In a backpack of the wounded bandit by the fire the party finds an Onyx Skull with rubies for eyes

At the back of the cave the party found 3 captives

All have similar stories about their caravan stopping for a road obstruction them blinding choking smoke enveloping the caravan. Bandits emerged and subdued/killed guards. Took cargo and interviewed survivors. Healthy captives were taken

Healthy Human Male.
He impores you to let him out, “Please, I must get back to my wife, she is being held by the vile cads who sold me into slavery. I must get back to her before they sell her”
Wants a weapon so he can go rescue his wife, who I think is still being held in Pelgaryn.
He says he was captured NW of Pelgaryn about a month ago, on Darmal’s Spill Road which is the route your caravan will travel to Narwell.
He was Taken to Pelgaryn, then moved here when he was sold as a slave to someone in Safeton (papers that support this)
Convinced wife is still in Pelgaryn. You have papers supporting this.
Papers also show wife will be sold soon if person who bought Wim, doesn’t also buy her

A portly middle aged human male
Demands to be let out " Rescuers! Get me out of here! Get me back to my chalet in Hardby and I will reward you handsomely."
He explains that he is a noble from Harby who was captured on road north of Pelgaryn over a month ago, and is awaiting ransom payment for his release.
Says he is a member of the Nobility of Hardby, town 100 miles to north.
You found papers that seem to indicate that the ransom has not/may not ever come
Offers you 200 gp for you to escort him back to Hardby
Helm (PC) says the ransom will never come

Healthy human male
Begs to be set free. “Please let me out, I must find my father”
Captured on road south of Pelgaryn about a week ago
Has only been in this cave
He needs to find his father who was left behind after his caravan was ambushed.
Describes man who died on route in your wagon

The Bandit Cave

The ledge slopes down to another vine covered entrance. This one has the same type of camouflaged wooden door, but this one is closed. Pushing the door open slowly you see a man lying by a fire, He attempts to pick up a crossbow. The party rushes in and kicks the crossbow from his hand. He is wounded and falls unconscious.

The cave is large 40 × 40 with a 30 foot ceiling. Crude bunks for 10 men, and footlockers and small chests around them. There is a table against the far wall. There are papers atop it and several wine bottles. A large banner with an arrow flanked by lightning bolts hangs on the wall.

Dog starts barking further into cave, there is a passageway leading deeper inside.

Each footlocker holds a few silver pieces. 3 hold plain daggers. There are all manor of clothing inside which will fit ordinary humans. Several cold weather cloaks. One as a silver medal of (Pyremious) demon-head with bats wings for ears, worth 1 gp. One has a silver medal of St Cuthbart worth 1gp

On the table are several bottles of bad wine, open and half consumed, plus many papers:

1-Identification of a caravan several days ago and its cargo ENGAGE
2-Identification of a caravan several weeks ago and its cargo and passengers ENGAGE
3-Identification of a traveler who is powerful but has gold. AT OWN RISK
4-Identification of a caravan sounds like your caravan DO NOT ENGAGE
5-Ransom note not delivered yet for captive named Ladislas. This is your last chance the sum of 500 gold eagles is to be brought to the Flying Shipwreck Inn. Ask to “Book Room Number 35” and leave the gold where they tell you. Ladislas will then be set free when we have the gold. He will be killed in one month from the delivery of this note. -RUMBLEARROWS

6-Papers of Sale By authorization of Theg Narlot, The human Wim Irwin is nearby sold to Barnaculus Pekerton of Safeton. Charge to be taken by Cassius of Safeton in Safeton. The sum of 100 gold eagles down payment has been received with the balance of 110 eagles to be delivered upon receiving of property. Option still open for mate Jaylyn Irwin for 1 month or she will be sold elsewhere.

All are signed by Theg Narlot and several include references to Rumblearrows

On table are also several scrolls written in Undercommon. Elves will be able to make it out but not translate. Eventually will find out that they are orders as to how to remove seal along with magic words…..but not how to reattach

Gambling dice and several flagons and tankards. Several empty bottles of wine

As the party looks down the corridor where the door barks they see a mean looking snarling guard dog, but it is chained to the wall, an arrow dispatches it.

The cave has two rooms that flank either side of passage. To the right is a 20 × 20 sleeping room with nicer bed and chest. Chest has 5 GP and 20 cp. On the wall is a very nice Heavy Crossbow. Handcarved Walnut stock (sell for 50gp) a quiver with 20 bolts. Probably the room of the leader.

To the left is scattered random items about the 20 × 20 room. Bedrolls bolts of cloth, clothing, a few packs. Most of stuff is common and worn, but Ganra can put together an outfit. Among the things you find a pack with 4 of the white and blood dyed tunics that the “Drow” had on. But these also have some bolt/arrow holes and real blood on them.

The party continues into the cave, it widens before continuing This area is more organized Ambush supplies 6 camouflage suits (ghillie) These are quite cumbersome and restrict movement. Something you’d jump out from under. Weapon rack with 6 light crossbows. 6 short swords, Several 50 foot lengths of rope. 2 bags of powder. 4 flasks of oil 4 metal containers with glass containers inside. There are also 2 leather hoods with glass eyepieces and a mouthpiece that seems to be several layers of cheesecloth sewn together.

The final room is reached. 6 small metal barred holding cells. 3 hold captives.

  1. Healthy Human Male Names Wim, Wim Irwin, thank you for the rescue but I must get back to my wife who I think is still being held in Pelgaryn. Let him know about note? He will ask for gear and weapon
  1. Ladislas Slydel. Explains that he is a noble from Harby who was captured on road north of Pelgaryn and awaiting ransom.
  1. Victor Clint Human Male. Thanks for rescue asks about his father. Describes man who died on route in your wagon
  1. and #3 will ask to gather adventure gear and weapons and strike out on own. #2 will ask for protection 500 gp reward to get him to Hardby.

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